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Each Melody Tears My Wounds Apart

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Aggie concots a paln while Gerard and Winter see each other for the first time in years.

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As soon As I turned back to the bus the door swung open and out came Ray and Bob, tackling Me to the ground while Mikey Gerard and Frankie watched.

"Guys come on, Frankie's My boyfriend" I said slightly muffled.

"Damn straight" Frankie proudly stated.

As the Guys got off Me I asked "Hey can I get a look at Your bus?"

The Guys nodded and let Me in.

It was mostly black on the inside with a few reds and whites all over the place on cushions or couches.

"Nice" I said.

"So how are the others?" Mikey asked.

"Damien's great same as Kit and I'm better now I know Frankie's here-"

"And Winter? how is She?" Gerard asked.

I paused. I would have thought I'd be the one asking if He wanted to know and judging by Mikey's face He thought the same.

"She's been good, She gets on with Our music and She is the best friend I've ever had" I said.

"But?" Gerard asked. I knew He would say that, wether it was because He knew She couldn't be doing well after graduation or because that was coming through in My voice I didn't know.

"She looks and acts ok, but She's not. At first it was mumbling in Her sleep but now it's screaming and crying, and when She wakes up She won't talk about it at all. She's bottled up all Her pain and it only comes out at night when She let's Her guard down. It's awful to be in bed and hearing Her cry and try to rush to Her side and realise She's asleep and that if She woke up She would shove You out of Her room. I hate to think what's going to happen tonight- We didn't tell her that You guys were coming to Warped" I finished, not taking My eyes off Gerard. It was strange, His eyes didn't change at all- they were already softened like Winter's did before She walked away.

"I'm going for a walk" Gerard said, getting up and walking out of the door.

There was silence and then "Wow that's about as responsive as He's been when We've tried brining Winter up" Bob said.

"So I've heard. I have an idea to get Them back together. Before Winter went into Her 'I am just fine' act She told Me that theres a chance the baby might not be Gerard's" I stated.

"Why doesn't She know?" Ray asked.

"She didn't talk to Her sister after that. I spent ages trying to get Autumn's mobile number and I finally did- does Your phone have speaker?"

"I'll go get it" Bob replied as He got up and disappeared for a few moments, only reappearing when He had the phone in his hand.

I dialed the number and put it on speaker.


"Autumn, It's Aggie"

"Aggie thank goodness You have to talk to Winter"

"Why? what's happened?"

"It's not Gerard's baby! in fact before the miscarriage it was the guy that I was seeing down here's baby"

"I'm so sorry about the miscarriage"

"Don't worry I'm ok about it. It was the wrong time to have a kid for Me anyway. Look I gotta go but talk to Winter please" Autumn finished and then hung up.

"Now there's no reason for Gerard and Winter to get back together-"

"Except for the fact that neither Gerard nor Winter know this crucial detail" Frankie added.


I walked back inside the bus to see Kit hanging out fo the window.

"Hey Your back! where's Aggie?"

"Why? need to give Her a nose job?"

"No, She needs Her pass otherwise She could get into trouble. Here" Kit said throwing two passes at Me.

I placed on around My neck then turned and went back in the direction that I saw Aggie and Frankie go.

I was watching My feet walk thinking how I should write more words on My old sneakers when I bumped into someone and took a step back.

"I'm sorry I-" The words caught in My mouth.

I knew Gerard was here at Warped but I didn't know He'd be standing right in front of Me.
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