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You look at him with fascination. You look at him with admiration. You know you are just another piece in his puzzle. You know you are a forgotten kiss and unremembered hug. But, his lips still ...

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Chapter Nine -

Giggles escaped my lips and his. Licking the cold ice-cream from the waffle cone I held the last little bit out to Einstein, he sniffed it and then licked it off his nose. Sitting in the gardens I snuggled closer to Tyler and he put his chin on my head. Einstein's leash was wrapped twice around my wrist. It cut my circulation slightly, but feeling his warm body against my bare legs felt like a comfort.

"Come out with me to dinner tonight?" Tyler asked, I shrugged and watched as Einstein ate the rest of the ice-cream from the pavement. "My shout. We'll go somewhere up market, somewhere scene" he spoke low; I huddled closer to him suddenly feeling cold.

"I am meant to work tonight" I felt Tyler stiffen beside me, sighing I looked up at him and smiled "But I'll call in sick, come hang with my homeboy" I finished; Tyler placed a soft kiss on my cheek and smiled at me. His eyes looked older than his twenty four years, his body was lanky and he didn't look as if he belonged. He had all the grace and poise of a ballerina, but all the faults of me. Tyler was a triangle in a heart shaped box.

"We better get this bad boy home before he decides that he likes outside better than inside" Tyler stood up and held his hand out to me, shrugging my black cardigan on over my shoulders I took Tyler's hand and we walked Einstein slowly to the entrance of the park, my phone vibrated in my pocket. Stopping I pulled it out of my shorts pocket and flipped it open.

"Elo Tink speaking" I answered brushing my fringe from my eyes, handing Tyler Einstein's leash I walked back in a circle as the voice talked.

"Is this Tiabela Mendez?" a softly spoken yet husky voice spoke through clearly over the phone. I stopped suddenly and looked as Tyler scooped Einstein up. Obviously he was too tired to walk the five blocks back home.

"Yes, this is her" I answered, there was a slight pause in the conversation. "Is this about my Mother?" I asked suddenly feeling a knot of apprehension in my stomach.

"No. This is Azalea Knight" her voice came back over the line, taking a seat on the nearest seat I motioned for Tyler to come over. "We went to Les Lorenzo Academy together" she said, the knot in my stomach tightened. "I saw your photo in the Reflection this morning" I bit my lip as Tyler came and sat next to me.

"Azalea Knight?" I questioned, Tyler's green eyes widened. "I don't remember an Azalea Knight" I said quietly, there was an exaggerated sigh on the line. Shifting uncomfortably on the seat I glanced at Tyler who was shaking his head at me and mouthing something I couldn't quite understand.

"Okay. I must have got the wrong person. See you" the dial tone screamed through the phone, taking it away from my ear I looked at my phone and then at Tyler.

"That was weird" I muttered standing up, Tyler shook his head and handed Einstein's leash to me. "She said she knew me, and went to Les Lorenzo with me" I continued as Tyler and I made our way back towards the park exit.

"She did go to school with you, remember? Her Dad was that mortgage broker who owned everything, including half of the school?" Tyler tried to make me remember, nodding slowly I remembered exactly who she was. We had been friends back in like grade ten, but suddenly when my Mother married higher than her father we became less than friends.

"I wonder why she wanted to talk to me" I pondered aloud as we began to walk the streets, the heat was rising from the sidewalk as night began to fall "I mean, I have nothing she could want" I said to Tyler as Einstein dragged along behind us. "Do I?" Tyler shrugged in response.


Groans escaped her lips as Pete placed a line of fiery kisses down her neck. Feeling her fingers entwine in his hair he pulled away from her and put her hands back around his waist.

"Let's go" she whispered urgently into his ear, Pete felt a wicked smile cross his lips and he put her hand in his and walked towards the exit. Streams of people were cueing up to get in. Fake I.D's. Fake lives. Liars. The hand in his hand squeezed his tightly, he was in control.

"Yo Pete!" a slurred voice reached his ears, turning around he took a look at his friend Brendon who was sitting at the bar, three shots of tequila in front of him, and he was alone. "Leaving so soon?" he asked, Pete looked at the girl who was still dancing, shaking his head he let go of her hand.

"Petey?" the girl cooed, rolling his eyes Pete leant over and gave her a kiss.

"I'll see you after a bit okay?" Pete pushed the girl back towards the crowd and watched as she was engulfed. "Where's everyone else?" Pete took a seat next Brendon who tipped back two of the three shots without stopping.

"Out." He spoke quickly. Quietly. Forcefully. "They ditched" Brendon added for extra measure, Pete slapped a fifty down on the bar and was handed a bottle of tequila and another shot glass. Taking a swig directly from the bottle he winced at the bitterness of the drink and wiped his mouth with the back of his hand.

"It's a Tuesday. Why are we here?" Pete suddenly asked, Brendon's eyes rolled into the back of his head and then focused again. "We are so much better than this place" Pete scoffed as he took another swig of the tequila bottle and topped Brendon's glass up.

"We sure are" Brendon agreed motioning for Pete to fill his glass up again. "So, lets. Go" Brendon laughed as he slid off the bar stool and almost crumpled on the floor, holding him by his elbow Pete slung his arm around his shoulder and they half walked, half stumbled to the door.

"Onwards and outwards" Pete announced as they got to the back door, the door was pushed open suddenly from the outside. A taller lanky looking guy with black framed glasses stood at the doorframe, next to him stood a girl who reached his shoulder. Her hair was pulled off her face in a sleek ponytail.

"Tink" Brendon and Pete breathed at the same time. Confusion crossed both boys faces. The girl looked down at the boys and flushed.

"Friends of yours?" the lanky guy asked, Tink shook her head and walked past both Pete and Brendon.

"Never seen them before Tyler" she announced as she held hands with the boy and the walked away from Brendon and Pete who stood open mouthed at the door.
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