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Chapter Four

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The boys make a decision and we meet the leader of the rebellion. Read, 'cause I said so.

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Gerard leaned against Frank, trying to tune out the yelling that had just erupted from the room Ryan had died in.

Oli had disappeared down the hallway ten minutes ago, and quiet murmurings of conversation had drifted out towards them. Gerard guessed that Oli had used the wrong kind of argument, because suddenly, Brendon had started screaming at the winged man.

"What if I want to get bitten by the man I loved? We can just die together!" he had screamed.

That statement sent the room into a frenzy. Gerard could imagine the look on Pete's face when Brendon had said that.

There were combined shouts of, "We can't lose you too," and, "That's suicide, you psycho! You don't really want to die!"

To which Brendon replied, obviously angry and crying, "I can do whatever the hell I want."

Then, strangely firm, Oli yelled, "No! You may not! You are imperative to this cause, and your death will be the death of a nation!"

Then, Gerard and the others were shocked to see Oli dragging a distraught Brendon, kicking and screaming, down the hall into the living room. Oli gave a meaningful look at Cassia, who sighed loudly.

She stood up, and walked up to the two young men. Brendon gasped as he looked at her. He hadn't seen her before, and perceived her as a threat since the zombie he had also never seen before.

"It's okay," she whispered, touching his forehead. "Go to sleep now."

And with that, Brendon slumped over in Oli's arms, either asleep or unconscious. Gerard couldn't tell.

"How the hell did you do that?" Ray asked, his eyes wide.

"And you are?" Cassia asked coldly, spinning around to look into his eyes. Ray looked surprised, stuttering for a response but having none.

"That's what I thought," Cassia said, looking satisfied. "Now, Oli, collect the others and bring them here. I want to explain to them what's going to happen. You, you can stay with the dead boy until he wakes up. My friend, once that's done with, you will wait outside for Nikki. She's coming soon, and you can explain to her that you already lost someone."

Oli nodded glumly, looking at the floor.

"Why can't you tell Nikki?" he said hopefully.

Cassia laughed, "Because I enjoy being among the living. Um, the living dead. Uh, the living...never mind, Oli! Do as I say!"

Oli nodded again, and walked with his head down into the hallway, muttering under his breath the whole way.

Cassia turned to My Chemical Romance and Ville, smiling.

"So, how are you guys, despite the dead boy?"

"His name was Ryan," Frank muttered.

"His name still is Ryan," Cassia said gently. "He will live on through all eternity with the gods above. He will watch over you all throughout your quest and protect you all. Especially him." She gestured at Brendon, curled up into a ball in the corner.

"Is this Nikki person really going to kill Oli?" Ville piped up.

Cassia sighed, running her hand through her hair.

"I doubt it. She'll probably hurt him, but he's still important. She can't kill him. I just hope Oli'll still be able to walk...," her voice trailed off as a worried look crossed her face.

Gerard frowned, exchanging glances with Frank. Then, he caught the gazes of every person in his band, and then Ville. Everyone looked grim, worried, and perhaps a bit scared. (Except for Bob. Bob's not scared of anything. He looked angrier than anything else.)

Mikey had his arms wrapped about himself, and was shaking slightly. Gerard scooted back towards his brother and slung an arm around his shoulder. Mikey started slightly, and then smiled weakly at Gerard. Gerard smiled back, and motioned for Frank to sit next to him.

Frank obeyed, and the three of them sat together quietly. A few minutes later, six tear stained faces appeared in the hallway opening.

Pete, who was in front, looked at Cassia suspiciously and asked in a cracked voice, "Who are you?"

Cassia smiled gently and said, "Peter, my name is Cassia Dowd. I am second in command in the rebellious force known as Gaithurs. Please, sit down." She motioned to the floor.

Pete was so messed up from Ryan's death that he didn't even notice that she knew his name before he told her. He sat down, and so the did the remaining part of P!ATD and the rest of FOB.

Cassia pulled out a folding chair and sat down in front of them. Gerard shook his head, wryly musing of his elementary school days of sitting in front of a teacher much like they were now. Only now, they weren't learning what 2+2 was. They were learning their destiny.

Spencer glanced around the room, and gasped when his eyes locked on Brendon's prostrate form.

