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Sending post cards from.....

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Oh Pete comes and goes but now he is back to spend the last moments Alex can have with him. He plans a little get away trip but where are they headed?

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I took Pete to the airport that morning and I didn't want him to go, my heart felt heavy and the taste of goodbye was very bitter.
"Promise me that you'll behave..."I kissed his cheek as we waited for his flight. The airport was not crowded seeing it was basically 7:30 in the morning.
"I swear I'm going to be a good boy and I'll be back for you in a week so we can stay together until the last moment..."he trailed of and my heart sunk.
Before I could reply his flight was announced over the speakers, we shared one last kiss and he was off.
I spent the day over the Thompson's house, it was also my last week here since my Au Pair contract would expire, I would be staying just three weeks before my visa would expire and could complicate my trip back home.
"Will you come back here one day?" asked Kalena, while I combed the Barbie doll's hair with great attention.
"I guess I can come back to visit or on vacations...I really don't'll depend on what happens between me and Pete...I don't really picture him going to Brazil to visit me." I smirked; yeah that was kind of wishful thinking.
"Oh, you know I wish you guys would get married and have lots children..."said Maddie from the other side of the couch.
That reminded me of my appointment with the doctor this evening.
"Awww, the kids would be cute I'm sure. I bet they would speak, like two languages! How awesome is that?" said Kalena.
"Oh kids, I'm just not ready to be a mom, I love Peter. I do. I wouldn't mind having his babies but I still have to go to college, not that a kid would stop me from doing it, but I would have to give up certain things to make things work. And I'm a bad at multitasking!" we laughed, the thought of having Pete's babies have been on my mind lately, specially since last night we noticed that we had forgotten the condom. I had freaked out, wanted to buy that 'morning-after pill' but he didn't let me, said it was too late and to go back to sleep.
I had even asked him in the morning and he had said that nothing would happen and that we were...ok.
"We could watch them for you, you know! We learned a lot from watching you with Freddy." Maddie was watching too much tv lately, I guess.
"Aw, I'm glad I could count with you guys, IF I decided to have a baby but that's not really happening" the argument was over.

I got home around 8:30pm after my appointment with Dr. Lucca. She had been nice, had asked for some blood sampler for the next two days because she wanted to make sure I was not pregnant before starting BC, that kinda made me a little nervous and I had set up the blood test for Friday since I had to be with my stomach empty and such.
The week had been going slower for some reason; Friday would be really exhausting emotionally because I'd have to finally leave the Thompson's. I knew before I'd leave I'd probably go visit but it wouldn't be the same.
I called Pete that night, like every other night, it was Thursday already.
/Hey love! How are you?' /
/Oh Hey, Alexaaa! How are you? Its Patrick here, your boyfriend is in the shower right now, and I just answered his cell are you?"/ I smiled over the phone.
'Oh Hey Patrick! I'm good. How are you?'
I'm good, actually I'm pretty good! Can't wait to be home finally, tho!'
I heard Patrick talking to someone in the background.
'oh God your boyfriend is here, a towel wrapped around his waist and right now, he is reaching for the was good talking to you...b...'
The phone was abruptly taken from his hand.'
'My girrrrrrl.' Sung Pete into the phone, I just laughed.
'Hey boy, how are you? That wasn't very nice of you to take the phone from Patrick like that...' he laughed.
'Bah. He is used to it. And it's part of my charm to be an asshole sometimes.' It was my turn to laugh.
'Oh dear God. You are so full of yourself sometimes...anyways...that's what I love about you, I guess. Our conversation ran smoothly and I even forgot to mention how my doctor appointment had been, he had been so excited with the first stages of the new album that he couldn't stop talking. Seeing how much I loved the band I found myself as excited as he was. He told me about the new ideas he had for the new clandestine collection and that he even had a surprise for me but wouldn't even give me a hint.
'I can't wait to be with you again,'s been what? 2days and here I'm missing you like hell...' his voice was so soft I almost didn't hear him.
'Soon we will be together, okay?' I was tired and I didn't want the conversation to turn into a 'we have so little time to be together' because it always depressed me. I ended the call after a little while and went to sleep. Friday was only hours away.

