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Endlessly, She Said part 1

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Hannah and Davey have been in a relationship for two years now. It has been a hard relationship from the beginning. Can they get past their differences and move on with their life? (I suck at summ...

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This is a mini fic I wrote to my friend. It is devided in to two parts. It is a story that jumps alot. But you notice when is now and when is past.

"I could what for you endlessly to make up your mind, Davey." Hannah said and stared into those beautiful eyes of his. "But I don't know how much of this heartbreak I can take." She touched his cheek with her trembling hand. She had tears in her eyes. He turned is face away.
"I don't deserve your touch. For what I've done to you." He slide down agents the wall and berried his face in his arms. She could tell he was now crying to. "I just love you so much Hannah. I don't wanna hurt you no more." He said. Hannah putted her hands on his knees and forced him to look into her eyes.
"You can't hurt me no more. You are the only thing keeping me tougher. I don't know what I would do without you" Hannah said with a soft voice. She smiled thru her tears and kissed the soft lips of his. She wanted that kiss to last forever...

...It had been two years since Davey and Hannah first meet. Hannah had been working for the AP at that time. And her first job had been to interview Davey Havok the lead singer of her favourite band AFI. She had almost fainted when she found out. So she and Davey met on a quiet coffee shop that was all empty. The interview was quickly done and the photographer took some really nice photos of Davey. The photographer than let them all alone. And they kept talking for a really long time. The quickly forgot about the time and just talked about everything really.
"Oh, god look at the time." Davey said and pulled away his bang out his face. "I really must go now. Because we got a show tonight as you might know."
"Yeah, I'm going." She said and laughed. "I wouldn't miss it for the world."
"Oh, well maybe you wanna come back stage and se the band after the show?" He said smiling.
"You're kidding, right?" Hannah said.
"No, not really." He said and Hannah gave him a hug. It was true as they said, he really did smell like blueberry. "I guess that means I'll se you later Hannah. I'm looking forward to it already." He swung his bag over hi shoulder and left the room. But just before he left he turned to her and said. "Just show them this." He throw her a backstage pass." And kept walking out.

Later that night Hannah still amazed over the show made here way to back stage. She wiped some tears out of her face. Thought she might look silly to Davey if he saw that she hade cried. Because they were just too damn good. Music was what she lived for.
"Hey, Hannah!" She heard Davey yell as she entered a big room where there were a lot of people. Hannah wasn't so big on people but for AFI she would do anything. "You made it!" Davey said and took her hand. "Come on and wanna meet the band?" She just nodded and looked down at Davey's. He saw here looking and let go off it. "Oh, sorry."
"No, it's nice. I'm just not used to be touched." She said in a kind of dreamy voice. But she took Davey's hand when he offered her it again.
So she got to meet them all and some other too. By the ending of the night she felt like she was in heaven.
"Davey?" She said as the sat down in the couch. "Thanks for making this the best night of my life. I really mean it." She said and he looked in to her eyes. The look made her all week and all she could se was his beautiful brown eyes. And then without a warning Davey bent forward and slowly kissed her lips. His hand gentle touched her cheek. After what felt like an eternity the broke apart. "Kiss me again." Was all Hannah could say and Davey gave out a small laugh but kissed her again...

... Hannah often thought of their first day together. How he had whispered all those beautiful things in her ear. How they lips matched so good together. But their relationship had been a rollercoaster all the way. They had a lot of fights. But thru it all they were still madly in love with each others...

