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The Meaning Behind the Song

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Winter cheers everyone up with a surprise trip and a surprise relative.

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"God now We are all thinking about the finals" Aggie muttered sitting down grumpily.

"I'm going to check My email, and then I'll find some way to cheer Us up" I said and walked up to My room.

I locked My door and walked over to My laptop to read My emails- You never know when a genitals enlargement email will be in Your inbox and Frankie will walk through the room see it, rush downstairs and tell everyone. Locking the door is always a good thing.

I saw an email from one of the aunts from my dad's side and clicked on it.

After I read it I was thrilled, jumped up, grabbed My wallet, pulled My door open, and ran down the stairs.

"I want to go to the zoo, right now" I said estaticly.

"..Did anyone expect Winter to say that?" Bob asked as everyone shook their heads no.

"Come on come on let's go!" I said and rushed outside.

"Bob where's Your car?" I asked.

"It's at Gerard's" Bob said confused as I raced up the street as fast as I could.

5 minutes later everyone caught up with Me to see I was standing next to Bob's car.

"Ok Winter can sit on Gerard while Aggie can sit on Frankie...NOT LIKE THAT" Ray said, regretting the implication of His words as Aggie and Frankie smirked suggestivley.

I was restless all the way to the zoo and after We got the tickets I bounded off, everyone trailing after Me and poor Gerard who was holding My hand.

I ran and ran until finally I came across it- the information desk.

The others came up behind Me and were trying to get their breath back.

"Hi I am Winter I'm here to see Ms Andrews"

"Of course, She has been expecting You, wait here" The woman at the information desk said as She hurried off.

"Wait Andrews?"

"Just wait and see" I said.

Suddenly a woman came up to Me and enveloped Me in a hug.

"Snow queen how are You?" The woman said.

"Fine thanks Summer Princess" I said smiling.

"Queen? Princess? what's going on?" Mikey asked.

"Oh guys this is My aunt Summer, Aunt Summer this is Frankie Aggie Bob Mikey Ray and My boyfriend Gerard" I said.

"Nice to meet You all" She said.

"What's with the princess and queen parts?" Aggie asked.

"Oh Winter's father started that. There's an old fairy tale called the Snow Queen and each season is named something different- Autumn has Her own nickname as well- the Autumn Robber. In fact the only season missing is the Spring Witch but She's dead poor soul" Aunt Summer said softly.

"So why are We at the zoo?" Gerard asked.

"Well I brought some native animals to America for the new exhibit here and I thought Winter would love to see Her old pets" Aunt Summer smirked.

"Let's go" I said as We walked to the closed off to the public enclosure and walked right in.

"Sugar!" I cried as I walked up to the brumby and patted Her nose.

Sugar neighed and nuzzled My hand, She was always so loveable.

"Winter saved Sugar back home. The poor foul was nuzzling it's dead mother when Winter and Autumn came across her, so Winter ran back to the house got some sugar cubes and ran back to the foul, tempting Her with sugar cubes until She walked away from Her mother and to My vet clinic I was running at the time. Since then Autumn and Winter went around the bush looking for hurt animals. In fact all the animals here are ver well aquainted with Autumn and Winter. Autumn sends Her love by the way Winter"

"Tell Her She read My mind. Are My three favourite animals here?" I asked.

"Of course, they were really excited at your name" Aunt Summer said grinning.

I walked a little away from Sugar and saw that next door to Sugar was-

"Bloody!" I cried as I opened the cage.

Out bounded a dingo that pounced on Me and licked My face.

"Winter are You alright!!?!?" Aggie asked in a panic.

"Of course, this is Bloody" I said giggling.

"Come and pat Her" I said. Bob Ray and Mikey were patting Sugar and She was loving the attention.

Gerard bent down and patted Bloody as I sat up and did the same, while Frankie and Aggie walked away towards the next enclosure.

"You lot seem to be nice people" Summer said as I giggled.

"How do you figure that?" Bob asked.

"Winter and I have a saying- if an animal doesn't like someone theres a good reason for it, same as if they like a good person"

Bloody licked at Gerard's face and Gerard laughed, falling backwards as Bloody pinned Him to the floor to lick His face some more.

"Come on Bloody back in Your cage" I said as i got up and placed Him back.

"I can't see what's in this cage" Aggie said squinting.

"It's a tawny frog mouth cage" I said opening the cage while a bit of bark flew at Me.

"Hey Sooky" I said as the tawny frog mouth landed on My shoulder and nuzzled My neck.

"You have great pets Winter" Frankie said smiling at Sooky who just blinked back.

I walked over to the last enclosure and opened the cage to find Loopy.

"Come on Loopy" I said as a fruit bat glided off the ceiling and onto My arm to hang upside down.

"You have a pet bat!?!" Frankie exclaimed.

"She's not a pet- She's a friend" I said while pouting.

"You have cool friends" Ray said.

"I only had Autumn as a friend so I had to make new friends with the animals I helped" I said, patting Loopy and smiling.

"There's something Autumn hasn't told You Winter, can You tell Her that She should tell You what it is" Aunt Summer said, looking at Her feet.

I nodded solemnly- Aunt Summer was giving me a coded message- something was wrong with Autumn and I had to find out what for Myself.

It was time to go, so I said goodbye to Loopy Sooky Bloody and Sugar and walked out with the rest of the guys, giving them fun facts about Australia, with Autumn always on My mind.
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