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Endlessly, She Said part 2

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this is the last part

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... Hannah woke up and was that Davey no longer were with her. She pulled on one of her many band jerseys and walked out of the bedroom in hers and Davey newly bought apartment in Manhattan, New York city. There were boxes everywhere because they hadn't have time to unpack just jet. They had gotten the apartment yesterday. And so long they had a bed and a kitchen. "Davey?" She called out. The wooden floor was cold from the New York winter. She looked thru one of the windows and saw the snow slowly fall down. The whole town was already covered by a thick layer of snow. The snow hadn't just covered the whole town it had also made it quiet. Like everyone was sleeping or something. Hannah liked it. "Davey?" She called out again. "Baby, where are you?"
"I'm right here." He said and pulled her in into a hug from behind and kissed her neck.
"Isn't beautiful?" She said and put her hand ageist the window. "All quite and pretty." Davey gave out a small laugh.
"It is indeed." He smelled her hair, loving the smell of roses. "I was just on the way to wake you up. Breakfast is ready. Hope you like pancakes."
"I didn't know you could cook. What else are you hiding from me, Mister?" She said and laughed. The walked in to the kitchen where Davey had set a beautiful breakfast table. He pulled out her chair as she sat down. "Have I told you lately how much I love you?"
"Yes, but I could never get sick of hearing it! Say it again!"
"I love you Davey." She kissed his cheek and he sat down opposite of her...

... "Hannah?" Jade whispered worried into her ear. "You don't need to pretend that you're alright." Hannah was trying to forget what have happen and move on without looking on it was for the best.
"Yes, I do." She said. "I don't know what else to do everything hurts so fucking much."
"Well break ups do hurt." Jade said. "Do you wanna talk about it?"
"No!" Hannah said angry. "I just wanna move on. I thought you would understand." She stood up and started to walk towards the door. She pulled up the hood on her jacket. "I need someplace quite to think." She said and felt something inside of her breaking. It was like someone had stabbed a knife into her heart. The pain needed to stop. All the memories from last night stucked her again. "Don't follow me." She said before she closed the door. Her tears began to fall again and she cut the rest of the world out. Pain, pain was all she felt as she opened the door with the words 'Exit' on. And ran down the stairs and to her car...

..."Hey, Hannah!" A happy voice yelled after her. She turned around and saw Smith smiling ageist her.
"SMITH!" She called out and throw herself around his neck. "I haven't seen you in like forever."
"Well you haven't been on tour with us in like forever." He said and the broke apart. "Look at you! You look even more beautiful since I saw you last."
"Don't push it!" She said laughing. "Well I've been busy with stuff like work you know." (Hannah was still working at the AP.)
"Oh, okay! But you're here now and that is what really matter, right?" He gave her his famous smile. "So, how long are you gonna stay?"
"Just for the weekend. I was just looking after Davey you seen him?" She asked still smiling. She had been away from Davey in a month and had missed him so much.
"Well no but have you looked in their dressing room?"
"Yeah, he wasn't there."
"Okay, but hey, I'm heading down to eating area right now. Want to se if he is there maybe?" Smith said.
"Okay, I need something to eat anyway. Let the way Smith Puget!" She said and grabbed the arm he offered her.

Down in the eating area there were a lot of people having their lunches. She eminently saw Davey sitting in on of the tables in the back. And began to run towards him but stopped when she saw that he wasn't alone. He was sitting close, to close to his ex-girlfriend Ivy. Hannah felt like someone had just smacked her really hard in the face. She felt like she couldn't breathe and gasped for air. She just froze. Ivy laughed and laid her arm on Davey's leg. He bent closer and whispered something in her ear that made them both laugh. And then Davey looked up and saw Hannah standing there. The look on her face was indescribable. Then Hannah finally came to her sense again and ran out of there.
"Hannah!" Davey yelled after her and followed her.
"Hurry, hurry!" She said pressing the button to the elevator over and over again. And it finally came and she entered and pushed the button with a '12' on. The door began to shut. But just before they closed entirely Davey had put his hand in the middle and entered the elevator.
"Hannah." He said softly and tried to touch her cheek but she turned away. The door closed and it began to move. "What's the matter?"
"You know what's the matter. You were with..." She took a deep breath. "HER!" She could say her name. Even thinking of it made her want to break down in tears. "God knows what would have happened if you hadn't seen me."
"Nothing! I love you!" He said quickly.
"Let me speak Davey!" Hannah said cold. "I love you Davey. You were my first love. And I have begun to think you'll be my last. Because maybe I'm not cut out for this. It hurt too fucking bad."
"Hannah, listen!" Davey said forcing her to look him in her eyes. "You and I are meant to be."
"I want to believe every word you say!" She said.
"Then do Hannah! I love you and only you. I've never meant to hurt you like I do. Can't we just forget this and move along?"
"It's not that easy." She said.
"Why not? What do you want me to do?" He asked her.
"I don't what you to do anything." She said. "I want you to decide for yourself how you want it. I can't force you to do or say anything. But I want you to know. I'll wait endlessly for you to finally put me first. I love you too much to ever let you go."
"And I love you and I love how the world sleeps when I'm with you. You are remarkable, you know that?"...

