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I Think Its Way Hotter With Me

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Jay is always tense and Theresa wants him to loosen up. Theresa's POV. JxT. Oneshot

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One Shot :

Jay was always so tense and I had to do something about it. God he was fine and a person that fine shouldn't be that tense. He needs to learn to relax and not be on Cronus 411 24/7. I sit in my room brainstorming ways to make him loosen up. I try to put myself in a guy's perspective. What do guys want? The first thing that came to my mind was grabbing some naughty. It's what all guys wanted. Stupid perverts. I could tease him around a little bit... I could take him somewhere too. How about a combination of all three? Let me see... A club! It was kind of like a strip club only not. It had sexy girls that would take your orders or feed you things like strawberries. They would dance for you and stuff like that but the clothes always covered the important places. No nudity aloud. It was perfect. I knew this perfect little place outside of town. I had worked there once. I'm pretty sure that they would let me work for a day, they were always open to new workers.

I had a huge crush on him but I wasn't about to make the first move. He would have to make it and I was always trying to tease him into doing it. Like I would use the puppy dog pout on him when I wanted something. Or when Archie or Atlanta or somebody got mad at me, I would fall into his arms and tell him to protect me. It wasn't a smart decision because most of the time he should have been trying to get me too. He would say, "As I recall I was part of this too." We would be face to face, inches apart. "You wouldn't do that the lil' ol' me, would you?" I'd ask him. "Yes I would," he would reply grabbing me around the waist allowing who ever to take his or her throws. That was about as relaxed he would get. Sometimes he would flirt with me and I would flirt with him back. We both liked each other and we both knew it. He just didn't want Cronus to interfere. But that wasn't stopping me from trying to get us together.

I ran to Atlanta's room to tell her the plan. I opened the door to see her and Archie making out on the bed. I quickly closed the door and waited for Archie to come out.

"Later," Archie said as he exited the room.

He turned to me and growled.

"Hey Archie, you got a little bit of lip gloss on your cheek there," I teased and he growled even more. He dove for me but I ducked under his arm and ran into Atlanta's room where I found her making her bed neatly.

"Hey Lan,"

"What's up Ther,"

"I got a master plan to make Jay relax but I want to know about your little smoochero there,"

"Sorry but I don't kiss and tell," Atlanta smirked.

I got a pillow and chucked it at her head and missed.

"So tell me about your 'master' plan to get Jay to loosen up,"

"Okay. Well you know how I used to work at that little strip club only not? Well I'm going to take Jay there and ask if I can work him for the day,"

"You skanky sleeze ball," Atlanta joked.

"Wanna' come? You could bring Archie,"

"I don't know...How about we all go?"

"That's a great idea! Eek." I screeched.

"Well go run off and tell Jay," Atlanta rolled her eyes at me.

I ran out of the room but that was a bad idea. I ran straight into Archie and Jay. Archie had an evil grin on his face.

"Get her!" he yelled and Archie dove for me.

"Ahhh!" I screamed. Gosh I didn't know Archie would get so angry just because I interrupted their make-out session.

I ran over to Jay and collapsed in his arms.

"Help me Jay! Archie's a psycho," I said looking into his chocolate brown eyes. I gave him the puppy dog pout.

"Nope, I'm with Archie on this one Theresa," he said grabbing me around the waist and turning me to Archie.

"Eek!" I screeched.

Archie started to tickle me and before long they were both tickling me on the ground. How could Atlanta just ignore me? How rude. I was kicking and screeching and the two boys were laughing at me.

"Had enough yet Theresa," laughed Archie.

"Yes!" I said.

"What? You haven't" said Archie.

Oh well that was just plain cruel.

"Yes!" I screamed.

"I think she said she's had enough," Jay said laughing at me.

Archie stopped her merciless tickling and so did Jay. I lay there; my hair fanned out above my head and arms spread out. Archie went back into Atlanta's room, probably to continue their little session but Jay stayed and pulled me up off of the ground.

"Thanks for defending me oh fearless leader," I rolled my eyes. I stood up on my tippy toes to reach his height and put my hands on my hips.

"Hey, I saved you for the last part didn't I,"

"Yeah after I was almost killed in a tickling fight,"

"Killed," Jay laughed.

"Yes killed!" I said in astonishment to his laughter. Then I remembered my plan. "Jay, can we all go out somewhere tonight. I know the perfect place. We all deserve a night to rest and there is no school tomorrow," I said once again giving him the puppy dog pout.



He looked away from my eyes and my trembling lip. But he accidentally looked back again.

"Fine. But what do you have in mind?"

"Thank you! And I'm not telling you!" I said. I kissed him on the nose and his face turned dark crimson as I skipped away down the hall.

I went to my room to call up the place. I dialed the number and a woman picked up. I automatically recognized the voice of the manager, Stephanie.


"Hey Stephanie, its Theresa,"

"Theresa! How nice it is to talk to you. What's up?"

"Well, I was just wondering if I could have my job back for the day. You know, because I'm trying to get this really hot guy that is so tense to loosen up. Please," I begged.

"Of coarse you may! Man girl, the sales have gone down by like 30% without you here. You were our best,"

"Thank you so much. I'll be there at around 7:00 to get ready," I hung up and then there was a knock at my door.

I opened it to reveal my oh-so-handsome leader. I motioned him to come in. He took a seat on my bed and I lay down behind him. He turned to look at me.

"So about this place that you want to take us, when do you want to go and where is it?" he asked me.

"It's outside of New Olympia, about a fifteen minute drive. I'm going to go at 7:00 but you guys can come at 8:00. I'll write down the address and everything,"

"Okay but why do you want us to all go out?"

