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Prom Night

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Yes, it's that time of year again....Megan is nominated Prom Queen and Pete's her date. Something happens at Prom that will forever change Megan and her friends' lives. Enjoy!!

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"Wow, your dress is gorgeous!" said Kristian to Megan.
"Thanks, Pete's got great taste," said Megan as she admired herself in the mirror.
Kristian and Megan were doing each other's hair for Prom as well as their make up. When they were finished they both looked absoulutely stunning. Megan's phone rang and it was Pete. Pete told her that he was inviting Joe to the dance as well. Megan said that he'd have to get a ticket at the door. Pete told her that it was already taken care of and that he couldn't wait to see her; and neither could she.
Before they knew it, it was time for the dance. Pete had a limo waiting for the girls outside of Megan's house. Pete got out of the car in a black and red tux, and he was holding Megan's corsage. Megan and Kristian walked over to the limo and Pete kissed Megan.
"Kristian, I have a surprise for you," said Pete.
Pete then opened-up the limo door and Joe walked out of the car. Kristian was taken aback, she was immediately drawn to Joe. Joe was dressed in a black and white tux and he too was holding Kristian's corsage. The four then took pictures and headed for the dance. Pete was holding Megan's hand the entire way to the dance as if he was protecting her.
Once they got to the dance, Joe escourted Kristian into the dance, but Pete and Megan didn't follow. Pete had to tell Megan some VERY important news, regarding her safety.
"He said all that?" asked Megan.
Pete nodded and replied, "That's why it's important that we stick together."
"Yea, well I trust you, and I've read about the Dandies, before, they're soo scary," said Megan.
"You won't have to worry, Joe and I will protect you, ok? That's why I brought him along. He's my back-up," explained Pete.
Megan nodded and then Pete took her hand and he escourted her into the dance. Once they were inside, everyone was drawn to them. Pete and Megan were radiant and they were turning heads as they walked into the dance.
"Hey Meg!! Wow, you look gorgeous!! Here's your sash, you'll need to report to the DJ's counter during the middle of the dance, ok?" explained Kat.
"Thanks Kat, you look pretty, as usual," replied Megan sweetly.
Megan and Pete then walked onto the dance floor and they started to steal the show with their dancing. Kristian and Joe looked great as well, they had A LOT of chemistry between each other. The dance went on for an hour and a half and then it became time for Megan to except her crown. The DJ called Megan and Frank to the center of the dance floor. Pete watched Megan go to accept her crown, when he felt an un-godly presence behind him. He turned around and to his surprise, was William, the fearsome leader of the Dandies.
"What are you doing here?" asked Pete sternly.
"Scoping out the prey," replied William.
"You mean, Megan? Look, I already told you not to come near her," Pete threatened.
Pete then turned his focus off of William for a split second and to Megan, when he looked for William again, but he was mysteriously gone.
"Megan and Frank will now share a dance," announced the D.J.
Megan and Frank started to dance and Megan was looking around the room for Pete. She couldn't find him, which made her upset, but she figured he probably went to the bathroom or something; he's not the type to just ditch her. When she returned her focus to the person that she was dancing with, she was surprised to see that it wasn't Frank.
"Hello, my darling," said William.
Megan's eyes widened and she gasped. William flashed her a wicked smile and spun her around.
"Wh-what are you doing here?" asked Megan nervously.
"Dancing, with you," said Frank.
Megan was now confused. She could have sworn that she had just seen William.
"Meg? Are you ok?" asked Frank.
Megan nodded and smiled. She was probably just being dilliusional. Frank and Megan finished their dance and everyone else continued to dance. Megan, however went to go and look for Pete. She ran out of the dance and looked around for him. She was abruptly stopped by William. Megan froze and took a step back.
"Where's Petey Boy?" asked William.
"I umm....I don't know, umm, oh my gosh" Megan stammered.
She was now surrounded by the Dandies and scared out of her mind. She helplessly looked around for Pete, but there was no sign of him at all. Luckily she saw Kristian and Joe, but they were across the room. She tryed desperately to get there attention, but she was too far away and the music was so loud that no one could hear them.
"Let her go!!" yelled Pete.
"Pete," Megan said under her breath.
"I said, let her go," Pete continued.
"Bite her Pete, bite her!! We all want to see," said William as he firmly held onto Megan.
Pete refused, because he knew that Megan was a vampire and that they were already blood-bonded. William then got annoyed and threw Megan to Pete. Pete held Megan in his arms. She was scared out of her mind and started to shake.
Suddenly, they were outside and Megan saw someone, whom was dressed a lot like her best friend, Ally.
"Ally!!" screamed Megan.
Ally didn't make a move. She was under William's trance. Megan yelled desperately to get Ally's attemtion, but failed. Patrick was filming Pete fighting the Dandies and Megan texted Kristian to tell her take cover.
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