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From Yesterday!

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And it begins! ! ! !

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Thursday was a frigid dark cloudy afternoon. After school, I went straight home. I was supposedly attending my parent business dinner. As much as I did not want to, I knew it is important to my parents. I got home in the middle of the commotion. My mother had the whole house in affect. Personal Chefs were in the kitchen cooking furiously. Julia was running around like a chicken with its head cut off. Party planners are trying to do last minute arrangements ands clean up. Decorators are rearranging the curtain color and textures. Of course, my mother was supervising the whole chaos.

"Mom what's going on?" I said caution stepping away from the workers from hell.

"Sweet we're getting ready for the meeting tonight," She said looking away at the paintings on the wall.

"Mom you're remodeling the whole house"

"Well you don't have to worry about it. You need to get ready." She said.

"But . . . " I said trying to protest.

I went upstairs dragging my feet the whole way up the stairs. I plumed on my bed hoping for a miracle would happen. Today I really didn't want to sit though this dinner. However, my racing mind of trying to get out of this dinner my phone rings. I picked it up annoyed and answered.

"Hello and what do you want?" I snarled.

"So how pissed are you?" said the mystery person.

"Hey Jerad, what's up" I said taking a breath and calmly sitting on my bed.

"You want do a last minute research now at the cyber café on Lexington?"

"Sure I'll be there in like 15 minutes" I replied beaming.

'That's cool I'm already here"

" Ok bye" I hung up and throw my coat back on. I ran down stairs and I was so close to the door but I was stop. My mother over power with her eyes of strong will. That look 'you better not be doing what I think you doing'.

"Where do you think your going?" she said.

"Mom I love you but I got to go to this project with my partner at the Cyber Café" I blabbered out and quickly opened the door. "Mom please can I go?" I said with pleading eyes.

"Fine go. Be home at a deceit time" she replied with a big sigh.

I left and almost ran the whole way to Lexington avaune. For so reason I was excited but not the reason you think. I was excited because I finally got out of the dinner meeting. Score! ! ! Straighten my self out once I got to the door of the Cafe. I walked in and spotted Jerad. He was in the back sitting comfortably at a computer. Jerad was wearing a white plain t-shirt with a blue hoodie with DC printed all over and dark blue jeans. He looked up and spotted my too. He smiled and wave for me to come.

We worked faithfully for about and hour of two. We talked mostly not paying attention to our project. Slowly the Café becoming empty, we were sitting across on separated computer. However, I couldn't help but look at him while I was working. I knew I shouldn't but I couldn't help it. He looked so cute looking all-serious on the computer. He looked up and saw me staring at him.

"What?" I said going back to my work.

"What?" Jerad asked looking down at the computer and back at me.

"Nothing just working."

"You want to see something cool." Jerad asked moving his chair and his computer closer to me.

"Yea whatever" I replied counting to five before I have and anxiety attack.

"Look it's that new band. I think they're called Lovesin"

"Yea I like them. I saw them performed at Metro" I said wonder how he seem to know thing that concerned Damien and thing that involves him.

"Yea I know" Jerad said looking at me. We looked at each other that seem like forever. Then we were interrupted by a loud whale sound that was unnatural to the human ears.

"Bawallin!" shouted Issac.

Issac was Jerad's best friend for so reason. They knew each other since grade school and remind close. Nevertheless, they are very different. Issac is a loud street talking ball player with no game in picking up girls. As for Jerad is a soft-spoken charmer who can get an old lady to sleep with him. In the end, they still remind friends despite their differences.

"Oh my god" Jerad said he looked up and smiled. "What's up man?"

"Nothin man. Me en da boys was at da centa playin ball. Where was you at dawg?" Issac stops and looked at me. "Whats up ma? How you feelin? " He said.

"I feel sick, sick to my stomach" I replied going back to my work. Jerad must have caught on to what I said cause he burst out laughing. He controlled him self and continued talking to Issac.

"Dude, What's up did you see Angela?" Jerad asked. Will his question was answer when Angela came walking in.

"Baby!" Angela shrieked. "I missed you. What are you doing here? I was looking for you after school. Hey Janelle, what are you doing here" Angela asked looking back and forth at us.

"We're partner for Mrs. Scott's US History Project" I spoke up and then returned to my work hoping they leave soon or now. Soon before I knew it, we were not a party of two but a party of four. The whole time Angela was cooing and kissing on Jerad. It made me sick. Only because we were supposed to be working on our project. Then Issac kept look at me licking his lips. I thought I was going to kill him any moment. Now at this point I had enough. I abruptly got up and slammed my textbook shut.

"I'm going to go get a drink," I said

"Are you ok" Jerad asked concern

"Yea I just need a break that's all"

I walk to the front to the Café and order a bottle of water. I should order coffee but that would only make me crazy. I swiftly had drunk my bottle of water, when I felt someone behind me. They were obviously excessively close. When I turned around, I almost knock Issac on his ass.

"What do you want Issac?"

"I jus wanna know if you was aight baby cakes"

"Look the next time you call me baby you will not have any in any upcoming future. Then I will shove some cake down your throat. OK" I said stepped in to his bubble. I pissed Issac off just enough. He was about to say something, he already had pointed his finger in my face and stepped towards me. Just then, Jerad stepped in before it could escalate.

"So how about we get back to the project" Jerad said.

"No I got to go. Obviously we're tired but I'm sure Angela can fix that for you" I said. I went to the back got my things and left for home. Jerad stopped me before I got to far. The now freezing cool air was not making me feel better.

"Hey you alright?" Jerad asked.

"Yea, I'm fine I just got to get home' I replied.

"Is it Issac? I mean I know he can get annoying sometimes"

I paused for a moment. "Yea it was definitely Issac"

" You sure you're going to be alright"

"Yea. I'll see you at school k" I turned and walked away. I begin my journey back home.
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