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Two steps forward and a whole step back til you fell! ! ! ! !

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We ate our lunch at SNAKES and returned to school late as usual. Every when to class except for me. Thankfully I had a substitute for English 101, so I decided to go sit in the Library at school. I went to back of the library were no one dared to go: classical literature section. I sat on the floor and leaned against the bookshelf. I pulled my I-pod out and started listen to it. I closed my eyes for a moment. Suddenly I felt a soft brush against my faces. I opened my eyes and look to see a dozen roses in front of me. I looked up past the roses and saw Damien crutched down smiling at me.

"Hey" I said and grabbed the roses. I sniffed then and smiled. "Thank you, they're lovely"

"You're welcome" Damien said sitting next to me.

"No one said you could sit next to me" I said taking my earbobs out of my ear.

"So it's like that" Damien said looking at me. I shrugged and grinned.

"So what do you want" I said folding my arms now serious.

"I'm here as a friend. Actually I would like to ask you will you except me as your friend" Damien asked nervously. Pausing for a moment. I didn't want to be angry forever, I mean I have a life.

"Sure we can do that," I said. There was a silent. I could see Damien was trying to say something but he could say it.

"So as your friend now. I wanted to know if you wanted to hang out on Sunday. Like on a date" Damien said managed to let out in on nervous breath.

"Damien-" I said before he interrupted me.

"No, wait just think about it before you say NO" Damien said.

"I don't need to think about it. I . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. Will like to go with you on Sunday. Like on a date" I said smiling. Damien's gray eyes light up and he's grin grow into a smile.

"Good I'll call you later then" Damien said about to get up. I had to stop him before he left. I had to ask him even if he got mad. I should know. He awes me.

"Wait" I said

"Your putting out already" Damien said turning back to look at me.

"No it's not like that." I paused still scared to ask. "How's your mom?" I asked quietly. Damien's eyes paused for a moment almost frozen with pain. He put he head down then looked up.

"Um . . .She's doing better I guess. The therapy is really hard on her but she's getting though it" Damien said almost in a whisper still looking at me.

~Damien's mother, Veronica Weschester, was diagnosis with cancer two years ago, a little after we stared ninth grade. Damien was stung with pain at the though of losing his mother. But still he kept it together. I was there when he visits his mom and when he had finally broke down and cried. His father was the one that need to be worried about. Martin Weschester. He worked furiously to get his mind off his wife, earn money to pay the best doctor to cure her, and ensure the future of his son as the next business tycoon in New York. All in all Damien is a good kid that sticks to his moral values. ~

"I'm sor-," I said.

"Come on Firefly lets waitand talk about that at a better time. Your making me depress" Damien said trying to smile. Damien finally got up and brushed his pants off and kissed me on the stomach did a 360 on me when the kiss on the forehead remind me of that night we kissed at the METRO. We look at each other and he left before I could ask any more questions. I know what your think. But everyone deserves a second chance, right?

Sorry it's so short. I'm stuck I don't know how to continue it. So it may be a very long time till next update. You opinions would be appreciated. Thanks for reading until next time. ~*
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