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Enter Frank Wright

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Seqeul to Coming Out! After many years Billie and Mike are reunited with Tre! But do they remember? SLASH!

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~~~ 10 YEARS LATER ~~~

It has been ten years since that day long ago when Tre Cool had been taken away from his friends by his ruthless father.

"Come on John... You can't quit the band!" Billie Joe Armstrong said in desperation.
"It's my choice. Beside Billie, are songs aren't going far and well I rather get some schooling in and become something with my life." John - their drummer - said as he continued packing his boxes up.
John didn't mean to be harsh or stuck-up, but he was ready to go to college and make his life count.
He was the only one in this 'Sweet Children' band that actually passed High School.
Billie had dropped out, and gotten a job.
Mike had only one class to take, but like Billie he dropped out.

And that had been over seven years ago!

"I'm sorry Billie, but I can't keep playing drums for a living." John said.
"It's okay John, it's just well the band'll miss you." Billie said looking down at John's bedcovers.
"Maybe you should get a high school degree and then 'make' something of your life." John said trying to motivate Billie.
"I already know what I want to do in my life. Play music, make people happy." Billie said cooly.
"We'll then goodbye Billie Joe." John said as he finished packing up his boxes.

~~~ 2 WEEKS LATER ~~~

"Mike, what are we going to do?" Billie asked two weeks later as he streched on his bed.
"I don't know. Maybe we should just keep working and forget about playing in the band." Mike suggested.
Billie stood up and stared at Mike; his mouth agape.
"You are fucking delerious." He said putting his hand over Mike's forehead.
"Ah, fuck off Billie. If you really want to continue to play music than we have to go find a new drummer." Mike said pushing Billie's hand off his forehead.
"Yeah okay let's do that!" Billie said as he started making flyers.

~~~ WEEK LATER ~~~

A week later Billie and Mike had people coming into an old broken down warehouse to hear them play.
A couple were good, but nobody was fast enough.
Until HE came...
He walked onto the stage and sat behind the drums.
"Hi. Um what's your name?" Mike asked as he wrote something down on his notepad.
"My name's Frank. Frank Wright." The person said as his right hand started jittering.

"Okay Frank... um... play us any song." Billie said as he looked up at Frank.
Frank started playing on the drums, starting slow but speeding up.
When he was finished he sat back with a smirk on his face.
Billie was in shock, not even John could go that fast.
"Congratulations. You're in the band!" Billie said as he threw away his notepad.
"Really?" Frank asked, his smirk never leaving his face.
"Really!" Mike said as he gave Frank the address to where they played songs.

~~~ NEXT DAY ~~~

"Jeez, Frank. Where did you know how to play so fast?" Billie said after a successful band pratice.
"I've always played. Since I was about thirteen or fourteen." Frank replied.
"Anyway, I have to get home now. See you tomorrow for band practice?" He asked walking towards the door.
"Sure." Mike replied as he kept strumming on his bass.

After Frank had left Billie looked at Mike before stating, "Man, he's so fast. Even John wasn't this fast. The only person I could even dream of coming close would be Tre..." Billie zoned out a bit, his vision showing him the bad memory of when Tre had been taken - no, not taken, riped - away from him.

That's when other memories of Tre started leaking their way back into Billie's head.
"Aagghh!" He screamed as he cluchted his head and fell to the floor.
"Billie? Are you alright?" Mike asked as he propped his friend up against the wall.
"I'm sorry Mike. It's just... these memories of Tre..." Billie said while clutching his head.

Mike got up and started pacing around the room, while Billie screamed at the memories hitting him.
'Where did this guy come from? He's as fast as Tre Cool, but he's name isn't Tre Cool, it's...' Mike thought before snapping his fingers together.
"Billie!" He shouted.
"What?" Billie asked as he pushed the memories back down.
"What was Tre's real name? You know the one his parents gave to him?" Mike asked getting excited.
"I don't know. We've always called him Tre. Why?" Billie said not getting where Mike was getting at.

"Come here." Mike said as he opened a small closet.
He pulled out a dusty looking book.
"You like collecting books, Mike?" Billie asked smugly.
"No, this happens to be our old yearbook." Mike said flipping through the pages.
After a few moments Mike shouted out, "Aha! I knew it!"
"What?" Billie asked.
"Billie we have our old drummer back!" Mike said happily as he pushed the yearbook under Billie's nose.
Sure enough there was a picture of Tre. Except underneath the name read: FRANK EDWIN WRIGHT III!

"OH MY GOD!" Billie said in shock.
He looked at Mike before both of them saying, "TRE'S BACK!"

Billie was overjoyed. He had Tre back in his life.
"When do we tell him about being Tre? Do you think he'll remember?" Mike asked Billie.
Mike had noticed that Tre did act differently.
"We'll tell him tomorrow Mike. Oh my god, we got Tre back!" Billie said stilling getting all excited.

But Mike wasn't so sure that Frank - Tre - would remember. Something about him was different...
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