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Gasping For Air

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Winter and Gerard are set up.

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I woke up the next morning to an almsot gleeful Aggie.

"...Ok either You have had a visit from Frankie and I thankfully slept through it or there is something Your not telling Me" I mumbled sleepily and turning over so My back was towards Aggie.

"Oh do I know something You don't know like the fact that Gerard is taking You to a restaurant tonight to hear what You want to talk about"

"WHAT!" I yelled sitting upright- and banging My head in the process.

"Ouch that had to hurt" Kit winced from behind Aggie.

"Why does Gerard know I need to talk to Him?" I asked rubbing My head.

"Aggie made a tiny phone call last night and said that You wanted to talk to Him about something important and that if He valued His life He would book a table at a really romantic restaurant for tonight and pick You up here at 9" Kit said while cautiously backing away.

"Thanks Aggie but next time let Me call Him. I have to go out to tell Him? great, just great I don't have a dress" I grumbled.

"Don't worry about that, I'm taking You to the mall today to buy one" Kit replied.

"Ok, just let Me get dressed" I muttered while getting off My bed and walking to the back of the bus for a shower.

Half an hour later I joined Kit outside and walked won to the mall.

Decked out in dark sunglasses and trench coats nobody knew who We were which was good.

Once in a while I saw a few girls with 'Rosewood Finish' accessories like wrist bands and t-shirts, but nothing to serious- last time there was a streaker who had written My name all over His body.

"I don't need something fancy kit I just need a dress ok, so under no circumstances am I spending hours here"


"I mean it's not like I'm going to walk into a store and pick out the first item that pops into My open hand-"

"Uh Winter?"

"- It just means I won't spend that much time looking for a dress that's all-"


"Sure I might peruse the racks and find a real bargain but it better not cost much, I really don't want to wear a dress once and not wear it agai-"

"WINTER!" Kit yelled.

"WHAT!" I yelled back.

"That dress in Your hand will look fantastic" Kit replied.

I looked down at My hand.

In it was a dark purple dress with thin straps.

"Your right, this would look fantastic on Me" I smiled, walked to the register and bought the dress.

What came next was hours of torture- but gleeful fun for Kit and Aggie and just a hint of interest from Damien.

My hair was curled softly (after sustaining a few burns on My poor scalp) and My face was painted ( I didn't have a mirror in front of Me so I thought I looked like a clown) and When it was all finished I was amazed at how pretty I looked.

Next thing I know there was a tap at the door.

Oh crap, what was I going to say to Gerard?
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