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he sees her. he wants her. he asks her. she....

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Chapter Seven - Sins.Not.Tragedies

Feeling his warm rancid breath on my neck I struggled to keep the smile on my face, his hands snaked their way over my body, touching me everywhere he could. Feeling somewhat pathetic and disgusted with myself I closed my eyes and willed myself somewhere else. My thoughts drifted back to the last time I did this and got paid good money. I always promised myself that I would do it one last time. To make rent. To pay that phone bill. To buy that book I needed. It had begun to become like a drug. An addiction. I craved the attention it gave me. I craved the easiness of it all.

"Shall we leave?" the voice whispered in my ear, I swallowed quickly and smiled up at him. "My car's outside" he said taking me by the wrist, I watched as people who saw me but didn't see me leave.

"I have to be home earliesh. Is that okay?" I called after him as he nodded and directed me towards the door. Leaning up against pillars coupled locked lips and hearts, their bodies entwined. "I have this thing" I continued feeling as if I had to explain myself to him. We came to a sudden halt and I crashed into the back of him, he whirled around and smiled down at me.

"Do you know this guy?" the voice greeted me as if I was in a dream. I shrugged and looked around the club and shook my head. "His name's Pete. He claims he's your friend" and then I saw him. With slightly more clothes on than last time, the same piercing stare. The same gorgeous hair. My heart flipped over and I took a step back.

"Wha-" I started, Pete looked at me and smirked. A cocky yet unsure smirk "Why. I mean how" I couldn't find the words. Looking back up at my ride out of here I felt embarrassment creep upon me. My cheeks flushed and the heat ran to my face.

"Are you leaving?" he asked me with a pleading look in his eyes, flipping my fringe out of my eyes I nodded and sniffed. "Do you want to maybe hang out some time?" he continued to ask, I looked up at him and bit my lip.

"I'm not really paid to, you know, hang out" I muttered under my breath, the grip around my wrist had become slack and I felt my clients hands wrap around my waist and he pulled me to him. "Look, I have to go and stuff. We'll hook up later?" I felt myself being dragged towards the door, his eyes met mine and he was crushed. Reminding myself I owed them nothing I got into the back of a sleek black car.


Rolling over he slammed his hand down on the alarm clock and pulled the sheet up closer to his chin and snuggled back into the warmth of his bed. At the foot of his bed a mass rolled, his dog. Hemmingway. A chunk of light spilled onto the large bed. It was empty. Except for him and his dog. Sighing Pete looked at the clock and watched as the digital numbers flicked to 8:01am, stretching he got out of bed and let his feet hit the ground. Sitting on the soft mattress he picked up a discarded hoody and zipped it up over his bare torso. Standing up he walked around the room in his boxers and rubbed the back of his neck.

"Pete?" a soft voice called out to him, squinting slightly Pete looked over at the bed and smacked himself in the forehead as the nights events came crashing back to him. Feeling rejected, dejected and alone Pete had grabbed the first girl he could find and brought them home. For pure sex. Meaningless casual sex.

"Yeah" he answered pulling on a pair of jeans and standing in the door frame, she stood at the kitchen sink drinking a glass of water. He couldn't remember her name, her face was unfamiliar but her perfume brought back memories he wished he could bury.

"Are we going to do something?" she asked as she stretched and pulled her hair off her face, Pete pursed his lips and then rubbed his eyes. "Or not?" she answered for herself. "It's okay, I know what this was. Just a fling. Two people seeking comfort and yeah." The girl stopped and walked past Pete into his room, he watched as she gathered her jeans and pulled them on. She understood what he meant, he wanted to console her to tell her he didn't normally do this, but he watched as she picked up her green handbag and walked to the door.

"I'll see you around" Pete offered her twenty dollars and placed a kiss on her cheek. Something he had done before. Except this time, the girl took the twenty and nodded.

"Yeah. Okay" she replied turning on her heel and walking out the door.


Cold fingers traced the wings on my shoulder blades. Goosebumps broke out against my skin and I turned to face the source of the touch. His brown eyes almost smiled at me, I put my finger to his lips as he went to say something. Talking in the morning was something I didn't do. After leaving Liquid Fire that night, I was driven to a small more intimate on the other side of the divide. There the people were richer. The people played a rougher game. And they paid big dollars to get what they needed. An escape. An adventure. A something out of the ordinary.

Struggling to get of the bed I folded the sheet back on to the person beside me and placed a kiss on his forehead. Pulling my jeans on, I pulled a tee shirt over my body and grabbed my bag from the foot of the bed, I smiled over at the body in the bed and watched as he pulled himself up on his elbows and watched me leave.

"Thank you" he suddenly said quietly, I shrugged and zipped up my hoody. "It was something I wasn't expecting" he brushed his midnight black hair off his face and I leant up against the door frame.

"Just remember. What I do is a secret. You don't tell anyone else" I whispered, he simply smiled and fell back into the bed, "Charles will call around later for payment" I called over my shoulder as I pulled open the door and walked into the deserted hallway. A loud vacuum had started up towards the end of the hallway, pulling my Black hoodie with gold bats on it I slung a pair of dark sunglasses over my eyes and put my earphones in my ears. Slipping my iPod into my back pocket I walked towards the elevator and pressed down.

A small smile played on my lips. I had been satisfied. For the first time in a long time. I was leaving a client with a smile on my face. Leaving Liquid Fire was the best thing I could have done that night. Being followed by an entourage of boys from that club had flattered me no end. Stepping inside the elevator I leant up against the cold stainless wall and put my one foot up on the wall for balance, Partying with boys from different bands was something I had started to enjoy. A little too much. The elevator came to a stop on the ground floor and I stepped out into the cool lobby. Outside the sun was shining. The birds were singing. And I was happy.
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