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Greatest Hits From An Angry Girl's Fist

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The exams come and go.

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"So there was no answer?" Aggie asked as We sat down under the tree after Our last exam.

"Precisly. Either no one is ever home or Autumn is avoiding My calls. How am I supposed to find out what's wrong with Her if I can't even get Her on the phone" I cried in frustration.

"You know what We need to take Your mind off Autumn?" Kits, Mikey's new girlfriend asked.

"What?" I asked.

"A sleepover!"

"..what is this sleepover You speak of" Aggie asked.

"It's a chance for Us to get to know each other and to have fun without the guys" Kits said while smiling.

"Well ok, but just as long as We don't talk about torture instruments like hair curlers and straightners" I said twitching- hair products other than shampoo gave Me the creeps- You could burn Your hair off or scalp Yourself with them.

As I was walking home with Aggie and Kits I got the strange feeling We were being watched.

And I was right- no sooner had I had that thought when a blur that looked like Frankie pounced from behind a fence and tackled Aggie to the ground.

Kits and I looked at each other, but unfortunatly the time it took for Us to look at each other gave Mikey and Gerard enough time to tackle Us to the ground as well.

"Hi hunny" I said looking up at Gerard.

"Hey gorgeous, what are We doing tonight" Gerard asked.

"I'm having a girl's night darling" I said apologetically.

Gerard smiled and kissed Me softly.

"Have a good night" Gerard whispered as He got off Me and helped Me up, then walked up the street to His house.

Frankie and Mikey did the same, after talking to Aggie and Kits.

"I hate it when Gerard does that- it makes Me want to follow Him" I muttered.

"I know how You feel- believe me" Aggie said smirking.

"Come on, let's get this girl's night happening!" kits yelled.

After hours of giggling and popcorn mixed with a hint of getting to know everyone I came to a conclusion.

"I want to start a band with You" I stated.

"But We only have vocals and guitars, We don;t have drums" Kits reminded Us.

"My cousin Damien plays drums and He's been looking for a band He can join" Aggie said smiling.

"It's settled then, We will start next week" I said smiling.

Next week was graduation, the start one of the most heartbreaking and exciting experiences of My life.
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