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The explanations

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Pierre finally discovers who's his kidnapper, but he may have a different kind of surprise bigger than that.

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"Oh, my God, you?!" I shouted not believing what I was seeing "I never thought you would ever be able to do something like that to me!!"
"You have to be a little bit more careful on who you trust, friends can betray you, that's what my mom always told me." Said the kidnapper with a smirk on the face "Yeah, it's me, Pierre. Brendan Fletcher. Your kidnapper. Oh, and, before I forget, I have something here to return to you" he said reaching for a drawer next to us and taking a microphone out of it and handing me over "Here. I think it's yours. It was a lot of helpful, you know?"
"Helpful? My microphone? Well, unless you decided to become a singer, I can't see how helpful it could have been."
"This is what I used to hit your head that night. You forgot it on stage and I found the perfect thing to try to make you pass out. If you didn't pass out in the first try, I would be screwed and arrested in a few, so I used all of my strength and, luckily, this little thing can hurt more than I could ever imagine." He said coldly pointing the dry blood from my head in the microphone
"Okay, Brendan, I don't care." I say throwing the microphone as far as I could "I wanna leave this place and I want it bad. If you just open this door like a normal person would and never show up in my life again, I promise I won't get you under arrest."
"I'm not opening this door. We have a lot to talk and I'm just crazy to tell you about some things that you missed."
"I don't wanna hear a thing! I'll find out by myself, now just let me go! I need to leave here!"
"Why? You wanna meet your friends and family? Is that the reason why you wanna go?" he asked me as I simply nodded positively as an answer "I don't think they wanna meet you, you know? Let me just tell you a little thing about them, okay? If they see you now, they'll have a heart attack. They think you're dead!"
"What?! Why?!" I shouted impressed
"You're interested now, huh? You have been locked in this room for the past 7 months. Two weeks after I brought you here, a guy pretty much like you had been murdered with several shots in the face and his body was found in Spain, exactly where you had been last seen. They called your friends and your mother to recognize the body. The problem is that most part of the guy's face had been destroyed by the shots but what remained from his face could easily make anyone think it was you, especially someone as desperate as they were. Asides, his body was exactly like yours. He could be your twin brother, you know? They recognized that body as yours and got completely broken inside, you could see that in their faces and in the fact that no one in there could stop crying. I dearly wanted to laugh, but I had to pretend I was feeling something, so I cried for that guy that I had never seen before. They suffered like I've never seen them doing, but I gave them an excellent idea that I know you'll love to hear about: I told them that wherever you were now, you were happy with Jessica and that you would want them to keep Simple Plan going. It made them suffer a lot to take this decision, but they quickly found a new lead singer. His name is Michael Levinsky, but now that they befriended him, they just call him Mike. They spent the last months in a studio recording Simple Plan's newest album. I think it will be ready on next Friday."
"You're lying, Brendan, they just wouldn't do this." I shouted giving them all of my trust "I've been locked in the studio all along, so I know they hadn't been here `cause they would need the soundproof room, where I was locked in. Asides, Jeff is in jail, did they hired some other guy to replace him too or is he dead just like me?" I asked sarcastically
"Things changed since you read that newspaper, Pierre. Seven months went by and the world didn't stop spinning to wait for your return. The police set Jeff free for one day for him to be at `your funeral' and, two weeks after that, they gave him his freedom back, as long as his lawyer convinced them that the guy who `killed you' had to be your kidnapper and it just couldn't be Jeff `cause he was arrested when that happened. And the studio, yeah, it's true, they hadn't been here. I convinced them there were many things in here that would make them remember about you and that they wouldn't handle the pain. After that, they just asked Lava to send them somewhere else. In this moment, they are just 5 blocks from here finishing the album. Well, actually I think they're sleeping as long as right now it's something past midnight. And, if you don't believe me..." he said taking 3 newspapers from the same drawer where he found my microphone "I have this to prove you how serious I am."

That was the moment I started seeing he wasn't lying. There was a newspaper talking about Jeff being set free from jail, another one talking about my "death" and another one telling...telling everything about Simple Plan's newest album and about...about their new lead singer. They had a picture all together and smiling like there was nothing missing in there, like I had never been part of this band, and Michael was in the middle holding one of my microphones in his hands. I felt so much pain when I saw that newspaper that all that I wanted in that moment was to disappear or to actually be dead.