"What the hell did you do to Brendon?"

Cassia rolled her eyes.

"He's merely asleep. Can we please deal with the matter at hand?" She looked around the room, challenging anyone else to interrupt.

"Good," she said, satisfied. "Now, what has Oli told you? Gerard, please tell me."

Gerard nodded and recanted everything that Oli had already told them, adding, "He said that he'd explain what we had to do specifically this morning."

Cassia nodded and smiled, "At least he told you vaguely what's going on. Well, here's essentially what you all need to do. But first, I have a question: Are you ready to risk life and limb for a country you have never seen before?"

Gerard blinked.

"I think I speak for everyone when I say that no. We're not ready to die for this. I mean, I'm 27, and I'm too young for to die. At least, I think so. Mikey and Frank are younger than me. Pete's around my age, and I know that Panic!'s members are around 21, 22. That's way too young to die."

"Ryan was only twenty!" Spencer cried passionately.

Cassia rolled her eyes and snarled, "That's wonderful, you selfish monsters. The peoples dying in Algeusteria are younger than that. Newborn children are being burned right now/. How does /that make you feel?"

Spencer bit his lip and dropped his gaze.

"Okay, I get it. Maybe...maybe...," Gerard's voice trailed off. He didn't know what to do. Honestly, there was nothing in it for him if he agreed. There was no reward. Nothing to look forward to except perhaps death.

Cassia, as if reading his mind, said, "You started My Chemical Romance to save lives. You've inspired, what, thousands of people to continue living? Algeusteria is populated by over one billion creatures. You will without a doubt save each and every one of those creature's lives if you agree."

Gerard looked at Mikey with wide eyes.

"What do I do?" he asked quietly.

Mikey smiled. "I'll follow you to the ends of the Earth, Gee. Whatever you choose, I'm sure everyone else will choose also."

Gerard was extremely surprised to see everyone in the living room looking at him, clearly agreeing with what Mikey just said.

Gerard looked at Cassia and asked, "And what exactly will I be agreeing to? I want details."

Cassia nodded and smiled.

"Details I can give. First of all, we will travel to Algeusteria. Upon entering her beautiful lands, we will travel for two days to Gaithurs' underground headquarters. After a short weapons/magic training period, we will leave and travel for two months across frozen forests, lakes, and barren lands. Every town we encounter along the way we must overthrow the town's ruling council and recruit soldiers for the rebel army. Then, we will enter the dark city of Roslynalov, where the dark queen Levianna reigns. You all must work together to overthrow her dark majesty, and then, the Chosen One will take command of Algeusteria."

Gerard squeezed his eyes shut, and rubbed his face with his hands.

"This commitment," he said, his voice muffled, "will be for life, won't it? How can you expect us to give up our lives for this?"

"Because," Cassia said strongly, "Levianna's darkness is spreading. Soon, she will be strong enough to take over Earth as you know it. Levianna knows you all exist, and she vaguely knows of your identities. Soon, she will come after your families and friends, and wreak havoc upon your lives. You will be essentially condemning Earth if you refuse."

"Oh, that's a good option to choose," Frank said sarcastically.

Ville smacked his forehead and groaned, "What the hell is this? Lord of the Rings?"

That caused Gerard to burst into hysterical laughter.

"Oh my God, we're all going to die! This...this is f**king unbelievable! Are there like cameras somewhere? Ashton Kutcher, we know you're here! Show yourself!" Gerard cried, half-laughing, half-crying, 100% hysterical.

Frank wrapped his arm around Gerard's shaking shoulders and said, "Gerard, I think this is for real. You're the Chosen One, what are we going to do?"

"Oh, we're going to do this. Didn't you here? If I'm still alive at the end of this, I get to be king. That's a pretty cool perk," Gerard grinned.

Frank sighed loudly.

"Okay. I'm going to do what Gerard does."

Cassia smiled broadly at the room.

"So, who with us?"

Eleven hands shot up. Brendon was still unconscious, Ryan was dead, and Ville was staring at the floor.

Cassia frowned and asked, "What about you?"

Everyone turned to look at the sad Finn, but Ville continued staring at the ground. He traced little designs into the carpet, and didn't reply.

"What about you?" Cassia repeated.

