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The Plan pt 1.

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Pete and Megan return to Patrick's house and get a plan together. Enjoy!!

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"Well, I think we should just head back to Patrick's place. I don't feel that it's right for us to find William, together," explained Pete.
"And why is that?" asked Megan.
"I just feel that it'd be safer for you to be at a 'safe house' for awhile. Maybe you could stay with Kat?" suggest Pete.
Megan nodded and texted Kat on her phone. Kat texted Megan back and told her that she was welcome to stay as long as she'd like. So, Pete and Megan drove back to Patrick's house to discuss their current situation. Once they reached Patrick's house, they got out of the car and headed inside.
Pete gave Megan some clothes and then told her that he'd come back for her, when everything was ok. Megan then started to realize what was going on and started panicing. Megan's face was flushed and she was shaking. Her teeth were sticking out over her lips and her eyes were watering. Pete tried to calm her down before she jumped on the nearest mortal and sucked them dry of their blood.
"Megan, sweetheart, calm down," said Pete.
Pete then beckoned for Patrick to grab some of the vat that was in the fridge. He did so and Pete held Megan in his arms and she drank the vat. After drinking half a glass of it, she was calming down and Pete whipped the sweat from her forehead. He kissed her and told her that she was going to be alright.
"We have to go now, babe," said Pete.
"O-Okay," replied Megan.
Patrick gave Pete a few bottles of the vat for Megan to be satisfyed for at least a few days. Pete put all of the bottles into a bag and followed Megan into his car. Pete dialed Kat's cell phone and explained that Megan needed to stay inside at all times and in a semi-dark room. Kat agreed.
Once they reached Kat's house, she welcomed Megan with open arms. Megan could barely show any emotion, because she was still uneasy from her recent anxiety attack. Pete gave Kat, Megan's vat and told her to give it to Megan whenever she seemed to be extremely thirsty. Kat nodded and was a little puzzled, but brushed it off as if it were nothing. Pete then kissed Megan good-bye and returned to his car.
"Are you ok? Meg?" asked Kat concerned.
Megan nodded and Kat led her to the basement, where she'd be for the time being. Megan when to the bathroom to freshen up and once she returned, she was fine. Kat put Megan's drinks on the counter and then got Megan some blankets and a pillow. Since, Kat's parents had recently finished the basement, it was more of a guest house, so Megan felt right at home.
"Thank-you for letting me stay with you, Kat," said Megan.
"She speaks!!" laughed Kat.
Megan half-smiled.
"You're welcome, girlie. Do you need your drink?" asked Kat.
Megan's smile was now full and she laughed a little. Megan decided to tell Kat the news, because she had a right to know; being her friend and all.
"Kat, do you want to know, why I need that drink?" asked Megan.
"Because you get thirsty, a lot?" replied Kat.
Megan smiled and shook her head.
"No, there's something different about me and I think you should know. But you're going to have to PROMISE that you won't freak-out or get scared or anything," explained Megan.
"Don't worry, I won't. I promise," answered Kat.
Megan took a deep breath. She hadn't ever come-out and said this before, to anyone, that already knew.
"I'm a vampire," said Megan.
Kat then bursted out laughing.
"Right and I'm the queen of England," laughed Kat.
Megan then looked into Kat's eyes and said, "Kat, I'm serious. I crave blood, I have razor sharp teeth, and I can't control it," explained Megan.
Kat gasped and her eyes widened as she noticed Megan's teeth.
"You really are one, aren't you?" she asked.
Megan nodded and then sighed.
Meanwhile, Jeremy was sitting in his jail cell and reading a book, when his parole officer entered.
"You have a visiter," his parole officer said.
Jeremy then got up and followed his P.O. into a room. There he saw an attactive looking guy, with longish light brown hair and a black derby hat on.
"Hello, Jeremy. My name is William Beckett and I am here to help you," said William.
Jeremy then sat down on a chair opposite William.
"Ok, how so?" asked Jeremy.
"I know where Ally is and I know she'd be glad to see you," explained William.
"Really? I wish I could see her again. I really do miss her and I feel guilty everyday for almost killing her," explained Jeremy.
William started to tell Jeremy that he would talk to his P.O as well as the court to have Jeremy get out of jail on parole, but there was a catch. (There's always a catch).
"I'm the leader of a powerful group called 'The Dandies'. We protect each other, we get all the women that we like and we're unstopable, but they only problem is that we're immortal," explained William.
Jeremy nodded and William asked him if he'd like to join 'The Dandies'; Jeremy agreed.
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