"You wouldn't be able to believe how amazing is Mike's voice." Said Brendan getting the pain I was feeling even harder on me "He rocks at the vocals and if you ever had the chance of hear him singing you would be ashamed of ever open your mouth again. But hey, your voice had never been that good, but with such a great band everyone can become a singer, don't you think?"
"Well, if they had been able to replace me so fast, you must be right, my voice must really suck. I can't believe they did this. How could they just replace me after everything we did together for Simple Plan?"
"I said once and I'll repeat it: Friends can betray you." He said smirking "Now, enough of your friends, I'll tell you about your mother. She's got a really strong depression and she already tried to kill herself twice, luckily to the little ones, she failed in both tries. She's all they've got now. If she dies, they'll go to a foster home."
"What's about them? What's about my brothers?"
"Your mother told them you were out in a travel to a really beautiful place and that you would take a long, long time to return, but that sooner or later they are going to see you again. She never told them you're `dead'."
"You're disgusting, Brendan! You're just so disgusting! If you wanted to hurt me, why didn't you just beat me up or something like that, exactly like a normal person would do? Why did you have to hurt the people I love and care about?"
"I'm not a normal person, Pierre, I'm the kind of person that the society calls mad, crazy, insane and many things like that, but I would just call me a person that had everything to be normal but that lost his own mind thanks to you. Now, I wanted to see you suffer. I wanted to see you cry. I wanted to see you destroyed, abandoned and alone, after loosing everything you love. You lost Jessica, you lost Simple Plan, you lost your friends and you lost your family. Your friends replaced you. The ones you used to call your best friends took the lyrics you wrote and hired another guy to sing them. They replaced you and they don't even talk about you anymore. How does it feel now, Pierre? How does it feel to see everything you build fall apart right in front of your eyes? How does it feel to be alone now? Is it really worth to leave here and keep being alone anyway? There's no one outside those walls waiting for you. You can only rely on yourself now... or can you? If I leave you alone here with a knife, will I return and see you alive? You know no one will cry if you just die now."
"Why did you do this to me, Brendan? What have I done to you?"
"Wow, now we're talking. This is where I wanted to get. Why I kidnapped you? Let's see. We've been best friends, Pierre. I used to see you as my younger brother. We used to be together all the time and I trusted you `cause we were practically born together and I thought that a friend deserved to be trusted. I trusted you would never betray my friendship `cause I thought you were a good friend, but there came the day that Ashley showed up in our lives. You were 14 and I was 15 in that age and I told you I had a crush on her. You replied you felt nothing about her and that I could go ahead and you would help me out. The next thing I remember of seeing is you kissing her. The girl you didn't feel a thing about and that you knew I was in love with. Why did you do that?"
"Brendan, in the beginning I felt nothing, but I ended up falling in love with her and she said she felt the same way about me. I thought you would understand. I thought you would see it wasn't my fault, I didn't ask to love her."
"You never asked me if I was okay about that, you never apologized and you never considered my feelings. From that day on I started to get distant from you, but you never realized that. I had lost my best friend and the girl I loved, but you lost nothing. In fact, you had just got yourself a hot girlfriend. As soon as you left USA I decided to make you pay me back, so I did all the things that Ashley told you about and got your girlfriend to be mine because that would be a good way to make you pay me. My friendship about you had been truth for a long, long time, but it died in the moment you first kissed Ashley. Have you ever questioned yourself why I've got cold with you? Well, probably no. You don't seem to have feelings, so maybe you never cared. I discovered not long time after that about this Jessica and I saw my chance of getting my revenge, so I asked my friend Adam to get me close to you and close to Jessica."
"You knew Adam?!" I shouted
"Yeah, I met him thanks to you. He had been sent to a madhouse in New York and that's where we met. That's what he meant when he said I had a few more problems that I didn't want to talk about when you hired me. He meant that I was crazy, but he couldn't tell you that. This is why he knew who was Ashley when he saw her in the tape with you. Didn't you question yourself why he knew that the woman in that tape was my wife when that was the `first time' he saw me? He wasn't even supposed to know me, so how would he know my wife? We planned this and we planned the past 7 months while we were in that madhouse. We planned everything before this huge `coincidence' of Adam being your manager and I being your bodyguard. This is the reason why the securities saw no one but Simple Plan in the dressing room. When your friends left, I was the only one who stood there to `protect' you."
"I can't believe you just coldly planned all that!"
"We planned more, Pierre. We planned Jessica's car accident and Jessica's death."
"You did what?!" I shouted almost jumping over his neck to strangle him
"Yeah. We just didn't plan you would be fucking my ex-wife, but I'm glad it made everything faster and it gave you a birthday to never forget about. You hurt me again in that day, but I was sure that I would be making you go through a worse pain in a few time, that's what made me feel better. I cut the brake of her car and waited to see what happened. Then, while she was in the hospital, Adam gave me the money to pay her doctor the double you were paying for him to give her another medication that would kill her slowly and painfully. But, before she was dead, we kidnapped her with the help of her doctor and the hospital told you she was dead. What we had planned for her would be worse than a quick death. It had to last longer. All we had to do would be keep you in Spain in that day. You couldn't try to go to her funeral by any meaning because there was no funeral. After that, we just took a really good care of her."
"Tell me what you did to her, motherfocker, or I swear I'll kill you!"
"We had a little bit of fun with her weak body while she cried, screamed and begged us to stop, but we didn't let her die yet. She's alive, Pierre, but I guess now her death is a little bit closer. You two will die together tonight."
"Tell me where she is right now!!!" I yelled in anger
"You don't have to yell, my plan was to tell you this. This is part of my game. She has been listening to our conversation all along." He said smirking "Adam, bring her here!"

As he yelled that, I saw the disgusting face of Adam leaving a room and pulling her by the hair and by her already badly injured arm as she just started crying in fear and in pain and I couldn't help but cry too. Crying part in happiness to see she was still alive and part in pain for everything they've done to her and for everything she seemed to be suffering. Seems like the 7 months I spent in here were equal painful to her.
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