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hysterical absolution

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things are getting complicated. tink's sordid life is being splattered. paparazzi styles.

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Chapter 8 - hysterical absolution

"Tink, Tink, Tinkerbell!" Tyler 's voice called out through my apartment, I poked my head around the corner and watched as Tyler balanced a carton in his left hand and a bag of groceries in the left. "Help!" he urged me, throwing my toothbrush on the sink I ran to him and grabbed the groceries and set them down on the counter top.

"Hello to you too" I kissed him on the cheek. Rummaging through the bags I took out Soya milk, cereal and cheese. Sitting them on the bench I looked up at the clock, it was past breakfast time, past lunch time and almost dinner time. "Random selection" I noted as I put the three things away, Tyler poked his tongue out at me and opened the carton.

"I have an early birthday present for you!" he almost cooed, I groaned and sat on the kitchen counter. Birthday was in two days. And I would be twenty one. Oh the joys of being old. "Now, it is something you can keep. Love. Cherish. And teach you responsibility all at the same time!" he added getting excited, I squinted and leant to look inside the box, he shut the lid quickly.

"What did you get me? A baby?" I joked, Tyler did not look impressed and folded his arms across his red tee-shirt emblazoned "Screw World Peace. I Want a Pony" I pulled my hair off my face into a pony tail and smiled at him as he pouted. "Okay, I'm being serious. What is in the box?" I asked, Tyler looked relieved and a smile broke out across his face.

"I am so glad you asked!" He opened the carton and put his hands into the box and scooped out a puppy. A white and brown puppy with the cutest face. Ever. Sliding off the counter I held my hands out and cradled the puppy to my chest "It has a name already. His name is..." Tyler began; I stopped and looked at the dog collar.

"Einstein?" I scoffed, Tyler looked hurt. "I don't want a dog called Einstein, why not, Shakespeare? Or something else." I argued, Tyler shrugged and took the dog collar off him.

"Fine, be that way. Change his name. But I am hurt Tiabela Mendez!" Tyler used my full name, wincing I took the dog collar off Tyler and put it back around his neck.

"There happy now?" I asked placing a soft kiss on Einstein's head, Tyler nodded and smiled at me. "Don't use the full name again Tyler . Reserved for special occasions. Or my mother" I shuddered as I hugged Einstein, he responded by licking my face.

"Lets eat" Tyler demanded, I nodded and clipped a lead on Einstein and we made our way to the door. "You know your Mother would flip if you had a dog at home" he added as we walked out the door.

"Lucky she never visits. Or calls. Or writes. Or..." I drifted off. Tyler put his arm around my waist and we walked down the stairs Einstein following at our heels.


Placing a cigarette to her lips, her ruby red lipstick stained the end as she inhaled deeply before letting the white smoke filter out in front of her. Azalea sat at the kitchen table scanning through the latest gossip magazines, reading about Britney's rumoured third baby, Justin Timberlake shacking up with Scarlett Johansen, Azalea hated that girl. Putting the cigarette on the edge of the ashtray she put a spoonful of cereal in her mouth and chewed thoughtfully as she continued to read the gossip columns.

"No. Fucking. Way" the words escaped her lips into the empty room. "I must be seeing things' she said again, as she brought the paper closer to her face and looked over her black rimmed glasses at the picture. One Brendon Urie. One unknown girl. And a Fall Out Boy. "Things got a little more than awkward when this unknown girl wanted to be left alone with Brendon Urie, from latest band Panic! At the Disco. Bassist Pete Wentz, better known for his Paris Hilton style escapades wanted to take the girl home for the evening but was shot down when she left with Brendon. Sources closest to the boys have denied any rumours of romantic relationships for either of the boys. But obviously there is something about this girl that keeps them coming. Rumoured to have been with various band boys this girl is making her way up the charts. All we need is a name." Azalea read in her head, she looked closer at the picture. There was something familiar about the girl, she thought she had seen her before.

"Zale!" Frank's voice called from the landing of the stairs, setting the magazine down Azalea walked into the foyer.

"Yes?" she answered, Frank threw a jacket down at her and she caught it. "What do you want me to do with this?" she asked, Frank rolled his eyes and made his way down the stairs two at a time.

"We're going to Canada today! Have you forgotten?" he asked her, Azalea looked down at her manicured nails and shrugged. "I have got that random as photo shoot for that magazine?" Frank continued to ask her as he came to a halt on the ground. Azalea nodded and then pushed her glasses further up her nose.

"I don't think I'm coming" she answered, Frank looked hurt as he followed her into the dining room, taking a seat on the plush red velvet chairs he took a spoonful of Zale's cereal and munched it. "Did you read about this? We were there last night, did this happen before or after I left the club?" Azalea questioned Frank who took the magazine and skimmed through the article before nodding.

"That's that chick Tink or something" Frank announced taking another bite of the cereal. "Pete slept with her a few nights ago, she is an um, fan of the bands" Frank tried to explain, Zale raised a perfectly arched eyebrow and looked intrigued. "She's underground, high class, I don't know what the word is. Not a hooker. More like a groupie" Frank concluded, Zale nodded and took the paper away from Frank.

"She looks familiar" Zale squinted at the blurry picture. "Almost like I should know her. But I don't" she pursed her lips and put the paper down. "Who would have information on her?" she asked Frank as he stood up and did up his studded belt.

"Ask Pete, or Brendon apparently" Frank offered, Zale nodded and finished her bowl of cereal.


"You're late!" Joe yelled over the noise of Andy and Patrick, Pete shrugged and unzipped his hoody and threw it over the side of a chair and sat himself down upon it. "We're have you been?" Joe finished yelling just as Patrick and Andy went quiet.

"I just had some things to sort out" Pete answered not giving anything away, Patrick glanced at Andy who shrugged and stood up.

"What kind of things?" Patrick asked taking a seat beside his friend, Pete shrugged and folded his tanned tattooed arms over his blue tee shirted chest and slumped in the chair.

"It's nothing. Over dramatics you know me. Drama king" Pete laughed hollowly and smiled at his friends, the looked at each other and stood up to continue practicing.

"Jump in when you're ready" Patrick said placing a hand on Pete's shoulder, smiling up at him Pete nodded and sighed. Feeling less than impressed with himself he withdrew the magazine from his pocket and flipped it open. Wincing he read the article for himself. It painted him to be a desperate loser wanting what he couldn't have. Suddenly feeling angry he stood up and threw the magazine down. He could have it. He would pay good money to have it. And he would have it. Tonight.
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