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Why don't you just drop dead?

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A whole lot of stuff, that you'll just HAVE to read in order to find out!! Basically, The Dandies come and ruin Prom for Megan and Kristian. Enjoy!!

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Kristian gets the text message and is alarmed by it. She then shows her phone to Joe and tells him to read it; he is alarmed as well. Joe gets up and takes Kristian's hand and tells her to come with him. Kristian now becomes curious and doesn't quite know what to expect. She brushes it off like it's nothing and follows Joe out of the Prom. As Joe leads Kristian out of the Prom, Pete notices Megan yelling for Ally.
"Who are we texting?" asked William with a wicked smile.
"Why don't you just drop dead?" asked Megan.
Pete then walks over to Megan and trys to calm her down. William walks away from Pete, but still glares at him. Pete is talking some sense into Megan, but she doesn't want to listen.
"Megan, don't even waste your breath on getting her attention. She won't respond," said Pete.
"Why?" asked Megan.
"They've got her now. It's fine, well it's not really, but just let her be. Ok?" Pete tried to assure Megan.
"Pete, maybe we can just get her attention. ALLY!!" said Megan.
Pete was now getting annoyed and knew that he shouldn't let anything come as a surprise to Megan. He took Megan's arms and made her look at him in the eyes.
"She's under a trance!! The Dandies took her and put her under a trance!! They're is NOTHING that you can do about it!!" said Pete sternly.
Megan gasped and she began to sob. Pete wrapped his arms around her and apologized for raising his voice at her. He knew that Megan was a sensitive and loving person, that could only be pushed so far, but she was also very strong.
"Look, we'll get her back. I don't quite know how or when, but we will. I just need you to trust me and be strong for me," said Pete.
Megan nodded and whipped away her tears. Pete kissed her forehead and then walked over to Patrick, whom was still filming.
"Patrick!! Dude, STOP FILMING!! I need you to take care of Megan," explained Pete.
Patrick put his camera away and then walked over to Megan. He took Megan's hand and they went to into his car. Patrick started speeding down the road to his house; the temporary 'safe house', as it were. Megan was shaking and had a million thoughts running threw her head. Patrick assured her that everything was going to be ok, for now. He also explained that Pete would be by in a few hours.
"I hate William!! I hate the Dandies!! They ruined my PROM!!" cried Megan.
"Yea, he's a dick, but he's always been that way," laughed Patrick.
"It's not funny, Patrick. They have my best friend and Kristian's not even answering her phone. What if they got her, too?" Megan continued.
Patrick shook his head and continued driving. Once they reached Patrick's house, they walked inside and Patrick got together somethings for when Pete returned.
"Meg, I need to get back to Pete, ok? My mom is here and she'll make sure that you're ok. If you need ANYTHING, tell her or call me," explained Patrick.
"No, please don't leave me!! I can't take it, I need to know!!" said Megan desperately.
"Ok, I'll stay, but you HAVE TO be patient. 'Cuz I don't know when Pete will be back," said Patrick.
Megan nodded and snuggled up on the couch. Patrick put a blanket over her. She looked like a mess, her make-up was running from her tears and she had runs in her nylons from running without her shoes on. What a perfect night....ruined.
Meanwhile, back at the Prom, Joe and Kristian see Pete and the Dandies fighting. Kristian becomes scared, but Joe takes her away before the Dandies notice that she's there.
"Joe, where are we going?" asked Kristian.
"Don't worry about it, we just have to go," said Joe.
They headed into the limo and Joe locked the doors. He got into the driver's seat and waited for Pete's signal. Once Pete gave Joe the signal, PPete and Andy ran to the limo and Joe sped away. Kristian was beginning to freak-out. She had no idea what was going on.
They reached Patrick's house and they all met up with Patrick and Megan. Megan ran over to Pete and passionately kissed him. Pete then kissed Megan's neck and then hugged her and tryed to get her to calm down.
"Baby, what the hell is going on?" asked Megan.
"The Dandies are tough and I think they're after you," replied Pete.
"They're after Megan? Why?" asked Kristian.
Pete shrugged his shoulders and then sat down next to Megan. Pete wrapped his arms around Megan and she snuggled up next to him, putting her head on his shoulder.
The guys started to discuss a plan to get Ally back from the Dandies and how to keep Megan and Kristian safe, because they were almost certain, that William wasn't only after Megan, but Kristian as well.
Kristian started to get bored and she walked out of the room, as if she had to use the bathroom. She walked outside Patrick's house and started to wonder around the neighborhood. She came across a very attractive guy, whom was drinking a cup of tea. He looked at Kristian and flashed her a smile, that litterally took her breath away.
"Hello," said the attractive guy.
"Hi," said Kristian with a smile.
"Wondering around town at this time of night?" asked the guy.
Kristian nodded and blushed a little.
"Would you like to take a walk?" the guy continued.
Kristian nodded again, then they started to walk, together. They started talking and getting to know one another. By this point they were holding hands and Kristian was becoming more and more attractive to him.
"So, what did you say your name was?" asked Kristian.
The attractive guy looked deeply into Kristian's eyes and Kristian became weak and was immediately under his trance.
Once he had her, he smiled and replied, "William."
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