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stuck in the middle

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i've always been stuck in the middle with choices and family members oneshot

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Hey to you out there
I guess this story is for all you who seems to always competing against siblings and friends and are always left with decisions

I have always been stuck in the middle ever since my little sister was born maybe if she was not things would be different but then maybe not. Me just me not the adorable baby of the family or my glory, honor roll perfect older sister, who seemingly always grasps awards no matter were.

Ya it is just me in the shadows at home
I am:
A little awkward at an age
Not the prettiest,
Not the smartest,
Not the most dignified,
Not the most graceful.

My old school coach disagrees with me about the graceful part he said I make running a finer sport than ballet. I guess I just really started to believe what my sisters had said I'm the brother they never had (thanks a lot)

" Why can't you be more like your sisters"?
The words could not be any worse than that could it.
So, if I was going to be disappointed any ways I might as well go along with it right? So I would argue a lot and still do and still proud of it.

My shelter from all this was the outdoors. I grew a respect for nature and the animals in it. I still go out there sometimes but in the city, it is hard. Therefore, I retreat to the two things I love,
In addition, a spit of land called the park.

From a small town to the city of new Olympia was a big change kind of ...
I am still stuck in the middle
I am not the oldest that's jay
Not the calmest or most mature no were as near as jay
Definitely not the smartest either
Not the prettiest or the coolest as Theresa
Not the strongest, I do not even think I could ever be in the same category as Herry
Not handsome hell, I cannot even be the most self-involved person stupid Neil cannot even let me do that.
I cannot even be the most tempered person or varied personality moody one like Archie
I can run and shoot more accurately than everyone else!
I am so proud... not really

What I always hated about being in the middle was all the choices fell onto me, the neutral one
Sappy movies vs. documentary
Prissy pink or professional dark navy,
Party or studying,
Now it is barely different
Hang with Archie or Theresa,
This plan or that one,
Eating or napping (come on Herry can't you. figure that one out yourself )

The point is about everything above is not me so at least I have a clue who I am and what I want
And I am Atlanta!

... "So Atlanta what do you think I really want your opinion I'm thinking of going home to help my sick mom since my dad left her and I'm an only child but then I'm pretty much quitting the team and I won't see you any more and I love you but I also love my mother ..."

Always stuck in the middle!

It's short but that's what I wanted
Rate and review please
Angel of music

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