"Where did she go?"
"I don't know she said she needed to think and left." And just then Davey cell phone began to play Lullaby with The Cure. Witch meant Hannah was calling him.
"Hannah?" He asked he heard someone sobbing in the other end. "Hannah, honey, don't cry." There was a long silence before Hannah finally spoke
"I can't do this anymore." She almost whispered. Davey felt panic inside of him self but tried to stay calm.
"Hannah, you can!"
"No." She said just loud enough that Davey heard it. He heard gasp for air like she was crying really heard.
"Hannah, tell me where you are."
"What's happe..." Jade began worried but stopped when he saw the look on Davey' face.
"HANNAH!" Davey almost screamed. "Just tell me where you are!"
"I just can't I'm sorry." Davey felt something breaking inside of him.
"Hannah, please don't do this." He begged her, feeling his tears falling. Jade finally understood what was going on and grabbed the phone.
"Hannah?" Jade said quiet. "You don't want to do this. Taking your life isn't the answer."
"Help me Jade." She whispered.
"Tell me where you are!" Jade was surprised over his own calmness in it all.
"I'm on the bridge..." The phone connection broke and all he could hear was the beep.
"She is at the bridge!" Jade said loud. "Come on!" He grabbed the car keys and the ran out to the car. Jade was driving.
"You got to go faster!" Davey yelled in panic! But Jade was already going way over the speed limit. He made a hard curve and almost crashed into another car. But they just missed it. Jade saw the traffic becoming thicker and had to slow down. And then they were forced to stop. Jade banged his hands ageist the steering wheel.
"It's not fare from here!" Davey said and got out of the car and began to run. Jade wasn't far behind. They took a short cut thru the ally and then Davey saw the big bridge. He ran as fast as he could. He was not going to lose her was the only thing in his mind. Looking up at the bridge he saw a shadow of what must me Hannah standing on the rail of the bridge. Hi finally reached the stairs that lead up to the bridge from beneath. He took to step a time but it still felt like an eternity before he was up on the bridge. 'Almost there he thought to himself'.
"HANNAH! Please don't jump." He said as he reached her on the bridge. "Hannah, please come down. Don't do anything that you would regret. Killing yourself isn't the answer."
"We all live shallow lives. No one really care. It is all built on lies. I never liked it before you came into my life. You made it all different. But everything has to change sometime, right?" She said quiet. "It's getting harder and harder everyday to pretend that it isn't happening. But I'm afraid Davey I can't pretend anymore that I don't see it. You know that I'm true. I know that's why you and I can never be what it was once. Do you remember when I said I would wait for you endlessly? Do you?"
"Yes, I do. How could I ever forget?"
"Good! But you must know that I was a fool. Blinded by something called love." Tears streaming down her face.
"Love is tricky. I didn't believe in it before I meet you. It was so easy to love you but in the same time the hardest thing I ever have done. But I promise I would do it all over again if you gave me the chance, Hannah." He forced her to down look at him. "Hannah, do you believe that we don't belong together? I shore as hell don't. I've seen the beauty in our love. I'll rather die than se you leave. Hannah, let's fight for what's right. And that's us. Both you and I know it."
"Oh, Davey. I wanna believe in every word you say. I do." She said. "But..."
"No but. Do you or do you not?" Davey said.
"It's too late. We have already passed that." She said fighting her self to believe in Davey.
"Then let's just do it all over. Let's do it the right way. Let me love you like you deserve to be loved. Let me hold you when you cry. Let me take you far away from you fears, far from it all. I promise you I will never let you down again."
"You promise?"
"Yes, with all that I got."
"Okay." She said and smiled. And Davey felt a huge relief.
"Okay?" He smiled at her. "Now let me help you down." He said and offered her hand and she took it. He pulled her so close he possible could and promised himself to never let go of her again. And he never did.


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