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Mainstreet con't.

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Taking off from where we left off. Enjoy!!

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William and Megan kept giving each other smart-allic comments back and forth. William then looked at Pete and shot him a dirty look a long with a smirk. William then turned his back and started to walk towards the Dandies when Pete pounced on William and then the two started a brawl. The Dandies surrounded Kristian and Ally and Patrick took Megan by both arms and held her back.
"PETE!!!!!!" screamed Megan.
She was trying to squirm free of Patrick's arms, but Patrick just tightened his grip.
"Megan, stay back!!" yelled Pete to Megan.
Megan started to sob and then the Dandies came running towards everyone. It turned into an all out brawl betweeen the vampires.
Now, Patrick must have forgotten about Megan's protection, because he ran off to help Pete once some Dandies came towards him and Megan. When Patrick realized that he had run-off without Megan, he looked back at to where she was and then was surprised to see her beating the crap out of a Dandie!!
"Hello, Megan darling," said Jeremy.
Megan looked up at Jeremy and she looked as if she were about to pounce on him,bite his wind-pipe, and suck every last drop of his blood-out, it was tempting, but she kept her cool.
"Now, don't get upset. You're dear Petey Boy will be alright. He'll be perfect, once William's finished with him," said Jeremy.
"No he won't. William would kill him....if Pete could die, but that's not the point. The point is is that I need him and William'll pay if he hurts, Pete," exclaimed Megan.
Jeremy and Megan continued talking and Rusty decided to walk over to Ally and Kristian. The two girls were sitting on the ground with a few Dandies surrounding them. Rusty put on his womanizing charms and started to talk sweetly to the ever so frightened girls.
"I can't believe Megan's talking to Jeremy," exclaimed Ally.
"Yea, I know, it's crazy," replied Kristian.
"Why are you worried about Megan? She doesn't seem to be worried about you two," asked Rusty.
"What do you mean? Of course she cares about us. We're her best friends," asked Kristian.
"Look at her. She's flirting away with Jeremy; not even noticing that you two are still with us. Now is that how a best friend should act?" asked Rusty.
Rusty was trying to brainwash the girls into thinking Megan wasn't going to save them, but Kristian wasn't buying it. She knew that Megan was a loyal friend and wouldn't deny her girls for some guy. But what Kristian didn't know, was that Megan had a different side to her; she was the unfaithful type.
"She has ditched her friends to hang-out with her boyfriends, before," said Ally.
Ally was starting to agree with what Rusty was saying.
"Ally, what are you saying? She's ALWAYS been a good friend to you. Don't you dare deny it," said Kristian.
"She dumps the guy that she claimed to be in-love with, because she had to move. And then not even a month after the break-up she's making-out with his best friend," exclaimed Ally.
Rusty could see that his plan was slowly falling into place. The two girls were going to argue about Megan and then hopefully realize that Megan's not the same person that they both knew.
"Megan's a sweetheart and yea she's a little conceited at times, but deep down she's a great best friend," explained Kristian.
"She cheated on my best friend!!" yelled Ally.
Kristian and Ally started to argue about Megan being a friend. Eventually, Kristian and Ally were soo much into their arguement, that they hadn't noticed what had happened with Megan and Pete.
Megan was on the ground and Pete was tending to her. She was beat-up pretty bad. Apparently, Megan tryed to fight off the Dandies that were attacking Pete and she got herself hurt in the process. William was over by Jeremy and the rest of the Dandies; he was a little cut-up, but not much.
"Oh my gosh, Megan!!" said Patrick.
"Patrick? How bad am I?" Megan weakly asked.
"You'll be fine," replied Pete.
Patrick gave Pete a confused look and then saw that Pete was going to settle things straight with William, once and for all.
"Don't worry babe, I'll take care of it. Megan, I'll be right back, I have to go save the world," said Pete.
"Dude that's STILL my line!!" said Patrick to Pete.
Pete walked over to William, tapped him on the shoulder and socked it to him in the....balls. William fell to his knees and then howled in pain. Megan saw what was happening and laughed. Patrick helped Megan to her feet and walked her over to William and Pete.
"This isn't over, Petey BOY!! I'll get you and you're little bitch, too," cursed William.
Megan stood-over William, took his derby hat, placed it on her head, and replied, "Watch out for houses landing on you."
William was confused. Being a victious vampire, you don't really have time to watch old Judy Garland musicals. Which would explain why he didn't get what some smart-ass comments an actress would use as a comeback. Pete and Megan walked over to the Dandies. Megan saw Kristian and Ally; they noticed her as well. Kristian was delighted to see Megan, but Ally could've cared less.
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