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Best Friends....Forever?

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This is a chapter where Ally, Kristian, and Megan test out their friendship. Will Megan be faithful? Ohh yea, and another thing, Megan kicks some Dandie behind!! Enjoy!!

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Megan thought everything was alright between her and her two best friends. Ally stared at Megan like she was a plague, she was disgusted by how she was acting. Kristian was estatic to see Megan.
"Ally, what's wrong?" asked Megan.
Ally didn't answer, she just sighed, and ignored Megan.
"Ok?" said Kristian.
Kristian saw Joe and ran over to him. She started to cry because she was so happy to see him. Joe and Kristian had been apart for quite some time and they hated it.
Kristian then felt a cold hand grab her arm. She was then pulled from her boyfriend and back towards the Dandies. Squirming and screaming, she tryed to get back to Joe, but their grip was too tight.
When Kristian realized what was going on she saw that Rusty had a tight grip on her arm. He was ordered by the now recovered William to send Ally and her back to the Dandies' house. Ally followed the rest of the Dandies as commanded without any cause for concern.
"Ally, wait a second, let me talk to you," said Megan as she took Ally's wrist.
Ally snatched her wrist back and replied, "I gave you a second chance, and you're doing it AGAIN!!"
"Ally!!" screamed Megan as Pete and Patrick took her away.
The three girls were now being forced to leave each other. Could it be forever? Or only for a little while?
"Aw hell no!!" screamed Megan.
She was now enraged with revenge. For some reason, this next scene went along with the song 'I'm So Sick' by Fly Leaf. But anywho, getting back to the story.
Megan ran over to the Dandies and sank her teeth into a few necks. The Dandies howled in pain and tryed to fight-off Megan. Megan ran over to Jeremy and jumped on him. She was beating him up pretty bad to the point that both William and Pete had to get her off of him.
"MEGAN!!" yelled Pete.
He was trying to have Megan look into his eyes. Megan was panting from all of her anger. She would litterally, kill for her friends. Now that's commitment.
"Let her fight, Petey Boy," said William.
"Stay out of this, Beckett!!" yelled Pete.
William started laughing at Megan and calling her pathetic and a wuss. Megan then got fed-up with his taunting and walked over to William.
"Oh shit!!" said William as he saw Megan's razor-sharp white teeth all a flare.
"Ohh Willie AM!!" Megan said sweetly.
William ran over to the rest of the Dandies and Megan followed him.
Just then Kristian felt someone take her hand and pull her close.
"Don't be afraid," said the familiar voice.
"Joe?" Kristian said quitely.
Kristian then looked up at Joe and smiled. They then slowly ventured off to where Joe had a get-a-way car. Andy also took Ally's hand and whisked her away to the car. Before they could object, they were on their way to Patrick's house.
Megan, Pete, and Patrick had their own means of transportation. Patrick had a car waiting a few blocks away from Mainstreet.
"Drink this," said Pete to Megan.
Megan sat up and was confused as to where she was. She then realized that she was at Patrick's house and in his basement. She noticed Kristian and Ally were asleep on the floor in sleeping bags.
It was still late, so naturally Megan and Pete were awake. (They were vampires after all, people!! haha.)
Megan took the mug that Pete was holding; it was green tea. She drank it and it helped to ease her rapidly beating heart.
"Is there any sign of William?" asked Megan.
Pete shook his head and replied, "Nah, I think we've gotten him under control. For now, at least."
Megan took another sip and then wondered about her friends' safety.
"What are we going to do about Ally and Krissy?" asked Megan.
"They'll have to return to school, but Andy and Joe are going to be with them at all times. Because if William's going to return, it will be at their schools," explained Pete.
Megan nodded and thought that it was probably for the best. The two girls needed to go back on with life. Pete also told her that he would have to perform a mind-erasing trance, so the girls wouldn't spill about William and Mainstreet. Megan agreed.
Once the girls awoke, they explained the situation and the girls thought that it was good. Ally was starting to talk to Megan again, and told her that she was sorry for anything that she said or did. William and Rusty had brainwashed the girls into thinking that Megan wasn't a great friend to have, but after what Megan did, she apologized.
Pete put the two girls under the trance and they fell back asleep and when they awoke, they were to be at their houses, with their alarms set for school the next day.
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