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Chapter Five

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We find out what happened to Oli and guess what? VIOLENCE!!!!

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Gerard gaped open-mouthed at the entrance hallway. He turned to look at Frank, to gauge his reaction. Frank's face was darkened considerably with fear.

"Do you think that he's-?"

"No," Gerard said firmly, trying to be the leader he was supposed to be. He didn't feel brave or strong, though. He felt weak, small, insignificant, frightened. Not powerful as a leader should be.

"We need to be one hell of a lot more optimistic if we're going to take down this Levianna chick. So, dry your eyes, wipe your damn noses, and be /men/, for Christ's sake!" he cried, jumping to his feet. He thought that the room deserved a pep talk, like the ones in the movies.

But the reaction wasn't exactly what he wanted. What he had expected to happen was the whole room would get all hyped up to do whatever the hell they were supposed to do and stop being so pessimistic. What actually happened was that Pete stood up and faced Gerard angrily.

"That's easy for you to say, Way, but you didn't just lose your best friend!" he snarled, balling his hands into fists at his sides.

"And you did?" Spencer asked angrily, jumping to his feet. "Stop acting like you're the only one who lost someone important!"

Pete walked closer to Spencer, until their noses were almost touching.

"Do you have something to say to me, Spencer?" he said in a dangerously low voice.

"Hey, hey, hey, come on now, guys, let's play nice," Mikey said, grabbing Pete's shoulder and dragging him back. Pete spun around angrily. Mikey gasped as Pete's left fist connected with his nose.

And then, all Hell broke loose.

Gerard, seeing his brother clutching his bleeding nose, ran forward and caught Pete around the waist, dragging him to the floor. Gerard straddled Pete's waist and began pummeling the bassist's face and chest with punches. Pete grabbed Gerard's throat, and they began rolling around, trying to gain the upper hand.

Patrick ran over and roughly tried to get Gerard off of Pete, which angered Frank. Frank caught Patrick in a football tackle, and then the two of them began punching and kicking each other. Seeing their band-mates needing help, Ray and Bob, and Andy and Joe quickly joined in the mess of limbs flying and connecting with anything and everyone.

The only ones not fighting were Jon and Brendon. Brendon, of course, wasn't able to fight due to his current state of unconsciousness. Jon thought that he needed to protect the boy from the flying fists and feet. Every once in awhile, Jon would kick someone who came too close to the corner that the two of them were occupying.

Suddenly, a shout louder than all the others rang out.

"WHAT THE /HELL /IS GOING ON HERE????!!!!????" the powerful voice boomed.

All movement in the room ceased as all eyes rose to face the doorway.

Gerard shoved Andy off of him and stood up, spitting out the blood in his mouth.

"Oh Jesus," he muttered, running a hand through his black hair.

Cassia and Ville stood in the doorway, both looking horrified at the scene before them. Cassia looked angrier than anyone Gerard had ever seen, her chocolate eyes blazing with anger. Her clothes, like Ville's, were thoroughly soaked with blood. Blood Gerard guessed to be Oli's.

Oli was curled in Ville's arms, his eyelids fluttering as pain flashed across his face. Gerard couldn't see the extent of his wounds due to the red bed-sheet wrapped around his lithe body. He could see that the sheet hadn't always been red.

Ville's face was paler than usual, and his eyes were red and puffy. He was still crying, his green eyes round and scared. His black hair was mussed, and he was shaking slightly as he held Oli. He looked as he was struggling to continue holding the winged man.

Cassia took a step forward, her eyes narrowed as she scanned the room.

"What the f**k were you all thinking? Were you even thinking? How are you ever going to defeat an invincible queen if you /can't work together/?" she cried, her eyes flashing. Gerard dropped his gaze, unable to meet her eyes.

"I'm sorry. We were just taking out our emotions out on each other. It's been hard," Gerard mumbled.

"Pardon me?" Cassia asked angrily. "'It's been hard'? You've /got /to be kidding me! How are you going to deal when we go into battle and you have to take lives, lives of people who've done no wrong except get drafted against their will into Levianna's army?"

Gerard blinked, not answering.

After a few moments of listening to Cassia breathing heavily, Ville said softly, "Where can I put him down?"

Cassia spun around, her mouth in the shape of an 'o'.

"Oh gods, forgive me, Ville. I forgot in my anger that you and Oli were here. Come, follow me," she said, leading Ville down the darkened hallway where the rooms were.

Gerard wiped his mouth on his sleeve, licking his lips and shuddering at the metallic liquid's taste. Then, he turned to face the people who were still in the positions they were in when the fighting stopped.

"Get up," he said gruffly. "We were all idiots for fighting. Cassia was right."

Everyone obeyed, struggling to their feet. Immediately, the room separated into three crowds.