It was 6am as I got myself ready for the exam. I wasn't nervous. I knew I should be, but it wouldn't help me so...
I knew the results would be ready in a week and a half or something, since it wasn't an urgency exam. Anyways I hated needles so I was dreading the moment I'd have to face it.
The exam was faster than I had imagined, it only took a little blood actually, after I went straight to a Starbucks to start my day a little sweeter.
I went straight to the Thompson's and that night Sally would need me to babysit a little after the usual time because she had some errands to run.
Me and the kids sat there watching movies, it was a little past their bedtime and none of them wanted to listen to me, all of them laid close to me. Freddy and Maddie were using my thighs as their pillow as I caressed both their heads in attempt to make them sleepy, in about 30 minutes I had succeeded and ended up falling asleep myself in the couch.
I woke up with Gary trying to remove the kids from my arms. I was startled
"I'm sorry Alex, I was trying to be as smooth as I could." He apologized.
"No problem! OmG! What time is it?" I helped him taking Freddy in my arms to put him to his bed. Sally was upstairs pulling the sheets back when I entered the room.
"It's around midnight...we got here sometime ago, but we were kinda unsure about waking you up." She looked at me and hugged me.
I was speechless but I knew what it was all about.
"I'm going to miss you very much, you are always welcome here, sweetie! You hear me? Whenever you need someone to talk I'll be here okay? If It gets to be too much living with the boyfriend you can come here...this is your second family honey!" we had tears on our faces now.
"Oh God women! So dramatic! Anyways...she is still going to be here tomorrow baby!" said Gary going out of the room chuckling.
I kinda understood Sally, I knew tomorrow she'd have to be cool and collected to show maturity to her kids so she decided to say goodbye now, I guess I could understand.
Sally took me home because it was just too late to get a bus and because she felt like it, that's what she said.
Saturday, I woke up with my bed bouncing somewhere around the middle.
I tried to look up but it was just too bright.
"Wake up sunshine...I'm here so it's time to wake up and get all excited because we are going to spend lots of time together." Ugh he kept bouncing like a little kid. When I finally looked up I could see he had some huge glasses on and was bouncing really high on the bed, I wondered how he hadn't just crashed on me.
"Aww you are here? Or am I dreaming?" I sighed and the bed stopped bouncing, I looked up and he was coming towards me, he cradled my face in his palms and kissed my forehead.
"I'm really here, and I want you to get up and pack a little because we are going on a trip" he said excitedly and I perked up.
"Really? Where are we going?" he shook his head.
"It's a surprise for now..." he got off the bed and walked over to my stuff getting a luggage he started to sort through my things.
"Where is your bikini?" he asked over his shoulders.
I had got up and was heading for the bathroom a little dizzy.
"Inside a plastic pack in the second drawer" I pointed.
15 minutes later I was showered and much more awake.

We sat in the kitchen booth talking.
"So you are going to be gone for exactly how long?" asked Mrs Wentz.
"Well I think that mostly two weeks or something." was Pete's reply. I couldn't stop looking at him, he just looked so good this morning, his face looked baby soft and his hair looked clean and cute.
I blushed when he caught me staring at him.
"What's up baby, you've been so quiet." He kissed my cheek.
"I'm okay; I'm just feeling a little off today..." I sighed kissing his cheek as well and holding his hand squeezing it.
"We have about 15 minutes to leave, anything else you will need?" he asked nuzzling my neck before getting up.
I run to the bathroom for some of my stuff and remembered next week would be my menses coming up so I packed some of my tampons.
"Ready to go?" I blushed as he caught me holding the little packs.
"What? You know...?" I shook my head
"Not yet, but according to my counts it's due on Tuesday." I pouted, and he did the same. "Well we will have to make the best of our trip while we can, right?" he leaned in and we kissed for the first time that day.
"I was wondering how long it would take you to actually kiss me..."I mused when we parted, he just smiled.
The elder Wentz took us to the airport before I called the Thompson's telling about the trip and that I'd be back soon, Sally wanted details and I told her I couldn't give any because It was a surprise, she had gushed about how romantic that was and that she thought Pete would be proposing or something by the end of the trip, I had laughed.
We stood there waiting for our flight, talking about normal stuff when our call was called up.
/"Next flight departing-gate nº 6 heading to New York."/
"This is us babe!" he picked up my handbag as we hugged his parents and moved towards the gate.
The flight went by much faster than when I first arrived, but differently than the first it had been so much fun, I was sure the guy sitting in front of us was about ready to tell us to go hell, just because we were giggling and taking pictures.
We exited out flight in a fit of giggles and the man was cursing us out as he passed us.
"OMG that was awesome. He was like so ready to get us thrown out of that plane!" he was being obnoxiously loud and I blushed as some people stared.
"Pete...shhh you are being too loud." I hissed, he looked at me adoringly.
"But babe you just LOVE when I'm being loud! Don't you?" he said even louder, I hit his shoulder and blushed.
"gah I hate you..." I giggled.
"Why are we in a international airport" I questioned and as a reply came a voice over the speakers.
"Flight to Brazil - Rio de Janeiro. Departure in half an hour gate nº 8." I looked up at him and froze. He smiled but said nothing.
What exactly was he thinking???

A/N:What do you guys think about Pete going to meet her parents?
Depending on where they are going the story might end sooner. I really don't know...because I love writing it, but maybe it'd be too boring if they made the trip to Brazil.
I was thinking Brazil or Hawai.
Help me to decide!!!
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