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Tre's back...?

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Billie and Mike are thrilled to have their old friend back! But does he remember being Tre Cool? SLASH!

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Billie sat getting more hyper as he looked at the red clock on his office wall.
He had been lucky to find a job like this one. He did hate it, but it payed for the utility.
All his job did was make sure that these big machines worked properly. It was lously job, but payed well.

Billie was getting hyper more because once his shift was over he would be able to meet Mike and Frank - Tre - at the old warehouse (where tryouts were held) to play some of their 'old' songs (again).

'Come on. Come on, piece of shit... Move faster!' Billie thought angrily as he looked at the minute hand moving awfully slower than usual.
Finally the minute hand ran past the 12 and Billie got up, grabbed his stuff, and punched his card out.


"Sorry guys. Sorry..." Billie trailed off as he ran into the warehouse with his guitar.
"Finally Billie. I guess you're having too much fun at your job." Mike teased, while adjusting his bass strap.
"Oh fuck off Mike." Billie said as he punched Mike lightly on the shoulder.
"Say... Where's Tre?" Billie asked looking around.
"You mean 'Frank'? He's in the other room, tunning his drums or something like that." Mike replied lamely.
"Mike, you know his name is Tre." Billie said glaring a little at his friend.
"So you say..." Mike said avoiding Billie's stare.

Billie left the bassist and headed towards the other room, to see his 'old' drummer.
"Hey T-- um... I mean Frank." Billie said as he walked into the room where Frank was banging on his drums.
"Sup' Billie?" Frank said, never minding how close Billie had come to saying 'Tre'.
"Nothing much. So um... You ready for a good practice?" Billie said as he plugged his guitar into one of their amps.
"The hell I am." Frank said, his eyes shinning bright.
Mike walked in and raised a eyebrow at Billie before winking at him.
Shut up! Billie mouth to him.
Mike just shrugged his shoulders and plugged his bass into a amp and started plucking a few notes before nodding his head at Billie.
Billie nodded his head and he and his 'band' started playing songs.


"So when are we going to tell Frank that he's Tre?" Mike asked Billie after another successful practice.
"Tonight. We're having a 'camp-out' and we'll tell him then." Billie said.
"Okay." Mike said shrugging his shoulders as he finished packing up his bass.
"Yo! T--, Frank, wait up." Billie said as he ran after their drummer.
Frank turn around and looked at Billie before saying, "Yeah, Billie?"
"Me and Mike... we're having a little 'camp-out' tonight here. You want to come?" Billie asked as the drummer looked at him questionally.
Frank took a few minutes thinking before saying, "Sure. Won't mind if I bring some marshmallows?"
Billie laughed then nodded his head and said, "So we'll see you tonight?"
"Yeah." Frank said laughing too as he head towards his car.

~~~ THAT NIGHT ~~~

"Where is he Mike?" Billie asked looking around. Billie still didn't know how to come out and tell Frank who he really was.
"He'll come Billie. Relax, breath in and out." Mike said demostrating how to breath.
"Oh shut up Mike." Billie said as he 'play' wrestled Mike to the ground.

"Ah... I'm too late for the wrestle?" A voice said making Billie and Mike stop fighting.
Frank looked down at them, holding a box in his hands.
"Nope, you'll have your turn later." Mike said as he pushed himself up off the floor.
"What's in the box Frank?" Billie asked trying to peer inside.
"Food. What else?" Frank said grinning as he set the box down.
The box was filled with three bags of huge marshmallows, three sandwichs (already made), and about nine bottles of 'Sameul Adams' beer.

Frank cracked his top off and said cheers to his new friends as he started drinking.

Later that evening Frank did have his chance at wrestling, with Billie.
They had so much fun that they both passed out on to the floor.
Billie rested his head against Frank's chest, listening to his 'old' drummer's heartbeat.
"Um... Billie... You mind getting off me?" Frank asked as tried to get up.
"Oh... Sorry about that Frank." Billie said as he removed his head from Frank's chest.


"Is now the time to tell him?" Billie asked Mike after they had finished their sandwiches by Frank.
Mike nodded his head.
Billie gulped some air before heading towards his drummer.

"Um... Frank we have something to ask you." Billie said getting Frank's attention.
"Okay, shoot." Frank said grinning again.
"Did you have any other names beside Frank? Like the name Tre?" Billie asked.
Frank's grin disappered completely and he stared daggers at Billie.

"Where did you here that name?" Frank said grimancing a little.
"That was your name. A long time ago... Don't you remember?" Billie asked as he scooted closer to Frank.
"No. That was never my name." Frank said as Mike walked over to them.
"Well how do you explain this?" Mike asked as he showed Frank the yearbook.
"THAT'S NOT ME! THIS IS BULLSHIT. YOU GUYS ARE SO FUCKED UP!" Frank shouted as threw the yearbook away from him.
"No we're not. Tre come on. It's us. Remember? We helped you through your cutting days." Billie said as he placed his hands around Tre's waist.
"NO! BULLSHIT! GET AWAY!" Frank yelled as he pushed Billie away from him and ran up towards the roof of the warehouse.

"It's not bullshit. Tre why won't you accept your old name?" Billie said as he looked at Mike.
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