Gerard, Frank, Mikey, Bob, Ray, and Spencer were on one side with Pete, Patrick, Andy, and Joe on the other. In the corner was Jon and Brendon, neither of which having moved.

"Well," Jon said, standing up easily. "That's one unfair fight. But honestly, both sides were in the wrong. In the wrong for /fighting/."

"I'd suggest you shut up now, before you end up in the hospital," Bob growled.

Jon laughed.

"Ha, that's funny. Let's all start another brawl. Good idea, Bobby-boy."

"Don't you ever call me that," Bob said menacingly, stepping forward.

"For Christ's sake," Ray groaned, pulling him back. "Not again."

Gerard surveyed the people in the room and sighed.

"Look at us. We're a mess. We're all hurt. Mikey's nose is probably broken-."

"Probably?" Mikey interrupted angrily, still holding his face.

Gerard shot the younger man a glare, and continued, "And Pete's wrist looks broken. My chest's got a gash running down it, which burns like hell by the way, and Frank looks like he's gonna have two huge shiners by tonight. We've all got bruises and cuts all over the place. So, can't we all just at least try to get along?"

A mumbled agreement went up around the room, and Gerard nodded, satisfied. Finally, he thought, I've accomplished a leaderly duty.

Suddenly, from down the hallway, a string of Finnish curses erupted from the lips of a certain Finnish rock star.

Gerard looked at everyone, worried, before taking off down the hallway with Frank hot on his heels.

Skidding to a halt in the doorway of the room, he gasped at the sight before him. Frank slammed into Gerard's back, and Gerard stumbled forward into the room.

Cassia looked up at the two of them and smiled weakly.

She was stationed next to Oli, in a chair next to his bed. Ville sat opposite her, and was clutching Oli's hand in a death grip.

Oli himself looked terrible.

His face was drained of all blood, his skin a sickly pallor. His hair had dried blood in it. His flat chest was marred by long and deep wounds. They were a deep red color, bleeding freely. Oli's wings were spread out and hanging off the side of the bed. It looked as if the tip of the right one had been cut off.

Gerard sucked in a deep breath as Cassia lifted his right wing to inspect the missing part.

"Oh gods...the wings? Now that's low, even for Nikki," she muttered, running her hands over the wound.

Oli face screwed up in agony, even though she was barely touching the wound.

Ville sniffled and asked, "What do you mean?"

Cassia, not looking up, replied, "His wings are ultra-sensitive. Now, imagine getting poked by a pencil. It hurts, right? But not agonizingly so. But if you poked his wing with a pencil, it would hurt as much, say, as you getting a nail driven through your skin. Now, if you add that knowledge to the fact that the entire tip of his wing was chopped off, you know how much pain he's in."

"Oh Jesus," Gerard muttered, grabbing Frank's hand as he sat down on the edge of the bed. Frank sat down on his lap.

Ville burst into new tears, choking on his sobs.

"Are you okay?" Gerard asked. Ville shook his head.

"I don't want to lose him. I know I've only known him for less than twenty-four hours, but I don't care. I love him," he sobbed. "Maybe it's because I just left my old boyfriend; maybe I'm on rebound. But that doesn't change how I feel."

Gerard blinked.

"Oh. I uh...oh."

Ville laughed through his tears.

"So that sounded as bad out loud as it sounded in my head?"

Gerard smiled uneasily and said, "Yeah. I don't want him to die either. I mean, I barely know him, but I feel connected, you know?"

Frank nodded solemnly.

"I fell like I knew him from somewhere. Like an old friend that moved away."

Cassia smiled and said, "That's because he's been in your lives since we figured out which humans were the ones destined to save Algeusteria. He's been watching you guys for the past five years. He's that fan you thought you recognized and then figured that all of your fans had started to look alike. Oli's asked you for autographs, asked you seemingly simple questions, and one time, he even interviewed you, Gerard. All it took was a jacket to cover up the wings and a quick dying of the hair."

"That's kinda creepy," Gerard frowned.

Frank laughed and said, "Nah, that's not disturbing at all!"

Gerard smiled sadly and asked Cassia, "How are we going to make him feel better?"

Cassia sighed.

"There's a way I can make Oli better, but..."

"But what?" Ville asked, is eyes wide. "But WHAT??? WHY ARE YOU HOLDING OUT ON US????"

Cassia raised her hands in her defense.

"Hey! I really want to help him get better, but the only way might end up killing me," she said sadly.

Gerard sighed and ran his hand through his hair.

"Well, maybe we can take a chance?"

Cassia shrugged and said, "I have to discuss it with Nikki."

Gerard frowned, "But I thought-."

He was interrupted by a loud cry from the living room.

As Gerard jumped to his feet and ran to the living room, his only thought was, 'Not again.'

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