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After the Guys had their 'meeting' they waited until Brian came back from wherever he was to tell him about what they thought was going on.. While they waited for him they filled Ray in on what was going on.

Brian pushed the small plastic button that granted him entrance to the bus, the steps seeming higher than usual to his tired legs. When he got in the guys were still up. Little did he know that they were all waiting up for him.

'Hey what you guys still doin' up, are you not exhausted?' He said placing the keys of the rental car down by the kitchen area sink.

'Erm ... Well there's kinda something we need to talk to you about.' Mikey said, not quite sure of himself.

'Yeah sure. What is it?'

'It's probably better if we talked outside.' Frank said standing from where he had made himself comfortable on the floor.

'Okay then.' Brain said still not quite sure of what was going on. ' So... what is this all about guys?' He asked once they had all ushered him outside into the night. They all shot each other questioning looks and it was Gerard that finally spoke up.

' We think that Toni ... Well you see the thing is we.... Well.'

'Would you just spit it out already?' Brain demanded getting impatient.

'We think Toni might be taking some kind of drug.' Frank spat it out without really thinking about how he could phrase it properly.

'What?' Brian said with a grin playing across his tired mouth.

'Well, we don't know if you had noticed... but she has been sleeping a lot and been kinda out of it...' Bob was then cut off by Frank.

'... And I saw her taking something a few nights ago.'

The grin from Brian's face quickly disappeared when he heard this. His brow furrowed and when a light was switched on in the bus bathroom, he made a bolt for the door. He ran up the stairs almost effortlessly and jogged to the bunk area to find Toni's empty. He headed for the bathroom door which was ajar, he looked in through the small frame in time to see his niece tilting her head back quickly and look at him with a guilty expression. She had a small, plastic cylinder in her grip and she took a step backwards. Her eyes were wide with fear at the sight of her furious uncle in front of her.

'What are you doing?' His words hissed out of his mouth.

'N..nothing.' Toni said almost innocently.

' Just tell me what you are taking so that we can get you some help!' Toni's eyes narrowed in confusion.

'What do you mean get me help.'

'Whatever it is you are on... we can get you help to stop. Look I know ok. So there's no point in trying to hide it from me. The guys have seen you taking them.' His voice was softer now.

'Huh.... You are just like David.' She muttered catching on and shaking her head at her clueless uncle.

Once more a look of confusion overtook Brain's face.

'You think I'm a junkie... is that it?'

' The guys told me that...'

'The guys don't know shit.' Toni interrupted. She thrust the pill box into her uncle's hand. 'It's called Dramamine. It's for motion sickness. Okay I might have been a little excessive with them but they help with the sickness.' She said all this with slight venom in her voice.

Once more she shook her head at her uncle and pushed past him, with stinging tears in her eyes. She just knew something like this would happen. People always jump to conclusions about her. Davis was the same way.

Before he could stop her she was down the steps and out into the late night. Moments later the guys all came rushing in to see what had happened.

'So what did she say?' Ray asked cautiously.

'Dramamine' was all Brian said in response to Ray's question, and at the same time throwing the small container to Mikey.

'For motion sickness, may cause severe drowsiness.' Mikey read aloud to the rest of the group. They all felt guilty now about jumping to conclusions about her.

' Oh my god. Brian I'm so sorry man... I should've just kept my mouth shut.' Frank said, mentally kicking himself in the butt.

'No.. it's not your fault. You were just looking out for her ... and me. Thanks.' Brian gave a thanking and forgiving smile to the youngest member of the band.

'Ok .. I'm gonna go out in the car and look for her. She couldn't have gone far... she can't run that fast.' Brian was reaching for where he knew he had left the keys to the rental. But they weren't there.

'Hey do any of you guys have the keys.' He questioned the band. The all round answer was 'no'.

'SHIT' Was the thought they all had at the same time. They all rushed out to the parking area in front of the bus, to find both Toni and the rental gone.


Hey sorry for the long wait. Erm... I'm kinda having a wee bit of writer's block.... so please be patient coz the next capter might kinda suck. But it will get better once I get back on track.

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