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Something about you

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Ally is recovering from being the 'bait'. Pete reveils his true self to Megan, but is she ready? Also, in this chapter, Megan returns to Naperville High and is a whole new person. Enjoy!!

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"Are you ok?" asked Pete to Ally.
Ally nodded and took a swig of her Fiji water that Andy got her.
"I'll be ok, just as long as I don't have to see them again," Ally replied.
She was still in shock from the recent encounter with the vampires. Andy was comforting her and told her to calm down.
"What's with Ally? Why's she crying?" asked Megan concerned.
"She'll be fine. Now my darling, I want to take you to a place you've only dreamt of," said Pete as he took Megan's hand.
Megan followed Pete as directed. Pete took her into a modern-looking building that over-looked the Chicago skyline. He had dinner set-up for them and candles were lit.
"Megan, I'm soo glad that you came to see me," said Pete as he gazed into Megan's eyes.
Megan smiled and looked into Pete's eyes. They passionately kissed and then sat down to enjoy their meals. While they were eating, Megan started to not feel like herself, it was almost as if she were under some sort of a trance.
"Darling, I have loved you since the moment our eyes met and I will continue to love you," said Pete.
Megan had no expression, she hardly blinked. Pete had her under his trance and he loved it. He knew what he needed to do and now was the right moment.
"Now, Megan darling, this may hurt, but only for a second," Pete assured Megan.
He kissed her cheek and then pushed back her hair. Megan still stood there, lifeless, as Pete pierced her neck with his razor-sharp white teeth. Megan broke-out of the trance and started to scream. Pete continued biting her and then once he was done, Megan stared at him and then fainted.
"My darling, Megan," said Pete. "We will now spend the rest of our days together," he continued.
Later, Megan awoke and Pete told her that if she loved him, she'd do what he said. Megan agreed (she had to, she was under his trance). Pete told Megan to bite his neck, because in order for them to become blood-bonded, they needed to taste each other's blood. Megan did so and then kissed Pete passionately.
It was the week of the Prom when, Megan returned home and not only did she feel different, but her appearance was different, as well. Her natural strawberry-blonde hair was now a vibrant shade of red and her green eyes were brighter as well. Boys were falling left and right for her and she was also flawless.
"Hey Meg!! Wow, you look great!!" exclaimed Kristian.
"Hey Kris, thanks, I feel great," replied Megan.
They continued making their way to theatre class when Meg's phone rang. She picked it up, it was Pete, but talking on the phone during school was not allowed, so a teacher stopped her, but didn't do anything. Megan stared at the teacher and made him forget the fact that she was on her cell phone.
"Was that lover boy?" teased Kristian.
"Yep, he's so amazing. I love him," said Megan.
The two girls then entered the theatre room and waited for their teacher to start the lecture for the day. Megan was sharing pictures from her trip to everyone in class; she had the pictures on her phone. Once the teacher arrived, Megan put her phone in her purse and took out a pen to write some notes. Being popular and the Queen Bee of Naperville High's Drama Club didn't always mean, dumb as a door-knob, no Megan had a 4.0 and she was in her class' Top 5 overall rank.
"Meg, have you picked out your dress yet?" asked Kristian.
"No, but Pete said that he had just the dress for me. Isn't that cute? It was like a gift to me in honor of his record deal," explained Megan.
"Awe, how adorable," replied Kristian.
Meanwhile, back in Chicago, Pete and Patrick were eating their lunches outside their school and they were talking.
"So, Meg's Prom is this Saturday and she wants me to take pictures with her at her house," said Pete.
"Yea? That's cool. Ya sure you can control yourself?" asked Patrick.
"I'm pretty sure, I can handle it," replied Pete.
"Just bring the vat in a thermos and they'll never suspect it," said Patrick.
Pete nodded and finished eating his lunch. Just as Pete was walking over to the garbage can, he felt a presence behind him. He quickly turned around and to his surprise, was William, the leader of the Dandies; a fearsome, not to mention, dangerous vampire gang of all.
"What do you want, William?" asked Pete.
"You've got someone that I want," said William.
"You want Megan?" asked Pete.
William flashed Pete a devilish smile and nodded.
"She's mine, William," said Pete.
"She's yours? As in what?" asked William.
"We're blood-bonded," replied Pete.
"Is that so?" said William with the same smirk.
William started to walk away from Pete and Patrick.
"Stay away from Megan, if you know what's best for you," Pete threaten.
William stopped, turned around and said, "Ohh, I'll stay away from her, but I can't promise that she'll stay away from me."
William then laughed and continued on his way. Pete and Patrick looked at each other, they both knew that they had to protect Megan and her friends from the Dandies. William gave Pete a vibe that he was going to appear again, come....Prom Night.
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