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playing cat && mouse. feeling her presence. not touching her. needing to be with him. but leaving alone.

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Chapter 6 -

Whacking the little white ball as hard as possible I watched as it skidded away from me and landed with a soft thud on the lush green grass. Leaning back against the wall I watched as Charles bent down and placed his small golf ball on the tee. Bringing a tanned arm to his face he wiped away the small beads of sweat and breathed out.

"So, where were you last night?" Charles asked as he hit his golf ball and it landed neatly in the patch of mown lawn where they were aiming for, taking a small golf ball from the bucket I placed it down on the ground and smacked the ball softly watching it leave the plateau and slowly roll down the hill.

"At The Loft" I answered shoving my putter back in to Charles's Louis Vuitton golf caddy. "Mum's cheque came" I continued not looking at Charles as he whirled around to face me. Taking money from my Mum was something that Charles was against. He thought that anyone who paid their own daughter to stay away from them was one of two things. Crazy. Or too insanely rich to notice when half a million went out of their account ever six months.

The sun had begun to set against the hills. Spilling an eerie red, orange light out on to the golf course. Sighing I sat down on the bench behind Charles and watched as he whacked a few more golf balls in the direction of the course. A gold band engulfed a vast majority of his left fourth finger. A wedding band. Glancing down at my fingers they were bare except for one silver ring that was oddly shaped. A graduation present from my Grandmother when I left highschool.

"Are you going to come to Liquid Fire tonight?" Charles asked as he put his golf club into the caddy and hauled it up onto his shoulder. Biting my lip I shrugged and followed Charles towards his black Range Rover. He flipped the boot open and shoved his golf bag inside. Sliding into the passenger seat I wound down my window and looked outside. "You're very quiet" Charles pointed out as we drove out of the country club. Pulling my legs up I put my chin on my knee.

"Someone called Pete called me this morning" I finally said, Charles glanced at me from the corner of his eye. "He just said you gave him my number" I continued, Charles nodded and drove down the hill into the city. "But it was my home number, not my work number" I concluded, Charles grey eyebrows furrowed.

"And there is a problem?" Charles questioned as we pulled up outside Liquid Fire, I groaned and grabbed my purse from the back of the car "Just touch yourself up, there are some important people in here" he added, I pulled a brush through my hair and sighed. "Leave Pete to me, I'll sort it out later" Giving me a look which meant leave it he slid out of the car and onto the sidewalk and walked towards Liquid Fire. A favourite haunt of his. Kicking the glove compartment in frustration I took off my flat chucks and took a pair of red stilettos from my bag and slid them onto my feet. Phase one of "Buy me for the evening Tink"was complete.


A smoky haze engulfed everyone at the table. It wasn't cigarette smoke. It wasn't fire smoke. It was a smoke of a different kind. Seated in the midst of it all I sat. Alone. Crowded with people yet a yearning to be alone. On my thighs were two hands. I was squished between two men. Their hands stroking my thighs. I knew my eyes were wide. They were taking in the scene as if I was watching it from a different view. One of these men would pay Charles good money to let me go home with them. And I would willingly go with them.

"How old are you?" an oily sounding voice whispered in my ear. Dragging my eyes away from the pillar I had begun to stare at, I placed a look of seduction in my eyes and a smile of confusion played on my lips. They liked me stupid.

"I am as old as you want me to be" I answered coyly, the man grinned and I felt his lips graze my neck. Struggling not to pull away I locked my eyes on the table in front of me. It was surrounded with guys of my age. Drinking. Smoking. Cursing. Doing everything normal people my age did.

"I'm going to go now Tink" the voice to my left said. I smiled up at the man as he left. I think his name was Joel, or David or something. I couldn't remember. All I knew was he wore too much eyeliner. Too much black and too many tattoos. "I gave Charles my number he said he would set us up sometime next week" I nodded and waved him goodbye.

"Looks like its just you and me sunshine" the remaining man on my right said, I nodded and sipped my drink. The faster it was down. The sooner we could leave. The sooner we could leave. The sooner he would be done with me. And I could leave and be alone. Again.


He looked in her direction. But she didn't pay attention. She looked through him as if he was invisible. It was her. She was stalking him. Tink was in the club. Pete watched as two men vied for her attention. She sat as still as stone. Her eyes transfixed on him. Or on a spot just past him. Sipping his drink Pete watched her take a kiss on the neck from Joel. Pete knew him from way back. Good Charlotte had their hey day. Out with the old. In with new. Shifting uncomfortably Pete felt a surge of relief as Joel stood up to leave. That left one person sitting next to Tink, his hand was circling her back and he was whispering in her ear. Torture. It was torture watching Tink being touched by someone who wasn't. Pete. Him.

"Did you hear me?" a tapping on his forearm pulled Pete back into the conversation, shaking his head he looked up at Patrick who had his arm around the small waist of a blonde girl. "We are going to go hit the dance floor, are you coming?" Patrick asked Pete who shook his head.

"I'll keep our table" he replied smiling unconvincingly at Patrick who shrugged and downed the last of his drink.

"Suit yourself" Patrick lead the blonde girl away from the table. A crowd of people had surrounded his table. Standing up Pete winced as he saw Tink stand up and put her hand in the hand of the strange mans. She was leaving. It was now or never.
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