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I suck at summaries just read it!! Enjoy!!

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"Wow, I've missed a lot of stuff," said Megan as she stared at the huge pile of homework.
"Yea, but you'll be saved by my notes," replied Kat.
"Thank-You soo much. I would've been lost. You know me," laughed Megan.
Kat handed Megan a pencil and her notebook so that she could copy her notes. Megan hadn't been in school for a week and a half; people were starting to wonder where the Prom Queen had disappeared to. Megan was wizzing on by with her homework, she was good at that sort of stuff. Kat's mom had brought home pizza for the girls and brought it downstairs. They both dug into it and drank Mountain Dew, for once, Megan didn't crave blood for more than an hour.
Pete called Megan and they talked about what was going on with finding Ally and Kristian. Pete said that he needed Megan to come with him to mainstreet that night. She said that she wasn't sure that she was ready and Pete assured her that she'd be alright; that he'd protect her. Megan then hung-up the phone and looked like she had just seen a ghost.
"What's up?" asked Kat concerned.
"Pete wants me to go to this vampire meeting thingy tonight," replied Megan, still nervous.
She took a deep breath and then said, " I can do this. I'll kick some Dandie behind."
Kat bursted out laughing and almost choked on her Mountain Dew. Megan then joined in on the laughter. Just then Kat's mom called Kat upstairs and once Kat returned, she had someone with her. At first, Megan didn't recognize him. He was dressed in a suit, and had on a white bowler hat, he was tall, and attractive. Of all people it was....Rusty?
"Rusty? What are you doing here?" asked Megan as she gave him a hug.
"Hey Meg, I just haven't seen you in awhile and I wanted to see what Kat was up to, and her mom said that you were here, too, soo," Rusty replied with a familar smile.
Megan looked at Rusty puzzled. She was trying to remember where she had seen that same devilish smile before. She then shook her head and regained her focus. Megan, Kat, and Rusty then started talking and Megan became uncomfortable with talking to him. She then texted Pete and told him that something was different about Rusty. Pete immediately texted back and told her that he was on his way to get her. Megan didn't ask any questions she just packed-up her bag.
"Leavin'?" asked Kat.
"Yea, uhh Pete wants me to stay with him," replied Megan as she packed her bottles in a duffle bag that Patrick let her borrow.
Kat walked Megan upstairs and asked her why she was really leaving. Megan basically told her that Rusty was trouble and Pete didn't want her near him. Kat asked if she should get 'rid of him and Megan nodded.
"He knows about your house, now and that's dangerous," explained Megan.
Kat promised to get 'rid of him and then walked Megan to Pete's car. Pete got out of his car to help Megan with her bags. Kat returned to her house and formally escourted Rusty out of her house. Or well threw him and his creepyness out.
Hours later, Megan, Pete and the rest of Fall Out Boy, joined several other vampires on Mainstreet. Everyone were talking and Pete had his arm around Megan. Suddenly, the Dandies strolled onto the street. Megan then held onto Pete's hand and Pete told her that she was ready for this.
The Dandies brought upon Kristian and Ally to be their bait and Pete had Megan go to the front of their group. Megan, whom was dressed in a black tank-top and black zip-up hoodie, and jeans, and black ballet flats, nodded and walked to the front. William flashed her a wicked smile and brought out Ally and Kristian; the two were dressed really slutty with just a dash of goth. The girls tryed to yell for each other, but whenever they tryed to run to each other, Pete or William would hold them back.
"Pete, those are my friends, I need them!!" exclaimed Megan.
"I know, babe, but I can't let the Dandies take you," replied Pete.
William walked over to Megan and kissed her hand. Megan snatched her hand back and slapped him. William hissed and then he then tryed to put her under a trance, but Megan refused the trance. She just shot a dirty look back at him and her own wicked smile.
"You've got yourself a smart one there, Petey Boy," said William.
To Be Continued
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