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dirty little secret

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model shoots. sleeping pills. dinner parties

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thank you so much for the reviews!
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this chapter is kinda a 'filler' chapter
but sets it up for the next.
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x brodizzle

Chapter Ten - dirty little secret

"Orange juice okay for the drink sir?" a clipped english accent broke into Pete's day dream as he spread butter over his wholemeal toast, shaking his head to clear his thoughts, he looked up at the waitress and smiled.

"Yeah, thats cool" he flashed her a toothy smile before returning to his toast, Patrick sat across from him and looked over his framed glasses at Pete and shook his head.

"Penny for your thoughts?" Patrick asked setting his newspaper down and picking up a steaming cup of coffee, Pete shook his head and sipped the freshly squeezed orange juice.

"Just thinking" Pete brushed it off and put the glass down, struggling to seperate reality from imagination he remembered the last nights events. Feeling helpless in a hopeful situation. Feeling lost in a crowd of a thousand. Something about being unrecognised when he was so recognisable left him feeling unsure of himself.

Outside the sun shone on another wonderful Californian day. The types of days you make memories with loved ones. The type of day that you hold dearly in your memory. But locked in your heart. Pete wondered where he had gone wrong.

"We better go Pete, that magazine shoot is in half an hour, if we are to beat traffic and stuff" Patrick snapped his fingers in front of his friends face, nodding Pete pulled his peaked hat over his messed up hair and followed his friend, leaving a discarded one hundred dollar bill on the table.


Pushing the broom around the kitchen I sighed and wiped my brow. Cleaning was my most hated job in the world. Something I had begun to despise. Tyler reckoned I should get a cleaner, I decided agains that. A cleaner would leave my place in prestine, sterile condition. And as soon as it got messy. Not only I would know, but the whole world.

Slumping into the overstuffed sofa I pulled Einstein close to me and played with his soft, floppy ears. He growled low in a playful way, I stopped playing with his ears and leant back into the couch. Closing my eyes momentarily I wondered if there was any chance of sleep coming to me naturally, glancing over at the bottle of pills on the stand next to the antique lamp, I pursed my lips and grabbed them. Spilling two or three into the palm of my hand, I looked at them and then shoved them into my mouth. Downing a third of a bottle of water I huddled against the couch with Einstein pressing against my chest.


"Lift your head to the left. Push your fringe out of your eyes!" a loud booming voice filled the deserted wharehouse, a bright white flash fufilled the void of the dark wharehouse before extenguishing as fast as it came

Patrick pushed his glasses up his nose and jabbed Joe in the ribs, Pete was standing slightly to the back and was pulling a hoody up over his head, Joe glanced at Pete and shook his head.

"Make up! I demmand makeup!" the photographer yelled harshly over the noise, "Take five boys, I'll deal with you in a minute" he discarded his camera off to an assistant and took a seat on a chair, he put his head in his hands and shook his head. It appeared things were not going as well as they seemed.

"What is his problem?" Joe asked as he slumped into the leather couch in the green room, kicking his feet up on to the coffee table as he did so. "I mean, we've taken at least fifty photos, one has got to be right, hasnt it?" he concluded looking pointedly at the rest of the group, shrugs and sighs were how he was answered.

Flipping out his cellphone, Pete held down three on the keypad and waited for the dial tone to connect to a number, it rang a few times before it was answered. Confirming a dinner date with the person on the other line, he looked over at Joe, Andy and Patrick with a wicked grin.

"He wants a photo shoot? Lets give him one he'll never forget" Pete announced as he unzipped his grey hoody and left it discarded on the couch next to Joe. Patrick rose an eyebrow at Andy who shrugged and stood up. It was make or break time.


A warm wet tongue grazed the side of my face. Pushing the solid mass away from my body I landed with a thud on the hard wooden floor. Wincing slightly I pushed my fringe out of my eyes and squinted into the almost darkness of my apartment. The first lights of the early evening outside had begun to flicker, and the warm scent of jasmine was fragrant in the air. Stretching I pulled off my black v-neck jersey and threw it on the pile of clothes that had begun to grow in the corner of the door.

"Are you hungry puppy dog?" I asked Einstein as I scooped him up in my arms and hugged his warm mass against my body. "I know you are" I cooed as I carried him into the kitchen, his tail wagged against my forearm in an almost steady beat.

Setting him down on the marbled floor, he skidded a couple of times before finding his feet. Settling on to his mat he sat and watched as I walked around the kitchen preparing only a feat that a dog would appreciate. Filling a silver dish with water I set it down beside Einstein and he lapped at it contendly. The red lights on my answering machine flickered dangerously. Like the numbers on a bomb that was about to explode. Walking silently over I pressed play and continued to cut vegetables.

"Yo! This be Tyler. Leaving a message for my homegirl to remind her of dinner tonight, 8pm at The Safari" the message clicked off and I glanced down at my watch, it had just gone 7:45pm, not bothering to hear the rest of the messages I hit delete and ran to the shower.
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