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Noe we HAVE to tell Brian

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Hey guys.... this is just a little filler to keep you going for a wee while till I figure out some things... so soz it's soooo short.

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Another few days later and Mikey and Frank had both noticed that Toni was only getting worse. She would sleep most of the day away and when she was awake she was drowsy. Mikey was talking to her one night after a show, just trying to make conversation really.

'So... how come your last name is the same as Brian's, but not the same as your mother's?' Mikey questioned her now sitting on the other side of the small table she was doing her homework at.

'Erm because David wasn't my real dad. My mum didn't really know who my father was, she had me when she was really young. She married David when I was barely a year old. But I still grew up with him as my father, I just didn't take the name.'

'Oh.' Was all that Mikey managed to form from his mouth. Mostly because of tiredness, but also because he had noticed Toni's eyes. They were dilated and she was just staring at the makeshift wall behind him.

' Are... are you okay?' He asked waving a hand in front of her pale, oval face.

'Wha... yeah... just tired.'

'You seem to be tired a lot these days' Mikey was subtly trying to find out more about what Frank thinks he saw.

'Yeah.. It's just the travelling I guess.' And with that, she collected up her work from the table and went to her bunk.


Mikey decided that he would talk to the rest of the group about Toni before he and Frank said anything to Brian.

' Hey, Gee, can I ask you something?'

' Yeah soot.'

' Well, it's Toni. Frank and I think that she just might be taking something... we don't know... maybe xanex or something like it. Haven't you noticed she hasn't really been herself lately, like always tired and stuff.'

'How do you know?.' Gerard replied with a furrowed brow.

'Frank saw her take something. And I've noticed too. Like the way she is really distant and always sleeping.'

'Okay... well I gotta admit that I have noticed how tired she has been.'

'What you guys talking about?' Bob chimed in from behind the brothers sitting on the soft seating.

'Oh well... we just think that Toni has been acting a little strange lately.' Gerard spoke softly to the blonde drummer.

' Oh yeah... she hasn't been looking too great lately has she? I saw her at sound check the other day. She disappeared for a while, when she came back she was on the phone. She said something about having enough 'stuff'.' He said with raised eyebrows, but then shook the thought away.

'What...ok.. Now we HAVE to tell Brian!' Gerard was still thinking, but he knew his younger sibling was right.
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