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move along

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suspense is building.

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Chapter Five - Move Along

My eyes drooped. My head pounded. My feet ached and my breath was coming in ragged gasps. Pounding the pavement LA style. Decked out in the best training clothes I ran the block three last times before coming to a grinding halt outside my apartment. Sitting on the steps was Tyler . In his hand was a cup of coffee and a bottle of water, holding the water out to me I took it and downed a third of it before gasping for air.

"Charles came looking for you last night" Tyler said as I slumped beside him, my green eyes narrowed and I looked at Tyler . "He said you didn't show for some client, I said I hadn't seen you" he replied, I smiled at him.

"Thanks Tyler . I didn't make it." I replied, Tyler nodded and blew on his coffee before bringing it to his lips. Truth was. After the weird phone calls I got last night I felt safer at home. In bed. Lights out. Alone.

"Where did you go?" he asked, I sipped the water again before answering.

"Just hit The Loft, bought some jeans. Went home." I answered truthfully, something in Tyler 's face made me think he didn't believe me. Standing up I held my hand out to him and hauled him up. "Breakfast?" I asked, Tyler agreed and followed me to the elevator. Standing in the cool interior of the foyer I bit the top of the water bottle and cast a sidelong glance at Tyler . I was a smart girl. I knew what I was doing was stupid, and didn't need to be reminded by Tyler .

Looking down at my orange Adidas shoes I kicked them off and bent down and held them in my right hand. Tyler pressed the eighth button and we rode the elevator in silence. An awkward. Intense silence. The doors pinged open and we stepped into my hallway. Fumbling for my keys I pushed them into the door and we stepped inside.

"Coffee?" Tyler asked as he walked into the kitchen, the red lights on my answer phone alerted me to them, Tyler glanced at me as I looked at the machine. A look in his eyes told me not to do it while he was there. "Have you got bread?" he called to me from the kitchen, I walked towards the bathroom.

"Look in the cupboard" I called out, stepping into the bathroom I turned the shower on and got in. Warm water poured over my sweaty body. Getting changed into a cut off denim skirt and chequered shirt I pulled my hair up in a high ponytail and walked towards the kitchen.

On the breakfast bar sat a plate of raisin toast with no butter. A steaming cup of coffee and a note propped up beside the cup. Tyler had ditched. Something about a class, and an audition for the play. Pulling myself up onto the breakfast bar I bit into the toast and sipped the unsugared coffee. The red flashing lights beckoned me to them. Sliding off the bench I took my coffee and hit play.

"Um Tink, this is weird. It's Pete. I don't' know if you remember me, Charles gave me your number. I think I should." The line went silent for a second. I felt my eyes widen. "This is stupid. I'll see you around" the answering machine clicked off and I stood in the silence of the room.


Azalea Knight felt cold hands snake their way around her waist. Urgent kisses were forced into her neck. Shivering slightly she stood up and turned to face the source. Her light brown eyes narrowed before she smirked and placed a well aimed kiss on Franks lips.

"Are you going to come with me?" Frank asked as he took a seat on the bed behind Azalea, shrugging she pulled a brush through her chestnut brown hair. "The boys are going to be there, and I don't like having to sit and listen to them mope about their girl problems, while my girl sits at home" Frank concluded. Standing up Azalea walked to the closet and pulled open the doors.

"I don't mean to pry, but why are you hanging out with those Fall Out Boys?" she asked pulling out a pair of skinny jeans and a blazer. "I mean, they're not exactly super famous yet, are they?" she finished with a question as she bent down and pulled out a pair of red stiletto heels, Frank rolled on to his back and looked up at the ceiling.

"I kind of feel like I have to watch out for them, you know. Tuck them under my wing. Show them the ropes. How to land a girl" Frank answered, Azalea turned to look at Frank a withering look in her eyes.

"How to land a girl?" with a tone of ignorance in her voice. "Wow. Coz I really want to see that happen" she concluded as she got changed deftly, Frank groaned and sat up. "No, I think I'll just go and see whats happening downtown" she added as she grabbed her bag and walked towards the door.

" it necessary for you to go downtown?" Frank asked with a slight hint of annoyance in his voice. "Come to Liquid Fire with me. Ten minutes?" he asked, Azalea pursed her lips and glanced at her watch.

"An hour maximum" Azalea replied. "Get dressed Frank. Now" she added for affect. Frank smiled and placed a kiss on her cheek.


Her hands roamed his body with precision. He let his hands touch her periodically. The white lights hit her face and he wondered what he was doing. This wasn't the girl he wanted to dance with. God knows where the girl he wanted to dance with was. Glancing up to the VIP area Pete noticed their table had grown in size. Placing a kiss on the girls cheek Pete walked away.

"You can't just walk away from me" he heard her screech at him, putting his hand up he continued to walk up the stairs towards VIP. Feeling someone grab him from behind and the scent of expensive perfume invaded his nostrils. A perfume he knew too well. Azalea was here.

"Elo Pete" she said to him in a mock pirate accent, she smiled cockily at him.

"Hey Zale" he greeted her with a hug, taking a sip of her drink from the straw Azalea gave Pete the once over. "Its from the spring collection" Pete felt like head to defend himself as she wrinkled her nose.

"It's very. Batty" Azalea concluded with much authority, Pete had never understood Azalea. Her expensive clothing. Her wealth. Her fame. And her glory. She could snap up anyone, anyone and she remained with Frank. Azalea made no point in hiding how she felt about Pete and the rest of the band, the only person in Fall Out Boy she had a soft spot for was Patrick, and Pete was beginning to realise, everyone had a soft spot for Patrick.

"Yeah. Cool" Pete answered avoiding further conversation by turning around and taking a seat at the table. "Whose round is it?" Pete asked, the boys that sat around the table all pointed to him, pulling his wallet from his pocket Pete beckoned a barman over to their table.

"What is this kid? Like eight?" Gerard scoffed as a weedy looking boy stumbled to their table. Taking a notepad from his pocket he had his pen poised in the air. Standing up to get a better look at him Gerard read his name badge. "Travis. Wow. Great name" Gerard laughed, "Travis" blushed and hurriedly took the order and made his way back to the bar.

"Miss Knight is leaving the building" Azalea announced as she slammed three hundred dollar notes on the table. "Drink, eat and be merry" she drunkenly slurred as she walked away from the VIP area. Frank watched her leave, and blew her a kiss goodbye.
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