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Being Serenaded Isn't Nice When trying To Talk

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Winter knows what She has to say, but can She say what She wants to?

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I walked to the front of the bus and opened the door to see Gerard wearing His suit from Our formal, holding a long stem black rose.

"Gerard I-" I couldn't speak which was starting to get annoying. How was I going to tell Him what He needs to know if I can't utter a declaritive sentence?

"You look beautiful Winter, just like I remember You" Gerard said smiling uncertainly.

"Thankyou" I replied blushing.

"Shall We go?"

"Sure" I replied and walked out the door with Gerard by My side.

We were walking to whereever We were going.

"Where are We going?" I asked, not looking at Gerard directly. Great, just great, I can tell Him all about Autumn as long as I don't look at Him.

"A place called Serenade"

"Sounds interesting" I mumbled.

When We stepped inside it was interesting- red curtains, candles, soft music and the smell of a thousand different delicious meals hanging in the air.

"I booked the whole place out so We would be alone, here let Me help You" Gerard said as He pulled My chair out for Me.

"Before We start eating I have to say something to You-" I paused as the waiter took Our orders and asked Us what We'd drink and then disappeared behind a door.

"Have You talked to Autumn since.."

"You mean since graduation? no. And She hasn't tried contacting Me either" Gerard replied.

"Well then there's something I have to tell You. The baby wasn't Yours. And in fact She miscarried"

I was looking at Gerard's face for an expression but all I saw was sorrow.

"I'm so sorry for Autumn. Is She alright?"

"She's better than alright. She's getting married" I replied smiling. It's not every day your Sister get's married, unless of course She gets divorced and remarries repeatedly.

"That's wonderful!" Gerard remarked happily.

"Yes" I replied before Our meals came.

"Winter, on that good news, there's something I want to say"

Oh crap.
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