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The Plan pt 2.

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Here we see more of Pete and Patrick. Also how Kat and Megan are with their current living situation. The Dandies pop into the picture more, in this chapter. Enjoy!!

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"Are you hungry? I can make you some food," said Kat to Megan.
Megan nodded then walked over to the counter and grabbed her drink.
Kat laughed and then asked, "Is that stuff even good?"
"Wanna try it?" asked Megan.
Kat took the vat from Megan and took one whiff of it and just about threw-up. Megan laughed and took another swig. She hated that she had to drink this vat, three times a day. Blood usually made Megan pass-out, but now it didn't bother her, duhh.
"Yea, I'll just have a green tea," said Kat.
Megan laughed and then helped herself to some cookies that Kat's mom had made.
"Alright, I think I know where William is, but we're going to have to make sure that he doesn't find Megan," said Pete.
Patrick nodded and asked, "But how?"
"Well, since he'll eventually find-out about your house being the 'safe house', he'll come here first. So, that's why Meg's at Kat's, for the time being. But we can't just keep hiding from him. We need to stand-up and fight back," explained Pete.
"We?" asked Patrick.
"Meg and me," replied Pete.
Patrick nodded and then continued typing on his computer. Pete then looked at a picture of him and Megan. He smiled at how beautiful he thought Megan is. Patrick could see that Pete missed her and wished that he could help, but knew that it wasn't his place.
"She'll be ok, Pete," said Patrick.
Pete took his focus off of the picture and to Patrick, then nodded.
"I hate William, I hope he won't touch her. I'll kill him!!" said Pete.
"Eventhough he's immortal?" asked Patrick.
Pete gave Patrick a look and then Patrick put his head down. Pete rolled his eyes and started to drink his vat.
"Welcome to the Dandies," said William to Jeremy.
Jeremy was now a vampire and an offical Dandie. He entered the Dandies' mansion and immediately knew that Ally was in the house. He went downstairs to where the two girls were. Once he reached to where they were he saw the two girls laughing and playing cards. Ally stopped laughing and looked directly at Jeremy. She just about passed-out.
"J-Jerem-my?" said Ally.
Jeremy nodded and flashed her a fangy smile. Ally and Kristian then became scared. Jeremy stared at the two girls and they stared back at him.
"You're out of jail?" asked Ally.
Jeremy nodded and replied, "Thanks to William."
Ally and Kristian both gasped and looked at each other.
To Be Continued
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