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I'll Sing My Suffering, Make No Mistake Of That

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Gerard and Winter meet.

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I couldn't move, and judging by Gerard's reaction neither could He.

He looked like He'd gone through hell and back, but His eyes were soft, the way He used to look at Me.

"I-" I could only stutter. It was awful, I could tell I was showing just how hurt I was, even worse when I couldn't speak.

It felt like centuries until I finally mentally shook Myself and walked past Gerard, who didn't stop Me, just watch Me as I left.

When I could no longer see His form behind Me I brokedown. I cried silently wishing I didn't feel like this. He betrayed Me I shouldn't like Him at all for what He's done.

Still crying I reached the MCR buses door and knocked harshly on the door.

Bob answered and stared at Me shocked.

"Winter? what's wrong"

"Nothing I'm fine, I was wondering if Aggie is here" I said shakily. I hated the fact that Gerard was affecting Me so.

Aggie appeared at the door.

"What's wro-"

"NOTHING! just here" I shoved the pass into Her hand and walked away, hoping that I wouldn't meet Gerard on My way back.

I was lucky, I made it back to the bus without seeing Gerard, and when I went to My bunk neither Kit nor Damien dared to disturb Me.

I put My earplugs in and listened to Aiden's The Last Sunrise for a while before I calmed down enough to get up and get something to eat from the mini fridge.

Aggie was back however and hovering over the fridge when I got there.

"I talked to Autumn today" She stated.

Kit and Damien were reading two different books until Aggie started speaking, in which case I could see their eyes above their books.

"What?" I said, not quite understanding what that meant.

"I talked to Autumn today" Aggie repeated as I pushed Her slightly out of the way so I could get to the fridge.

"Your point would be what?" I growled.

"The baby wasn't Gerard's"

The third shock of the day. I swivelled round to see Her face, just to see if She was playing some cruel joke.

She wasn't.

"What do you mean wasn't?" I asked concerned.

"She miscarried"

I felt for My sister. Teras were leaking from My eyes, that She had to deal with all of that on Her own because I was so selfish and couldn't forgive Her.

As if reading My mind Aggie handed Me a peice of paper I recognised as Autumn's mobile number.

Nodding I took it from Her, walked to My bunk, picked up My mobile and walked outside.

"Hello?" Autumn's voice.



"I'm so sorry Autumn, I should have been there for You-"

"Don't apologise it's all My fault I shouldn't have said what I did-"

"- if You hadn't then what would happen if it was true? I should have stuck by you instead of being so selfish-"

"-Winter you were hurt there wasn't anyone that could reach through your shell and I know that better than anybody. I miss You sister"

"I miss You too. How are You?"

"I'm great, except for losing My child. The guy I'm with has asked Me to marry Him and I said yes, I'm so happy and You are going to be maid of honour wether You like it or not"

"As long as I don't have to wear what You planned for Me when We were kids and We dreamed what Our weddings would be like"

"Ok I won't make You wear an angelina ballerina costume"

"Thanks I appreciate it-"

"- But in return You have to do something for Me"

"Name it" I said not really thinking.

"At least talk to Gerard. Please it's all I ask. You two were so beautiful together and deserve to be together, despite how much I screwed things up"

"Autumn I- I promise I will" I whispered to Her.

"Good, now I have to go but I will check on you and see if You have done what I've said" And then She had hung up.

I turned to see Aggie hanging out thw window along with kit behind Her and Damien on kit's back.

"Now what would Frankie and Mikey think?" I asked as Aggie kit and Damien realised what I meant and ducked back inside.

I walked back inside and got bombarded by questions.

I told Them everything and afterwards they were smiling.

"Hey it doesn't mean I'm going out with Him again, it just means I am going to talk to Him" I said slowly as I picked up on the smirks all three were displaying.

"What?" I asked.

"Ever notice how You don't say 'Gerard' just 'Him'" Damien jested.

"No. Now I'm going to sleep, goodnight"

"Wait Winter- when are You going to talk to Gerard?"

I thought for a moment.

"Tommorow night, away from prying eyes" I said and went to My bunk to sleep.


"I'm going to call Gerard" I said as I got up.

"Why? Winter said She was going to talk to Him tommorow" Damien replied.

"I know, but I think She should tell him over a romantic dinner"

"Aggie what happens if Winter gets cranky at You?"

"She won't Kit, She will get cranky at Gerard because Gerard is going to reserve a spot at the nearest romantic dinner table available" I said smirking and dialling Gerard's number.
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