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A plan to escape

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Those were the last 5 years that Pierre lived before being kidnapped. Thinking a lot, he reduced his suspect list to 2 people only, but he would only know the truth if he managed to escape there, t...

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I don't know how long time went by since that night `cause I have nothing here to tell me when a day is over and when another one begins, all I know is that it just can't be few. I have been surviving this far `cause every time I wake up I find some water and a little bit of something really disgusting to eat, but I eat it anyway `cause I'm hungry, that's why I know there's someone watching the whole thing. Someone is having fun with my suffering.

Well, but let's go straight to the point now: who did this? The police's suspect is Jeff `cause they found my wallet in Jeff's jacket, but now I can't be surer it wasn't him. I know now why my wallet was there. Jeff lent me his jacket in the night before I've been kidnapped and the first thing I did was to place my wallet in the pocket. From that moment on, I can't remember of seeing my wallet again. I was probably just too tired to remember about it and just left my wallet in there. Then, I heard about Jessie and I've been fired and I think that during the rest of the day I hadn't been able to remember that I had a wallet. Anyway, I'm really much more relieved now that I know for sure it wasn't Jeff. I just wouldn't be able to accept it was really true.

Okay, I gave a lot of thought about this whole thing while remembering the whole story of my life ever since I moved back to Canada and I considered every single person who showed up at least once as a suspect, even Jessie's doctor. But I had to make this list a little bit shorter, so I started making myself the question: why would this person want to kidnap me? And the real suspects are the only ones that the answer began with: To make me pay for...

This made the list get reduced to two people only: Adam and Ashley.

Why would Adam want to kidnap me? To make me pay for being Jessie's boyfriend during the very last years of her life. When we were both 16 Adam shouted to me he would never forget about me and that he would make me pay for everything I've done to him. Two years went by and me and the guys started sending some demonstration albums to every single label we heard about, isn't that too much of coincidence that the label of Adam's father accepted the band and replied us just too fast in the very first time they heard about us? Another important detail is that Adam had heard some of our songs once, so he would surely remember about it listening to our album, even though I think that Adam hates me so bad that he would be able to recognize my voice even two thousand miles away from me. Asides, he lied he didn't love Jessie anymore, he lied he was sorry about everything he did to me, he lied when he said he was okay about me and Jessie and he lied when he said he wouldn't try to get us apart `cause that's exactly what he did. And why would he lie so much just to get this job if many other bands go over there everyday looking for a manager? Is it because Simple Plan was this good or is it because he wanted us close to him? Asides, if he lied this much just to get our trust, wouldn't he be able to lie about the fact he didn't mean what he said when he told me he was going to make me pay for everything?

And why would Ashley want to kidnap me? To make me pay for destroying her perfect plan of getting rich and famous easily. Ashley is a real slut, that's for sure, but I can't lie, she is really, really hot and she knows that. She always used her beauty to get everything she had ever wanted. When we lived in USA, she wanted me, she got me. When I returned to Canada, she wanted Brendan, she got him. After 3 years she wanted a husband to provide her, she got him. The problem was that, when she wanted to have my baby to get my money and all of my fame by getting back with me, she didn't get it. I was the first guy in this world who didn't give her what she wanted and that, above all, who preferred another girl and that would be more than enough to piss her off. Thanks to me, Ashley not only didn't get rich and famous, but she lost everything she had won so far. She lost Brendan. Even though she didn't love him, Julie was keeping Brendan and Brendan was providing her the money she wanted as long as she never wanted to work in her life. Thanks to me, not even the biggest breast in the world would keep her from working if she ever wanted to eat again.

Okay, so this is it. It's Adam or Ashley. Well, I'll find out about it in a few, but now, I have a plan to leave this place. If I can remember correctly, every time I fall asleep someone shows up in the room to bring me some food, that means this door went open for a few and that there must be some hidden cameras in this room. Even though that, whoever is watching those tapes can't really tell if I'm sleeping or pretending to be, so this is it! That's my chance of trying to runaway from here!

Not waiting any other second, I just lay down in the ground and closed my eyes. The problem is that whoever is doing this is a really smart person and waited a long, long time just to make sure I was really sleeping and, after this much of time lying motionless in the ground and with my eyes closed, I started feeling sleepy for real. I struggled to keep myself awake, but it was hard as long as I couldn't even move. Spent so long that I couldn't really tell if I was still awake or dreaming about a dark place as long as these kind of dreams weren't being so unusual, so I decided to just keep waiting to see what happens.

Just when I was about to give up on trying to keep myself awake, I heard the sound of the door finally opening and I felt so much happiness that I couldn't feel sleepy at all anymore. I am just this close of being free again and I can't wait for that!

I heard some steps approaching my body and I can't lie, my curiosity wasn't few. I wanted to open my eyes and see who was the son of a bitch who was doing this to me and then, I wanted to spank this person so bad that he or she wouldn't ever be able to forget about this day, but I couldn't. If I open my eyes now the person will have time to runaway and lock me here once again then, maybe I never get to eat again.

That was when I heard the steps stopping right in front of my face. The person was probably starting to kneel and to leave the food in there. That was the perfect moment!

I moved my hands as fast as I could and grabbed the person's leg, making this one collapse in the ground not knowing exactly what was going on. That was when I stood up and started running away from the room as fast as I could, not wanting to be locked again.

When I reached the door, I felt two hands grabbing my feet, not wanting me to leave, but I was so not agreeing with this person that I pulled my feet even harder than that and kept running. Still, I wasn't expecting to see the stairs so close to the door in that kind of darkness, so I ended up rolling downstairs.

My whole body was hurting from that fall, but nothing could be compared to the surprise I felt when I realized I was in the studio. I had been locked in the soundproof room the whole time! So this is why I wasn't feeling that good when I remembered about this place! I knew I was here somehow!

Well, no time for surprise or pain now, I can feel that later, but I just have to runaway now, while I'm still on time! I stood up fast and rushed to reach the door that was a few steps from me but, when I did, I realized it was locked! Locked once again! The door that always used to be open was locked for the first time ever, isn't that great?

"Hey, no need to be so rush, Pierre. Now that we have sometime to talk, you just want to leave me alone here? Sit down, buddy, we're going to have a long, long talk, but if you behave, I'll give you something that I'm sure you want." I heard a familiar voice saying and coming closer to me as I finally turned around to see the face of my kidnapper
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