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Tradegy of a past

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Billie and Mike confront Frank (Tre) about his past. SLASH!

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Frank burst from the staircase on to the roof of the warehouse, gasping for breath.
'No, no my name's not Tre.' He thought while clutching his head.
Tears strolled down his cheeks into his mouth, making it taste salty.
'It's not Tre. It's not Tre!' He said inside his head while sobbing openly in the cool night air.

Billie and Mike rushed up the stairs to find Frank - Tre.
"The hell's his problem Mike?" Billie asked, trying to keep up with the taller man's runs.
"Billie, do I honestly look like I know?" Mike snapped at him, slowing down for Billie to keep up.
"Sorry, Mike. Something must have happened to him."
'But what happened to him?' Billie thought sadly.

The two members burst from the stairwell three minutes later.
They found Frank teetering around the edge. He was yelling out at nothing well clutching his head.
"Tre! Tre get away from the edge!" Billie shouted to him.
Frank stop teetering, stood up, removed his hands from his head and glared at Billie before saying, "WHAT DID YOU CALL ME?!"

"Tre. Tre, you're going to be okay. You're back with us. Don't you remember?" Billie asked as he tried to break through to Tre.
"THAT'S NOT MY NAME!" Frank yelled as he ran at Billie, slamming forcefully into him.
Billie cried out in surprise as Frank's body slammed into his.
"IT'S NOT MY NAME! IT'S NOT!" Frank yelled as he started attacking Billie.
"Tre stop, please! TRE!" Billie pleaded with the drummer.
"STOP! IT'S NOT MY NAME!" Frank yelled still punching.

Mike grabbed a hold of Frank and hauled him off of Billie.
"Tre, stop acting weird." Mike shouted at Frank.
"Grrr... THAT'S NOT MY NAME!" Frank shouted angrily as he dove at Mike.
Mike was thrown to the ground, but he was back up in no time.
As Frank charged at him, Mike grabbed him and threw him against one of the heating vents; up top the warehouse.

Frank's back and head hit the vent. He screamed in pain before putting his hands in front of his face.
"No, please Dad, don't." He said in fearful tone, tears pouring out of his eyes.
"There's nothing wrong with being gay... AAAGGGHHH!" Frank screamed, ironically in some kind of memory.
Billie, raising to his feet and stroking his left arm, looked at Mike.
Mike shrugged his shoulders.
Billie got closer to Frank and sat down next to him.
"Tre? Tre you okay?" Billie asked as he got closer to his friend.

Frank rose his head and looked at Billie, and Billie gasped.
Frank's eyes which had of course been blue, were bright blue, sparkling even. 'Those are Tre's color eyes.' Billie thought.
"Tre?" He asked again.
"Billie? Billie, it's me! Aaaggghhh! Please help me Billie, please." Tre screeched as he started thrashing around.
His thrashing accidentally shoved Billie away from him into Mike.
"Tre? TRE!" Billie yelled at the drummer.

"Help me please... Please?" Tre shouted before passing out on the roof.
Mike stared incredously at Tre's stiff form, while Billie rushed towards him.
"Tre? Tre, wake up. I'll help you. We'll help you!" He said stroking the soft cheek of his long lost drummer.
Mike started sitting down to be with Tre and Billie, but was stop by seeing a dark blob leaking from Tre's right arm sleeve.
"Billie! Look there!" He said pointing at Tre's right arm.
Billie, tears going down his cheeks, looked at Mike.
Mike rushed over and started pulling up Tre's arm sleeve.
As he did so, blood started pouring out.

"OH MY GOD, TRE!" Billie yelled, tears now pouring out of his eyes.
There was a huge scar running down his arm where the blood was coming from.
Mike not wasting anytime, started to call the hospital.
"Tre... Tre." Billie said clutching onto his drummer.

Tre didn't move. He lay there, eyes close, while his friends cried over him.
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