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You Will Know Me And My Kind By The Trail Of Our Tears

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After the gradutation everything falls apart.

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"As You step out into the world, You realise just how important......"

At this point I zoned out and looked around. Gerard and Mikey were side by side near the back of the class, while Ray was a row in front of them, Frankie sitting next to Aggie who switched seats with the guy next to Frankie who was glad to be sitting somewhere else. Kit was somewhere- I couldn't see Her and Bob was sitting next to Me, in His own little word.

Suddenly everyone was clapping and I realised that some tortures do end- Everyone was leaving now and I was happy to stand up and stretch.

"Did anybody pay attention?" Ray asked as He walked up to Bob and Me.

"If it was important than no, nobody payed attention" I jested.

"Unless it was a 'life for dummies' course" Gerard said as He snaked His arms around My waist.

I was really happy, I had started My band with Kit Aggie and Damien and things were really kicking off, not to mention tonight I was going to have a really special dinner with Gerard.

All of a sudden My phone started to vibrate.

"Oooo Winter is vibrating" Frankie laughed, until Aggie punched His arm.

"Hello?" I said into My phone.

"Winter? It's Autumn"

"Autumn! how are You?" I asked walking away from the group so I could talk to My twin alone.

"I'm ok- I'm sorry I haven't answered Your calls"

"Damn right You should be sorry- I was worried sick. The Spring Witch sends Her love, and She gave Me this cryptic message about something being different about You" I said.

For a few minutes I heard nothing.

"Winter, there's something I have to tell You and Your not going to like it"

"What is it? whatever happens I'm here for You"

"...Winter, I'm pregnant"

Everything seemed to stop. I couldn't hear My friends laughing in the background, or the birds singing in the trees, the cars going by or the goodbyes everyone was sharing. I just heard those two words.

"Winter, please say something"

"Whose the father" I asked shakily.

"It could be a guy I have been seeing here but I have to wait for the first ultra sound. But, Winter I am so sorry"

"It could also be Gerard's" I growled.

"Winter I-"

I hung up on Autumn. Well I sort of broke the phone and in so doing hung up on Her at the same time.

I guess I stood in the same place for too long because all of a sudden kit and Aggie were next to Me.

"What's wrong?" Kit asked.

Before I could answer The guys had walked over, including Gerard.

"" I started to say but the acidic words caught in My throat.

"What's wrong hun?" Gerard asked as He placed his hand on My shoulder.

I looked at Gerard, and instead of seeing His face I saw Him screwing Autumn in My bed. I couldn't stand His touch and so I slapped His hand away.


No one was expecting that.

Gerard started to stutter out something but I cut Him off.

"I never want to see You again, and I never want to talk to You. You come near Me and I'll kill You" I growled and walked off.

Aggie and Kit ran after Me and caught up with Me.

Aggie placed a hand on My shoulder and then it happened- for the first time since the fire I broke down and cried- not silent tears but buckets of wailing protest to the usual shtick- that life wasn't fair and that I was left with no one to trust.

Aggie and Kit held Me close as Niagra Falls fell from My eyes.


I stood there shocked.

Winter had run off hurt and angry and I hated Myself.

"I don't think anyone was expecting that" Bob said.

"I've screwed up so much" I whispered to no one in particular.

"Do You think She will forgive You Gerard?" Ray asked Me.

"This isn't just something that Winter can forgive- this is a life that We are talking about. Autumn and Gerard will always have this constant reminder of what They did to Winter, and Winter will always have a living breathing reminder of the night Gerard and Autumn betrayed Her" Mikey said.

He was right, and I felt awful.

"What are You going to do?" Frankie asked.

"I'll leave Her alone. She deserves someone that won't betray Her as badly as I have" I muttered, hoping that one day Winter would forgive Me.
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