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Love Is In The Air

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What happen between Jessi and Spencer. Is Spencer the one Jessi actually likes instead of Brendon or Gerard.

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Spencer POV

I woke up in the waiting room of the hospital with my phone vibrating in my pocket. I got it out and looked at it. It was Cierra my girlfriend. I answered it. Hello. Hey umm im at the hospital with my friend she got hit by a drunk. Cierra said so you rather spend time with your friends then me your girlfriend. I said no its just that i never hang out with them and I always hang out with you and i think its time for me to hang out with them more. She said fine whatever. I just wanted to call and tell you that I cheated on you. bye and she hung up. I was thinking stupid fucking whore. Some how it didnt bother me. Maybe because I didnt like her anymore and i was going to break up with her anyways. The doctor walks in and he was smiling. Everybody else was still asleep. The doctor said are you going to wake them or you just want to wait and I'll tell you and you can tell them. I said the second one. The doctor said umm okay she is fine and she woke up around 2 in the morning and she is sleeping now but everything looks fine but she as a broke arm and thats it. She is really lucky. I said thank you I'll tell them when they wake up and when can we see her. The doctor said umm when she wakes up. The doctor left and I just sat there. Then the song Untitle by Simple Plan popped in my head. Why I dont know. Then I seen Dylan rolling around on the floor then he open his eyes and looked up at me. He got up and sat next to me. He said so why arent you asleep. I said couldnt sleep. thinking about Jessi. Im worried. Dylan said do you like her? I looked at him and then around the room to see if anybody else was awake and then I said I starting too but dont tell anybody and oh by the way. Jessi is fine and she woke up at 2 in the morning but now she is asleep and we can see here when she wakes up. Dylan said really thats cool with both thing you told me. I cant believe that somebody is stupid enough to drink and drive and now look it could of cost a life and person that shouldnt died yet but did. Well you know she didnt die but she almost did. I just dont get why someone would drink and drive its so dumb or if you put it in Jessi word's its so gay. Brendon said whats so gay. me and Dylan looked at him and said umm nothing just thinking of Jessi and her sayings. Brendon said oh yea well she will not like you spence. Maybe as a friend but nothing else. I said well why didnt she pull away faster if she didnt like me. Brendon said I dont know maybe she was in shock. I said whatever. Everybody woke up. Brendon would give me death glares like he wanted me dead. The doctor comes in and says that we could go see Jessi. Dylan then Sylvester then Chris went in the Gerard then Frank then Mikey then Bob then Ray then Brendon then Jon then Ryan then finally me. I walk in there. She was looking out the window. I said hey there stranger. whats going on? She looked at me and said Spence, I got something to say and Im not on anything. Okay so yea. I just looked at her and was thinking was she going to tell me what she thinks of me or what. She said So yea I got really pissed off when Dylan told me Gerard find a girl and now he is with her and then I ran to your bus when Brendon and Ryan was. Ryan was in the back and I just was so mad and shit and I just told Brendon everything even when you kissed me and he got mad alittle and then Mikey and Bob came over and then they left cuz Gerard was over at MCR bus bitching cuz he fucked up and then it was just me and Brendon and brendon kissed me and I didnt fell anything so I pulled away and I ran to the rental car and now this happen and now im here telling you want happen and I know you have a girlfriend but I just wanted to tell you I like you. I dont know why. I mean we never hang out and i dont know how i can but I do. I dont know what I was doing but my feet were moving and I was standing right close to her bed and I leaned over and I kissed her. I pulled away and said I did have a girlfriend but no more she cheated on me. I was stil leaning over looking at her. She put her hand behind my head and pulled me into another kiss then we heard somebody clear their throat. I looked up and I seen it was Ryan and Jon. Jon said so whats going on? I said nothing we like each other and im here for her. Jon said dont you have a girlfriend. I said no she called me this morning and told me she cheated on me and broke up with me. Jon said oh shit that sucks. I said not really cuz she was a bitch cuz she never wanted me to hang out with my friends. Jon said oh well we came here to see if you wanted to go out to eat real quick. Jessi said yea go Im fine. you need to get feed. I mean all of you do. you need meat on them bones. She laughed and said yea but before you go can you see when i can get out. Ryan said yea i'll go do that. I said dont tell Brendon what you seen. It will hurt him. Ryan said Im not making any promises. Jon said I'll just go with him. They left. I turned to her and said so do you really like me. She said umm yea. I said so would you like to be my girlfriend? She said hell yeah. She laughed and I laughed too. I was happy. ryan came back and said she'll gets out 5 tonight so yea lets go. I said ok hold on a sec. I siad bye to her and gave her a kiss on the side of the face. She gave me her famous smile.

Jessica POV

OMG Am I really Spencer Smith's girlfriend. How cool is this. I mean we both are famous but its cool. They left to go eat. I get out in like 3 hours. So happy. My right arm is broken. I closed my eyes and then open them to see a very pissed of Gerard. He said so when were you going to tell me. I said tell you what. He said tell me that you and douche bag Spencer are together. I said well for one Spencer is not a douche bag and you fucking blew your chance when you came home from the hospital and you ran into Chrissy Dylan girlfriend well ex-girlfriend. So dont tell me its my fault when your the one that fucked up. The doctor comes in and says that I can leave. So I got up and went to the bathroom and got dressed. I was walking out when Spencer ran up to me and ask me what I was doing. i said Im leaving its 5 to im leaving.

2 months later...
Spencer POV

Me and Jessi are still together and she is the best ever. We are still on tour but when we are off tour she is coming back home with us to meet my parents and then we'll stay there and then we'll go back to chicago to see her parents and her younger pain in the ass brother. That was she says. I really like her. i know its only been 2 months but I mean I think God brought us together. yea I dont talk about god very much but seriously I thank god for him bringing me her. we were laying in my bunk cuz she wanted to stay with me. we were kissing and stuff and well you know the rest. We were you know in the middle of you know, when somebody yells her name. we stop and she yelled out what do you want. It was Ryan. ryan said Brendon comming so stop what your doing. Brendon was still pissed off that she didnt like him and like me instead on him. She said oh shit okay. we stopped and we got dressed and we just layed there talking to each other like nothing happen. She smiled and it just made me want her even more. It sucks. She lefted up her shirt and said you see that scar. I looked and said yea how you get that. She said I fell out of a tree that was ten feet in the air and I thats all i got out of it. I said what the hell what were you trying to do comment suicide. She said no I was playing trying to get away from my cousin and he was climbing up the tree and I got on a weak branch and it snapped and i fell to the ground and when I woke up i was in my house and my cousin was scared to death. He said I was out for 3 days straight. I said well I hope your okay now and I kissed it. It was right by her belly botton. She said now its much better. Now come here and just lay here and cuddle with me. I layed there then I heard her breathing slowly. I looked down and she was sounded asleep. I finally fell asleep.

[hope you like. my friend wrote this one. she wanted something to happen between spencer and jessi so yea] Review please
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