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the day i said goodbye

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Read it now! i have the story on it! after the first part that is! please read it again if you have already reda it! oh right summary: Archie is gone...Atlanta knows it's her fault, Crounos had to...

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Have you ever had one of those days?
one of those days
where everything seems to slip away?
you try to hide
and not to cry
but the tears are like a river
and unless your a beaver
there's no daming them inside.
I had one of those days,
my world fell apart
it started off with just a slip
and then i began to fall.
Mistake after mistake
again and again
why did he have to come and draw the end?
Attack us on my worst day?
drive tears to my eyes
as i beg myself not to cry.
I've been told we live on earth
i've been told all that happenes is god's worth
but that is wrong, i am living in hell today
earth is gone with my heart
far away
where i pray he is safe
he may never be here again
hold my hand and make me laugh
but i know he'll always be around
to lift me up when i'm down
but even with those happy thoughts.
why did you have to leave that way?
make me beg and cry for you to stay?
I know it didn't work,
but i wish it had.
Now all of earth will pay
for that one horrid awful day,
the day i lost my friend...
the day the world came to an end...
-Atlanta Hauntresse

I guess it started back this morning, when i got up, it started with just a bump on the head from my fallen canoe (dunno how it fell) then my slips and trips got bigger, they absorbed my fun, avoiding things, avoiding people that i didn't want them to see me this way! I don't know what had got into me that i was so clutsey, all that mattered was that i was clutsey! Once the day at school was done, we started home, Theresa kept her eye on me, and Archie looked worried. Theresa's consern was normal but Archie being so worried about me made me feel good, you know like i mattered to someone! I know Theresa cared, but i had never had a guy or man for that matter love me or care about me. Not since my dad dissapeared on a hunting trip when i was 13. So it was all new to me.

"Howwas school?" asked a deep voice from behind us "Crounos?" Jay said curiously turning around "crap" he said once he was sure who it was "glad to see me Jay?" asked the snake of a man "thrilled" I said dryly, Archie had removed his whipe and i had placed my lazer hinki majiger on my wrist. Theresa held her Num-chuks and Jay had that sword thing of his, and Neil was to absorbed in his image to care anymore. "So what is it this time Crounos? evil monsters, mutant dogs with dozens of eyes, or a giant chiken! i could dog some chiken nuggets" Archie said, Crounos smiled and clicked his fingers "guess wha Crounos, i can snap my fingers to!" I said clicking my figers like he had, Crounos laughed as the ground raddled underneath our feet "what?" i sid to no one "okay, giants were enough! But earthquakes! I have a very gentle stomach!" yelled Herry's angry voice, Crounos laughed again "i don't want to get you Herry, it's your friend i want right now" Crounos said "everyone stay close! he's going to try and take someone!" Jay yelled, Crounos looked striken "what! how'd you figure that out?" he asked angrily "you gave it away with 'i don't want you, i want your friend' thing" Archie said, he wasn't getting up, and the earth was moving fast, everyone was in the circle.

"Archie!" i yelled, he looked up, i started to run, but the ground was now openeing to reveal hot magma underneath it's broken floor "AH!" i screamed as i backed up, i tried to turn and run the other way, bu it opened again, i jumped, "Archie!" I yelled again, i saw the earth open near Archie. I ran faster, it was home free! tilli tripped over my own feet, i fell and watched, the earth envelopemy best friend...the guy that meant more to me then you could imagine, and ijust lay there, watching he slide, watching him die...
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