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And isn't it strange to think that you created all of me?

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Kadence and Pete go out to lunch

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Chapter 15

And isn't it strange to think that you created all of me?

Pete's POV:

I have to figure out a way to win her heart over. I can't let her just slip out of my grasp; I've already lost her once and I wont let it happen again. I have to convince her that I've changed, that I'll be there for her and Spencer. But how? God this is so difficult. I need to sleep and maybe I'll think of something.

Author's POV:

Pete managed to get a couple of hours of sleep and woke up at 11 the next morning. Everyone was in the living room watching The Suite Life Of Zack and Cody.

"I love this show," Pete said sitting down next to Kadence. Spencer was sitting on the floor in front of Pete and Kadence.

"Me too!" Spencer said, not taking his eyes off of the TV. Patrick had a thought and ran into his room. He emerged seconds later and snapped a picture of Pete, Kadence, and Spencer engrossed with the TV.

"Hey! I look horrible right now Stump. You better erase that!" Kadence said laughing.

"You look gorgeous." Pete said turning to look at Kadence. She looked down at the floor blushing.

"I'm going to shower. Spence, stay out of trouble and get your stuff together so I can take you back to Bruce's when I'm done." Kadence said standing up.

"Why can't he stay here? He's not any trouble or anything." Pete protested.

"Are you sure? I don't want him to be a burden or anything," Kadence asked.

"No, it's fine Kadence. We all love Spencer and it'd be cool to have him around." Patrick said.

"Alright, well then I'll call Bruce once I get out of the shower." Kadence walked out of the room and Spencer turned to Pete.

"Well, what are you waiting for? Go ask her out to dinner!" Spencer said reading Pete's mind. Pete just smiled and headed upstairs.

"Hey, Kade can I talk to you?" Pete said tapping on her bedroom door. She opened the door in just a towel.

"Yeah, what is it?" She asked.

"Um, uh I was just...just wondering if you would come to lunch with me today? You know to talk, please?" He asked looking at the floor.

"Um sure Pete. I guess I could." Kadence said. Pete's head shot up in surprise.

"Really? Um ok then we'll leave once you get out of the shower." He said walking away. Kadence nodded her head and went back to taking a shower.

'So I just agreed to have lunch with Pete. This could turn out bad or good. What does he want to talk about? We defiantly need to talk about what's going to happen when the guys go back on tour. And what's going to happen at the end of the week...What am I going to wear? Wait that shouldn't matter! I can't let myself get caught up in Pete again. It always ends in heart break.'

Once Kadence got out of the shower she yelled for Chelsea...

"What am I supposed to wear to lunch today?" She asked her helplessly.

"I think I have the perfect dress! It's nothing too fancy, it's just a plain white sundress, very cute." Chelsea said and went to her room to fetch the dress. She came back moments later with a very cute dress.

"You have a great sense of fashion! You're like my savior!" Kadence laughed hugging Chelsea. She tried it on and it fit her perfectly.

"Pete will be blown away!" Chelsea said smiling. Kadence went with simple make-up, just some eyeliner.

"Alright lets go." Chelsea said grabbing Kade's hand and dragging her downstairs.

"Ready to go?" Pete asked staring at Kadence.

"Yeah." Kadence whispered. "Bye Spence. We'll be back in a little, be good for Patrick, Joe, and Andy.

"I will mommy. You look very pretty. Have fun!" Spencer said giving her a hug. Kadence thanked him and walked out with Pete. Pete opened the car door for her and then got in on the driver's side.

"So where are we going?" Kadence asked breaking the silence that had ensued for the first five minutes of the trip.

"A diner I found here the first time we came to LA. It has really good food, you'll love it." The rest of the trip was silent besides the music that played lightly in the background. Once they got there, Pete was again opened the door for Kadence. They were seated in a booth in the back of the diner, so that Pete wouldn't get spotted by obsessive fans. The waiter came over after a few minutes. Pete took Kadence's menu and ordered for both of them...

"Two bacon cheeseburgers with French fries and a large chocolate milkshake." Pete said handing the waiter the menu.

"Alright it'll be out in a minute." He said walking away.

"How do you know I'm not on a diet?" Kadence asked after the waiter was out of earshot.

"You don't need to be, you look great." He said looking up at her, "Plus that's what you always got when we used to go out to the diner in Chicago."

"That was six years ago. How do you know my appetite hasn't change?" Kadence shot back.

"You never like change," Pete retorted.

"Well I've grown up. Why don't you try it sometime."

"Kadence I didn't ask you to lunch to fight. We need to talk."

"About what?" Kadence asked.

"About us, and Spencer. I want to be in his life, your life. I want to be a family Kadence. I need this."

"You say that now Pete, but what about when you go on tour? You always liked change. You could never stay in the same place for long periods of time."

"You guys can come on tour with us. I'm sure AP would love all the articles you could give them about us. And we can home school Spencer, I've got the money Kadence. We'll make it work!" He said taking her hands in his across the table.

"I don't know Pete. Give me some time to think about it ok? That's such a big step and I just forgave you. I don't know if I'll be able to deal with that so soon. Plus I don't know how Spencer will do on the road."

"He's my son, he'll do fine." Pete said smiling, "But I'll give you the time you need. I...I love you Kadence." Pete said looking into her eyes. Kade saw something in his eyes, hope?

They shared small talk as they ate. Talking about Spencer and life on the road. Pete trying to convince Kadence to go with them. She still hadn't given in by the time they got back to the apartment. First she needed to talk to Spencer. Meanwhile Pete was talking to the guys about her and Spence coming on tour.

"Spencer, I need to talk to you." Kadence said shutting her bedroom door.

"What is it mommy?" He asked curious.

"Pete...Pete wants us to come on tour with him and the guys. So that he can get to know you better. But I don't know if we can because you have school and I don't know how you'll do on the road." Kadence said.

"He really wants us to come? Please can we mom? I really like uncle Patrick, Joe, and Andy. They're so much fun! I'll be really good, I promise! Please!?!" Spencer said looking up at Kadence with puppy dog eyes.

"We'll see, I want to talk to Patrick, Andy, and Joe about this first. Okay love?" She asked kissing him on his forehead. Spencer just shook his head yes. Kadence and Spencer made there way back downstairs and found all four of the guys on there knees with there hands clasped together begging them to come on tour with them.

"Please Kadence! We'll have so much fun!" Patrick said

"Let me call my boss and set it all up," Kadence said sounding defeated.

"Does that mean we're going mommy?" Spencer asked getting excited.

"Yes. We're going." Kadence said smiling.

Woot an update! haha yet again sorry it took so long. i didnt have time to finish writing the chapter friday night before i left and then sunday i had to go to some superbowl party. lame. the colts won. haha. but anyway, the chapter title is from Masterpiece by Meg and Dia. i just cant get enough of them! there amazing! Please Review!
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