"Because, Jay you need to lighten up. You're always so serious and you never have any fun," I said as I got up onto my knees and started to massage his shoulders. "God your tense,"

I felt him relax and watched him close his eyes. I put my lips to his ear. "Everybody needs a little time to relax," I whispered. He shivered at the touch of my breath on his ear.

After about fifteen minutes, he fell asleep. I slowly lay him down on my bed and grabbed my purse. I wrote him a note and left it beside him telling him the address of the place. As I walked out of my room Odie stopped me.

"Hey, have you seen Jay? He said we were going out tonight,"

"Yeah. He's sleeping in my room. Don't ask. Wake him up in half an hour,"

Odie gave me a puzzled look but nodded.

I went to my car and drove to the club. I parked my car in the back and went in through the door. I was greeted by Stephanie who hugged me and brought me to the back to where all of the outfits were. I picked out my favorite outfit that I wore while I was there. It was a like a black one piece, long sleeve swimsuit with black fishnet stockings and a performers hat. It came with a tux jacket and a red tie, which I also wore. I put on the black high stilettos and fixed my hair and make up. I straightened my hair and it grew and extra two inches. I had black eyeliner on and bright red lipstick. It was the kind of lipstick that didn't come off, perfect for kissing guys without getting red lipstick all over them. Only fifteen more minutes till they arrive and then the show is on!


Odie woke up Jay half and hour later. When Jay woke up he found a note placed neatly beside his head. He read it.

"158th street and 31 A avenue. Go around to the back and go through the door by the Dumpster. Dress nicely," Jay shrugged and gathered everybody. "Everybody, Theresa wants us to dress nicely and we're leaving in 15 minutes,"

"Oh no! How will I ever be ready in that amount of time," panicked Neil. He ran upstairs immediately to get changed.

Everybody else followed.

Jay changed out of his purple and yellow polo shirt into a blue button of T-shirt and a pair of some-what baggy jeans.

Odie wore the same as Jay only he had an orange T-shirt. Herry had a green button up T-shirt and beige pants. Archie had a black button of T-shirt and beige pants. Atlanta wore a dark green halter top decorated with swirls and sequins and she wore a pair of dark blue jeans that tucked into her black leather boots. Neil had a white button up T-shirt and beige pants.

They all got into Herry's truck and followed the directions to the place. They parked the truck beside Theresa's red convertible and went through the back door by the Dumpster. When they walked in they saw booths, flashing lights, a stage, and women wearing revealing outfits serving martinis and tequila drinks.

"Whoa! Theresa brought us to a strip club!" exclaimed Neil as he walked over to a woman wearing pink and black bunny ears.

Odie and Herry were already talking to a table of girls who were also dressed up. Archie and Atlanta walked to a booth and started to make out again. Jay shrugged and sat down at an empty table. A waitress in red leather boots, pants and a sports bra type shirt came up to Jay to take his order.

"Can I take your order, cutie?" she asked handing him a menu.

"No thanks. I'm waiting for a friend,"


I watched Jay from behind the curtain on the stage. I smiled.

Everybody sat down at the booth with Jay, which was dead center in front of the stage. The guys all had a girl with them who was either kissing their neckline or feeding them strawberries in Herry's case. Jay wondered where I was. They all watched as a woman came up onto the stage.

"Now, the moment you've all been waiting for, the woman you've all so badly wanted to come back, the sexiest girl I've seen in all of my years, Theresa Sinclair!"

Jay's jaw dropped as he watched me come out from behind the curtains. The pink panther song came on and I danced on stage with a bunch of other girls who I used as my back up dancers. I could see a bunch of guys drooling over me and I rolled my eyes. I circled around the back up dancers kneeling on the ground tapping them each on the butt with my cane as I walked by. A guy dancer came up onto the stage and I strutted up to him and placed my hands on his shoulders. I felt him down to his angels and then slid my body against his on the way back up. He took my gloved hand and spun me out words and pulled me back in. He leaned me back, holding onto me with one arm and I lifted my leg up as he held with one hand. Behind him, a chair rose up from behind. I pushed him back onto it and placed my foot on his knee. I started to kiss his neck and his chin and I turned back to see the audience. I saw Jay. He looked a bit jealous. Good that's how I wanted it. I turned back to him and stuck one hand out as if to say don't watch and then the curtains closed behind us. I waited till they were completely shut before I got of the guy and walked off of the stage.

I ran up to Jay and greeted him with a peppy "Hello,"

"Hi," he said smiling.

"How did you like it?" I asked him.

He looked like he was stumbling on what to say. The others got up and left.

"That was-"

"Jay, nobody else is here. Just say what you want to say and get it over with,"

Then came out the kinky side in Jay.

"Well, in that case, it was hot and you look hot too but I think that it would have been way hotter if you did it on a different guy,"

I smiled. Now we were getting somewhere.

"Did you have anyone in mind,"

"Well, I don't know. Who do you think it would be hotter with?"

"I think it would be hotter with a guy that was as fine as me and as good looking as me. Now where could I find a guy like that? I know, Neil!" I exclaimed jokingly. I saw his smile drop. "Just kidding silly. I think that Neil is hotter but I think that you are the hottest," I said as I sat down on his lap and started to kiss and nibble on his tan skinned neck. Then I moved to his jaw line. I stopped and stared into his eyes. Then he leaned in and kissed me on the lips. Soon, our tongues were playing a vicious field hockey battle. When we took a breath I slowly pulled away and nibbled on his bottom lip then I looked down. He took his turn and started to nibble on my ear lobe. He whispered to me "I think its way hotter with me," and I smiled.

Brittany McMillan - 2007 - ©
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