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chater four: Blind Faith

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. . . .One Date May Change every thing.

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Chapter 4: Blind Faith

It was finally Sunday. I worked Friday and all day Saturday, which sucked, caused Murray was sick and I did everything. Then Damien has been calling me nonstop making sure I remember our so-called date. Now it was Sunday and I can sleep with no interruptions until my cell rung.

"Hello" I said groggy maybe they will get the hint.

"You forgot didn't you. I knew it" Damien said huffy and puffy.

"I did not"

"So do you all ways sleep till 2:30 in the afternoon"

"What!?" I got up and looked over at my clock. "Look I meet you down stairs in like 30 minutes, ok?"

"Yea will I'm already down stairs. So please don't go back to sleep"

"I wouldn't. Bye" I laid back in bed and then move slowly to the bathroom.

I trotted down to the front of the building. The sun hit me as soon as I opened the door. There was a light breeze but unusually warm. Just enough for a jacket. Of course Damien was waiting for me leaning on a parked car. Damien was rocking some all black Chucks, dark tater jeans, a concert t- shirt, and his trademark black jacket. I stepped towards Damien and give him a hug. He held me close then took a step back and looked at me up and down. I was wearing black uptowns (Nike), a fitted red and black shirt, black jeans, and a red jacket.

"You forgot didn't you" Damien said,

"No, I didn't forget. I just woke up late, ok. End of story" I said hoping he'll let it go. I started walking up 59th st. try to ignore the fact that I may have a tiny bit forgot. Damien walked up behind me, grabbed me by my waist and pulled me close to him. We stood there nose to nose. I could fell his breath on my neck as his lips brushed my chin.

"Fine you woke up late. But your going the wrong way" He back away slowly and grabbed my hand. I hate it when he does that. He pulls you close and driving you to the edge of the peak then he backs away. Jerk! ! We walked up five av and I had no idea what he was planning.

"Ok so I'm bored now . . . " Damien cut me off and pointed in front of us.

I looked and focused at what he was pointing too. I could believe my eyes. There awaiting us was I horse draw carriage. I looked back at Damien a little surprised he planned this. He guided me to the carriage and helped me in it. I took a seat then Damien handed me a dozen white roses that seem to come out of thin air. He took a seat next to me then the ride begun though East Central Park. However, the whole ride Damien was inching closer and closer to me. He looked at me for a moment and I turned and looked at him.

"How do you like the date so far?"

"I'll tell you when it's over" I said and grabbed his hand that was resting on his lap.

We rode what seemed like and hour of two. The sun had a golden haze around it with pure white clouds surrounding the sky. We must have come to our destination because the carriage came to a smooth stop. We exited the carriage and walk just a little bit before we came to a mass of people.

"What's going on?" I asked.

"Today is the last day for the Winter Festival. So we are just in time for the Concert"

"What concert?" was all I could get out before Damien started dragging me toward the Concert stage.

We were at a good distance not too far but not to close. Apparently, a local jazz band was playing all the classic R&B songs. Damien is obsessions by old classic R&B songs. I don't know why but he loves them to death. We stayed for a while we even danced a little bit. Again Damien had yet another surprise for me. We walked for what seem like forever. Then he had the nerves to ask me to close my eyes I did. I finally closed my eyes and we had a private dinner awaiting us in the park. There was a candle lit dinner for two. A personal chef and waiter waiting for us by a separate table where the food was set. There was absolutely no one around us but the park and us. The dinner was amazing and so was Damien, no surprise there. The whole time we kept looking at each other. After the glorious dinner was over then we had to get home. We headed out back to my house.

" So you enjoyed the date"

"No, I loved it. You really impressed me. Very surprising is all I can say." We finally arrived at my door.

"So I guess this is goodbye, then" Damien said

"Yea . . .but doesn't have to be goodbye forever" I leaned in and kissed Damien a short peak. He glared at me for a moment and back in this time with a long yearning kiss that must have been holding back. The apartment door was swung open interrupted us. My dad stood there just as dazes as we were.

"Hey Daddy" I said taking a step back.

"Hey Mr. Wellborn"

"Damien I didn't know you were back in New York"

"Yea I got back a few weeks ago"

"Good, good"

"Bye Mr. Wellborn and tell Mrs. Wellborn I said hi" Damien said and kissed me lightly on the cheek. I turned to my dad and walked in the apartment. I shut the door behind me and swiftly tried to go to my room.

"Janelle we will talk about this in the morning whether you avoid this or not"

"Yes Daddy" I whined and made it to my room before I could hear any more.
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