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Obsessive Twitches In My Voice

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The Bus trip gives explanations.

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"Damien quit doing that!" Aggie growled, shoving Damien off the couch in the bus because He jumped on Her lap again. He was playing Mario Brothers on the tv and felt that He needed to be doing the same movements as Mario, including jumping.

"Count Your blessings Aggie- He was worse when He was playing some game from Japan. The main character was forever holding up the peace sign" Kit said over Her book- Rabbit Heart by Colleen Hitchcock.

I laughed.

Aggie, Kit and Damien moved in a while after graduation- I had the extra room and it meant that We could get a feel of what it'd be like if We were stuck in an enclosed area together.

"So who's going to play at Warped?" I asked.

"...We weren't told" Aggie said, suddenly intent on Damien's game.

I shrugged it off and walked over to My bunk and slipped My ipod out of My bag and switched it to The Cure.

Lying on My bunk I tried to get lost in the rhythm and for at least a little while forget about Gerard.

I can still hear Autumn's voice in My head, still see how sorry Gerard looked, and I could hear My painfilled wail.

After that day I didn't talk to anyone except Kit and Aggie and it took at least 3 months for Mikey, Ray, Bob and Frankie to get that through their heads.

Although I never layed a finger on them they could see that I was hurt and wanted to be left alone.

Gerard never came to say He was sorry which was good for Him- If I'd seen Him I would have made good on My threat.

The hurt and betrayal didn't go away- no matter how much I slept to make it go away.

Some people cut, drink, do drugs, or die when they are hurt but I sleep. In My dreams is where I can forget what's happened.

In time I started to sleep less and worked hard on My music, ignoring calls from Autumn until She finally stopped ringing.

It was hard work to get gigs, and eventually We got signed.

So far We had done 5 video clips had a couple of albums and now were on Our way to Warped.

I couldn't help thinking about Gerard and annoyed, I ripped out the ear plugs of My ipod and walked over to Kit, sitting down.

"My Chemical Romance are going to be at Warped aren't They" I stated to Kit.

"Yeah. And We will be spending alot of time with them. Think You can handle that?" Kit replied, not taking Her eyes off the book.

"I'll have to won't I" I replied. I wasn't really sure.

We didn't live that far away from where Warped was starting so in next to no time We were there, stepping out of the bus and wanting to go places.

"Come on Aggie, let's look around" I said and walked off.

We passed a couple of busses that didn't have a name on their side until all of a sudden Aggie screamed.

I whirled around to see Her being tackled by a guy and growling I picked Him up by the scruff of His shirt to face Me and nearly slammed My fist into his face until I recognised His face- it was Frankie.

I was stunned, I didn't even let go of Him.

"Gosh Winter, I didn't think We'd get physical until next time We saw each other" Frankie said shakily.

"Sorry Frankie" I said letting Him go.

"No harm done, although if You'd hit My spunky face then You'd be in trouble since I swore to Aggie that was the last time I would do that with the other girl"

I laughed. Same old Frankie.

"I've missed Your laugh- I take it Your alot better since the last time We-I use the word lightly- spoke?"

"I can resume living if that's what You mean" I replied.

"Gerard hasn't been the same ever since that day" Frankie got out before Aggie punched His side.

"How is He?" I asked, one moment of weakness.

"He drinks alot. Says alot of drunken things that make sense, He misses You so much and would do anything to have You back and when He's sober, He doesn't say a word about You" Frankie retold solemnly.

It hurt to hear He wasn't doing so well. I didn't expect that He would or anything as disgusting as that sounds. I missed Him as well but..I couldn't. Not while He was having a child with Autumn.

"I-I'm gonna go back to the bus. I'll leave You two alone to catch up" I said and walked off, biting My lip and trying not to cry.


"I've missed You so much Aggie" Frankie whispered to Me.

"I've missed You too baby, Where are the others?" I asked.

"On the bus. Sleeping last time I checked"

"Let's go" I said.

After seeing Winter's face soften at hearing how Gerard was I knew She was lieing about not liking Him anymore and so decided to be a messenger.

"Frankie, We are going to set Gerard and Winter up" I whispered as We got closer to the MCR bus.

"You mean like lock them in a closet and wait till they make up?" Frankie whispered back, almost gleeful.

"No. I mean try to ignite what they felt for each other one step at a time and step one is deliver on a platter just how hard it's been for them without the other" I said as I opened the door to the bus.
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