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100 ways

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Gah...I dunno

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Pete's p.o.v
We collapsed after spending all of our energy.
I felt her lips curving as she traced my tattoo lazily.
"Found it?" I had whispered remembering she hadn't really seen it before.
"Yeah, it's really awesome, you know. The color scheme is really, really good!" she looked at it with a little more intensity.
"Yeah... it has all your favorite colors too." I nodded turning a bit so she could get a better look.
"Yeah...I can see it..."she smiled looking at me then reached up to kiss my swollen lips, eyes closed resting her forehead on mine.
"We can take a nap if you'd like" She looked cute, her eyes so distant her lips also swollen from the kisses we had shared.
"okay, can we take a shower first? I'm all sweaty and icky" she kissed my chest her hand running over my abs.
My hands followed hers as I felt a stirring down my body with her little hands working on my skin.
"I guess I'm ready for a little more fun..."I muttered reaching up for her lips.
"Pete, but we just..."I didn't let her finish, it was my turn now to run this game.

Alex's p.o.v

The room was completely dark now, I noticed when I woke up after the amazing hour we spent making love. Pete had been insatiable, really. I had about 20 minutes in between to take a shower and change the sheets but even that wasn't enough to dim his fire seeing that we had even had sex in the computer desk and in the shower.
I started to giggle as I remembered an song I used to listen to...

"Dripped through the hallways cause we started in the shower
(Not 99, not 98)
We didn't finish 'til we hit the kitchen counter
(I'll make love to ya, in 100 ways)

You got me curious, I want to know your game
(Know your game)
It's really simple girl, our goals are both the same
(Both the same)
Send me on a bottle rocket straight up into space
(Into space)
You're so outrageous, I'm so glad that you came

Speak your mind
100 ways
It's better for ya
Don't be a slave
Just speak your mind
Tell me what you like
Don't hold back now
It feels so right

I started to sing softly the song, when I noticed Pete was waking up as well.
His arm over his eyes, I could only see his smirk when he took notice of the lyrics of the song.
"Damn we missed the kitchen counter..." he sighed and also let out a laugh.
"Yeah...and don't even plan on it buddy, it's not happening..." I traced a tattoo in his arm just content to be with him.
"By the way all of this means we are okay? Like officially okay again? I don't want you to ever throw in my face that I used sex to get back with you..."he looked at me, his face serious.
"I'd never do that, Pete...I'm here with you because I wanted, because it felt right. I didn't want to be mad at you after you left. I was thinking and it's not worth to cry over something that was already explained and you were honest with me and that's something that I consider very important in a relationship so I'm giving you a second chance, and I ask you to come to me when something like this happens because I don't wanna be the last to know." I kissed him lightly the kiss deepened and I was much to sore to keep going.
"What's wrong?" he asked caressing my face.
"I'm uhm...tired..." I smiled sitting up a bit.
"Are you okay?" he asked when I made a face when moving my legs around the edge of the bed.
"I'm alright...just some sore muscles! It's gonna be okay..."I smiled getting up, walking slowly to the closed.
"My mom is going to notice if you keep walking like this..." he said sitting up as well, his lap covered with the sheets.
"Then I think I'll be here all night." I replied looking for a shirt and some shorts, since I already had some underwear on.
"Oh come on. I'm just kidding, girl! But we can always go in the store and buy some pain killers or something." He also headed for the closet to get some clothes on, he was pulling some dark blue sweat pants and a stripped navy shirt.
"No, I'm okay, just feeling a little sore and awkward." I smiled as he hugged me kissing my forehead.
"Okay then, I'm hungry so lets go downstairs."

Pete's p.o.v

We made our way downstairs slowly holding hands and making small talk about how late it was and giggling about it.
"I see the two lovebirds decided to come out of their love fest!" I heard my mom saying from the kitchen booth as Alex and I were sorting through the fridge.
"Hi mom...yeah we were kind of hungry..." I wasn't even bothered that my mom knew what we had been doing but a glimpse to Alex face and I could tell she was embarrassed.
"Oh I bet! I mean...I had to turn the tv on full volume so I could hear it. I mean you think I'm fooled by loud music and a locked door?" she teased laughingly.
Now I'm sure even I blushed. I decided to not respond.
"There's macaroni in the oven, heat it up a bit." She said as she came over and took Alex's hand pulling her along.
Both went to the tv room and I moved around to get the food ready, but I couldn't help but wonder what was going on.

"I'm so glad you guys are okay now, I feel like I was carrying a weigh in my shoulders for not being able to fully take one side in this." She laughed as we sat in the living room. I smiled.
"I'm glad too, you know...I never meant to be such a bitch but my pride was bruised."
"Yeah I can understand honey." She said taking my hand before Pete showed up in the door way.
"Sorry to interrupt but chef Pete has the food heated and ready for you m'am!!"
I laughed and followed him to the kitchen; I wish this could never end.
He'd be back in the next week and then we'd spend our last weeks together. I didn't want it to end, seriously.

A/N: Short chapter and it's basicaly pointless. Now this is exactly where I'm stuck at.
I'll try to write tomorrow!
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