... They broke apart.
"I love the way you kiss me." Davey said and stroke the hair out of my face. "I just don't know what to do with myself anymore Hannah. If you haven't noticed my entire life is a mess right now. And I see that it's hurting you as much as it does for me." He paused and looked down at the floor.
"It's okay." She said. "Everything will soon be fine again."
"I wanna believe every word you say. But I don't know if I can." He faced her again with his tears still running. "I think it's both for the best if we took a break. I can't se straight with you around me. Hannah stood up her wasn't sad more shocked and confused
"You don't love me no more." She said and started to back away from him. More tears. She began to run as fast as she could down the corridors.
"HANNAH!" Davey screamed after her. "YOU KNOW THAT ISN'T TRUE." But she kept running. She didn't stop until she was so out of her breath that she collapsed down agents the wall. She was so out of it. She didn't notice that Jade was standing in front of her.
"Hannah? Why are you crying? Has anything happened?" He said but Hannah didn't hear. He sat down and forced her to look at him.
"Jade." She said and he pulled her close in a comforting hug. "He broke up with me."
"Who?" He said confused but than realised what she was talking about. "Did you and Davey break up? But you too are like made for each others." Hannah just kept crying. "shh, it's gonna be okay." He whispered in her ear. "Come let's go you can't sit her forever." He said and helped her up and led her to his hotel room. He had his on one for a change he was always charring with Davey except when Hannah was with them, the he had his one. He helped her too his bed where she cried herself to sleep. It all was very heart breaking to see.
Jade and Hannah had bonded a very special friendship that you wouldn't understand even if I told you. I'm just gonna say that they are close. He careful pulled the cover over her and then walked over to the couch. He had barley sat down when he heard a knock on the door. It was Davey. Jade walked out and closed the door. Davey looked heartbroken and his make-up was a total mess.
"Hey man, are you alright?" Jade said as Davey slid down the corridor wall.
"I'm an idiot." He said. "Jade, I'm the stupidest person alive. I can't believe I said that to her. I love her so much it hurts. I just didn't wanna hurt her no more. What should I do? I don't even know where she is." He suddenly stood up. "Maybe she's hurt or something. What if she..."
"She is sleeping in my bed." Jade said trying to calm Davey down.
"She is what?" Davey screamed angry.
"Yes, she is. But you might wake her up if you don't stop screaming." Jade whispered. "The poor thing cried herself to sleep. I think you should go to your hotel room now and calm down and think about how you're gonna fix this or something."
"You're right, thank you." Davey said. "Keep on eye on her would you?"
"Yes, now go. I know you two are gonna work this out you always do." Jade said and Davey left...

... "No Davey stop!" Hannah laughed as Davey tickled her. "No! Don't do that." He lifted her up in the air and she rapped her legs around his waste, kissed him and rested her head on his shoulder. "Don't you ever do that again?" She whispered in his ear.
"Or else what?" He said.
"Or else I will never kiss you again." She said with he hands on each side of her waste.
"You wouldn't dare." He said and began spin around.
"STOP!" She screamed still laughing. "Davey, were gonna fall." And in the next second they did. They fell right down in the soft sand. They were on the beach you se. They went there to watch the sun go down. Davey began to kiss her neck and Hannah trembled.
"That tickles too." She said and she began to kissed him. The kissed until they both were out of breath and both rested their head ageist the sand.
"Hannah." Davey said and she turned and looked at him. She was smiling she had never felt more happier. It was like the all black in her world was gone.
"I think I love you." He said shy still breathing heavily.
"I think I love you too." Hannah replayed...

... Davey barley slept that night. He spent the night walking back and forth in the hotel room. Until he passed out on his bed of exhaustion still dressed. He was woken by the sun shining thru the window. He still didn't know to do with Hannah. But he knew that it was today or never. He checked his cell phone, no missed calls or messages...

..."Can you tell me why I even bothered to come her in the fist place?" Hannah yelled. "You haven't paid me a second of your attention since I got here."
"Hannah, come on don't be silly. You know I got a lot of things to do." Davey said angry. "You knew that already when you got into this relationship. You knew that music is a big part of my life."
"Don't you blame it on the music, like you always do!" She yelled. "If you only wanted you could make it work."
"Hannah!" Davey said calm.
"I should just leave and let you do what's important to you. And that is obviously not me"
"Hannah!" Now yelled.
"WHAT?" She yelled feeling that her tears we close.
"You're not making any sense!" He said and walked to her. "Baby, you know I love you right?"
"Well you don't show it." She opened the door and stepped out in the pouring rain. She started to walk towards her car. But when she got to it she released that she had left her keys in the room. She slammed her hand ageist the roof of the car. "Fuck!" She said angry. She was now all soaked by the rain. And looked up and saw Davey in front of her. He pulled her close in a hug.
"I'm sorry." He whispered in her ear. "Let's go inside and get you out of these wet clothes. Okay?" He kissed her for head and let him lead her away...

... Hannah woke up all warm underneath the cover Jade had laid on her. She walked out in the living area finding Jade on his laptop. He smiled when he say her?
"Hey, how are you feeling? Do you need something?" He said taking a sip of his coffee. She just shook her head. She sat down next to him and he putted his arm around her. He stroked her black bang out of her face and kissed her forehead...

Hope you like it.
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