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'Zactly what it says....Where's Kristian? Where's Ally?? Where's Megan?? Those are the questions that are streaming around Naperville High. Enjoy!!

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"Would you like some tea? Megan," Mrs. Stump asked.
Megan nodded and Mrs. Stump poured her a cup of green tea. Megan drank her tea and tried to keep her mind off the bad and onto the good. She was also desperately trying to convince herself that Ally was ok.
Just then, Pete walked into the room and announced Kristian's disappearance. He also said that Megan had to come with him to search for her. Megan leaped at the opportunity and joined her boyfriend on their search for Kristian.
Meanwhile, William had Ally locked-up in the basement of his house. Ally wasn't under a trance anymore, so she was scared. She was also wondering if her friends and family were looking for her.
"Here, you have some company," announced William as he guided Kristian into the room that Ally was in.
"Ally!!" said Kristian.
"Kristian!! Oh my gosh, are you ok?" asked Ally.
William left the two in the room alone, together and locked the door.
"Yea, I'm ok. I mean I'm not hurt or anything, but how are Pete and Megan going to find us?" asked Kristian.
"I don't know. That's what scares me the most. What if no one finds us? What if we're stuck here, forever?" asked Ally as she started to sob.
The two girls started to sob together and were scared as to what the future would hold. The Dandies are vampires and the two girls are humans; so naturally, vampires need to feed and they would feed on the girls.
"That's your third bottle in the past hour. Are you ok?" Pete asked Megan.
"Yea, I'm just really thirsty, for some reason," Megan replied.
Pete immediately knew why. A young first time vampiress like Megan, needed blood, and fast. The only problem was that Pete's blood couldn't satisfy Megan. No, Megan need the blood of a mortal, and soon. Pete pulled over on the side of the road and started searching for his thermos that held a vat that Patrick had previously come up with.
"Drink this," said Pete as he handed the thermos to Megan.
"What is it?" Megan asked.
"Just drink it, trust me, you'll feel better," Pete assured Megan.
Megan took the thermos from Pete and smelled the concoction. She immediately made a face and tryed to refuse, but Pete encouraged her, so she plugged her nose and took a swig of it. After she swallowed a few swigs, she felt better and her teeth were all a flare. Pete laughed and put the passanger-seat visor down so Megan could admire her teeth.
"Check-out them beauties," said Pete.
Megan stared at Pete as if he were crazy and then saw an unfamilar reflection, that was staring back at her. Megan then touched her teeth and started laughing.
"This is soo weird!! I'm a vampire!!" laughed Megan.
Pete kissed Megan on the cheek and replied, "But a beautiful one."
"Awe, you're soo full of it," said Megan as she and Pete shared a kiss on the lips.
Pete then continued to drive until they reached Naperville High School. Megan gasped and then told Pete that she had better get her homework. He told her not to worry about it, because she should stay low for a while. Megan told Pete that she couldn't afford to have her G.P.A. go down, so Pete compromised with texting Kat's cell phone and asking her to bring Meg's homework to her house afterschool. Kat texted back, saying that she would and asked if Pete knew Megan's whereabouts. He told her that that was confidential and to just get the homework.
"Who was that?" asked Frank.
"Pete, umm, he wanted me to get Meg's homework and bring it to her house, afterschool," replied Kat.
"That's weird. Did he tell you where she was?" asked Frank.
Kat shook her head.
"What could've happened to her?" Kat asked.
Frank and Kat started talking about the worst possible senarios (sp??) about Megan's whereabouts.
"After the fiasco with those derby hat guys, anything could've happened," said Frank.
Kat nodded and then tryed to focus on what the teacher was lecturing about.
"I'm soo bored!!" said Ally.
"Me too, hunny, me too. Aren't they going to at least come and talk to us?" asked Kristian.
"Yea, I know!! I mean come on, this is a stupid hostage. No communication. Come on, 'Desperate Housewives' did a better hostage scene," laughed Ally.
Suddenly, William walks in and starts to talk to the two girls. The girls decided to annoy him with all of their girl-talk and girlie problems.
"Willie, is that ok if I call you that?" asked Ally.
"Well, it's a little perky, but I" William started, but was rudely interrupted by Kristian.
"I want Starbucks. Don't you Willie AM?" asked Kristian.
"Oh my gosh, it's like DJ AM!! Oh dear, he's a hottie," continued Ally.
Ally and Kristian continued to annoy William to the point that he snapped and tryed to compromise with the girls, to make them stop. William then came to an agreement with the girls that he'd get them both Starbucks, magazines, and chocolate, if they would just stop talking. The girls agreed and gave William a hug. William stared at the girls as if he wanted to jump on them and drain their blood; it was tempting, but he held himself back.
"Well aren't you leaving?" asked Ally.
"Ohh, right, yes, of course," said William as he turned his focus from the girls' necks to the door.
"Do you think I'm pretty?" asked Megan.
Pete turned to Megan and nodded.
"I think your beautiful and I especially love the taste of your sweet blood," replied Pete.
Megan and Pete were at a drug store, getting a few supplies for their hunt. Megan, needed some girlie things, and the latest issue of Vogue.
"Are you ready, princess?" teased Pete.
Megan nodded and walked up to the register to pay. They paid, got back into Pete's car and continued looking for Kristian and Ally. Pete knew where one of the Dandies' hide-outs were, but he knew that they were smart and would have several, hide-outs.
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