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We learn about Megan's new high school and her friends. Everyone is talking about Megan and Pete. Prom is soon and Megan's a shoe-in for the crown. Pete invites Meg to Chicago for the weekend, but ...

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"So let's go shopping after school today," said Kristian.
Kristian and Megan were sitting at their lunch table along with Rusty, Frank and others. Megan had to pick-out the perfect dress for the dance. This was her night to shine and she wanted to look absolutely stunning.
"I'm thinking red and rhinestones for my dress. What do you think?" asked Megan.
"Dare to be bold, my dear," laughed Kristian.
"Well that's who I am. Daring, stunning, and bold," replied Megan.
Megan and Kristian laughed and continued talking about Prom. Pete was to make a special trip up to Naperville for Megan's Prom; she was estatic about that.
"Awe, look what Pete just sent me," said Megan as she held out her Sidekick 3 for everyone to see. (I rhyme a lot).
Megan and her friends awed at Pete's text that read,
"I'm thinking about you right this very minute. I can't wait until I see you all dressed-up. You're so beautiful and I'm so lucky to have you in my life. -Pete-".
"He totally loves you," said Kristian.
"Yea, you two are like perfect," added Kat.
Megan smiled and texted back to Pete. They continued texting until the lunch bell rang and Megan put her phone away in her purse. She then ventured-off to Chemistry with Kristian.
Megan was walking to her locker and saw that Pete had texted her again. He was writing to tell her that he had important news; Fall Out Boy was signed!!
"Oh my gosh, Pete!! That's amazing!!" said Megan to Pete over the phone.
"I know, I can't believe this is really happening. I mean, it's crazy," said Pete.
"Well I really want to see you!! We can celebrate!!" said Megan.
The two kept on talking and made plans to see each other that night. Megan decided to drive to Chicago just to see him. Pete invited Megan to stay for the weekend. Megan agreed and called her mom to tell her the exciting news. Megan then got into her car and drove home, to get ready for her trip to Chicago.
"Do you have everything?" asked Mrs. Bennet.
"Yea, I think. Mom, this is so amazing!!" replied Megan.
"Well, just be careful and make good desicions," said Mrs. Bennet.
"I will. I love you, but I have to go, if I want to beat traffic," said Megan as she hugged her mom and grabbed her car keys.
Megan was making great time and she made it to Chicago in an hour. Once she arrived at Pete's house, she walked over to his front door and Pete's mom answered it.
"Hi, Mrs. Wentz. How are you?" asked Megan as she gave Mrs. Wentz a hug.
"I'm great. Peter's upstairs with Patrick," said Mrs. Wentz.
"Ok, great. Where should I put my stuff?" asked Megan.
"Pete's room," Mrs. Wentz replied.
Megan nodded and then walked upstairs to Pete's room.
"Hey darlin'," said Pete sweetly to Megan.
"Hey Petey bear," replied Megan as she kissed Pete.
"Hey Meg, how are ya?" asked Patrick.
"I'm great, actually, and excited for this weekend," replied Megan.
"That's good, I bet you'll be amazed," said Patrick.
Pete shot a glare at Patrick; it were as if they were hiding something from Megan, that she would soon find-out about.
Just then Mrs. Wentz walked into Pete's room with a plate of cookies in her hands. She set them down on Pete's desk and then walked out of the room. Megan grabbed a cookie and started to eat it.
"What would the love of my life like to do tonight?" asked Pete to Megan.
"I don't care, maybe a movie?" Megan suggested.
Pete wrapped his arms around Megan and stared at her neck; it was tempting, but he pulled back.
"We can walk the town, go sight-seeing, and maybe grab a eat?" suggested Pete.
"Yea, that sounds good," replied Patrick.
Megan agreed.
Soon after that, the three left and were walking around downtown Chicago. Pete and Megan were walking hand-in-hand, Ally and Andy met up with the three and they all decided to go to Mainstreet to hang-out.
"So, Andy and Ally, you two know the drill," said Patrick.
Andy and Ally nodded.
"I'm nervous," said Ally as she got into Andy's car.
"Don't be, I won't let them hurt you," Andy assured Ally.
Ally smiled and then Andy leaned in to kiss her, but they were shortly interrupted by something so un-godly it made Ally scream bloody murder.
"Andy ANDY!! HELP!!!!!" cried Ally.
"Shh it's ok, Pete!!" screamed Andy.
Pete then came out of nowhere and fought off the vampires that were scaring Andy and Ally. Pete was so much in rage that he forgot about Megan. He then looked over where he last saw her and saw that Patrick was talking to her; Megan seemed to be oblivious as to what was going on. Good thing, too, because Pete wanted to tell her when the time was right.
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