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How much love does it take?

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Something happen bads to Jessi that could end her career forever.

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I woke up with somebody shaking my bed. I open my eyes and seen it Spencer and Jon. I said holy shit what the fuck. Jon ran out. Spencer stayed and said Jessi we need to talk? I said o do we now. and what about. Spencer said its about you and Brendon and you and Gerard. I said there's nothing between neither of them, Spence. He said yea but they are going to hate me for doing this. I said doing wha----- right there he grabed my face and put his lips on mine. I didnt pull away for some odd reason. He pulled away and just smiled and got up. I was thinking doesnt he have a girlfriend. I walked out and see my band there and Jon and Spencer there. Me and Spencer didnt talk to each other. Dylan left. So it was just me, Synvester, Chris, Jon, and Spencer. Then Dylan came back in with and pissed off look. I said whats wrong. Dylan said that stupid bitch. I said who is a stupid bitch. He said Chrissy. She broke up with me for him. I said WHO THE FUCK IS HIM? Dylan said your so called lover Gerard. I said wait what. when. Dylan said he was leaving the hospital and they ran into each other and she broke up with me for him and Im so sorry Jessi. I said whatever his the one that fucked up not me. I walked out and ran right into Gerard. I was looking down. I looked up and I said oh its you. Gerard said so no hug's. I said umm let me think about it. umm FUCK NO and I ran off. I ran to Panic! bus. I knew Brendon and Ryan wasnt there but before I couldnt get to the door Brendon ran out to say hey. I said hey bren whats going. he said nothing wanna hang out. I said yea sure. we walked in. He said so whats wrong. i said well for one I thought i like Gerard but he didnt like me and Spencer totall just kissed me at my bus and I dont know Im confused. Brendon said Spencer did what. I said oh shit. Brendon said whatever. Jessi Gerard's a fuck up. he dont deserve you. Then there was a knock at the door. It was Mikey and Bob. Brendon said yea she is here. why. Mikey said we really need to talk to her. I said whatever let them in. they came in and Mikey ran over and gave me a hug and he said my brother is so stupid. I swear. bob siad im sorry jessi hope everything is fine. We talked for awhile then Mikey got a texts from Frank telling him that they better be getting back cuz Gee is here and is pissed off about something. They left and brendon said so are you feeling better. He got closer to my face and his lips were on mine. He pulled away and I ran out the door. I heard him yell but i didnt stop. I ran to the rental we owned and I was driving when this drunk hit me from the driver side. SMACK!!!!

Brendon POV

Why did I have to do that. Ring Ring--hello hey dylan. wait whats wrong. Jessi whats wrong. omg i'll be there in a few minutes. I hung up. I looked and ryan and I said we got to get to the hospital its jessi theres been an accident. Ryan jumped up and we left.

Gerard POV

ring ring rin-- hello hey dylan wait what is she okay. omg we will be there in a few minutes. i hung. I said hey guys lets go to the hospital. Its jessi theres been an accident. Everybody jumped up and we left.

Brendon POV

We got to the hospital. I seen Spencer there. I was so pissed at him right now. Dylan had tears in his eyes.

Gerard POV

We got to the hospital. I seen Brendon and Ryan there. I was really upset with Brendon right now. OMG Dylan has been crying thats so sad.


OMG Jessi cant die. no she's not.Im going to pray to God she dont. I was up everybody had falling asleep. I was getting tired to i layed my head down and fell asleep.
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