"I don't know anyone here. If I go and I die...I won't have anyone I love with me. I'll die alone. Gerard has his band-mates, Pete has his band-mates, and Brendon still has his. I've got no one," Ville whispered.

"You've got me," Oli said, reentering the room, covered in blood.

Ville looked up and blinked.

"I guess I do have someone," he murmured. Louder, he said, "I'll do it. I've got to protect Earth, yes?"

Cassia smiled and said, "Perfect. Algeusteria thanks you." She then turned to Oli.

"Is the deed done?" Cassia asked. Oli nodded sadly.

"That was one of the strongest zombies I ever fought. It almost bit me once. It had me back into a corner and almost got me. But it's dead now."

"And you're covered in blood because...?"

"Oh, don't worry. It's my blood. It kind of slashed my chest open with a bedpost. I'll be okay though," Oli assured.

"You're a terrible liar, Oli," Cassia sighed, walking over to him. "Look. Your eyes are blue. You're in pain."

Oli sighed and said, "Sure, whatever."

Cassia shook her head and said, "Sit down. I won't make you wait for or tell Nikki what happened. You're hurt; she'll kill you if she gets you now."

Oli nodded and sat down in the folding chair that Cassia pointed at.

Pete asked quietly, "You killed Ryan?"

"No," Oli said, wincing as Cassia kneeled in front of him and pulled his shirt open. "I killed a zombie that occupied the body your friend used to occupy. Duh."

Cassia smacked Oli lightly across the cheek.

"Shut up and don't be rude," she commanded.

"Whatever," Oli said, rolling his eyes.

Just then, there was a loud band at the front of the building.

"Hello?" a female voice called.

"Nikki! We're in the living room!" Cassia cried, her eyes wide as she looked at Oli. Oli pulled his shirt closed and turned to face the entrance hallway.

Cassia jumped up and smoothed her purple shirt down.

A woman strode into the living room. She was of medium height and was thin. Her skin was darker than Cassia's. Her frizzy brown hair was pulled back into a high ponytail, and her brown eyes were narrowed as she surveyed the room. She wore a fancy black suit, and looked like she meant business.

She said, "My name is Nikki Aiden. I am the leader of the rebellion against her dark majesty. It is a pleasure to see that all fourteen...wait, Cassia? Oli?"

"Yes, Nikki?" both of them replied timidly.

"Why is there only thirteen young men sitting before me?" Nikki asked calmly.

Cassia opened her mouth to answer, but Oli cut her off.

"It's my fault, Nikki. A zombie got in and killed one of them."

Nikki turned to look Oli in the eye and growled, "What?"

"You heard me," Oli said, wincing as he sat up straighter. He held his chin high as his eyes flashed a lighter blue. By now, Gerard had figured out when Oli's eye color changed. He wondered if it changed because of the pain or fear Oli was currently feeling.

The anger melted off of Nikki's face as she smiled at him.

"May I speak to you outside, Oliver?"

Oli blinked and nodded, stumbling towards the entrance hallway. Nikki followed quickly.

After they were gone, Cassia turned back to the group. Gerard felt a shiver go down his spine when he saw that all the blood was gone from her face.

"What's going to happen now?" he asked fearfully. Cassia shrugged.

"Let's just hope that Nikki lets him live. She was angrier than I've ever seen her."

"That was angry?" Mikey asked, surprised. "She looked pretty calm to me."

Cassia nodded.

"When she's angry, the calmer she looks, the angrier she is. She must've been pretty mad to smile like that."

Mikey nodded and exchanged a worried look with Gerard. Gerard frowned.

"I hope that-."

He was interrupted by a loud scream from outside. Cassia squeezed her eyes shut, plopping down into the folding chair.

"Oh gods, please let him live," she muttered. Ville burst into tears at the hopelessness in her voice. Pete reached back to comfort him and Cassia pinched the bridge of her nose.

Gerard looked around the room fearfully trying to see the others' reactions. They all looked the same: grim, scared, and sad.

Nikki walked into the room a few minutes later, with her chin raised high. Oli wasn't with her.

"You may want to collect the boy, Cassia. I'm going to rest."

Ville was on his feet before Cassia could even open her eyes. He ran out of the room to go get the only one he had left in this world.

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