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Roadside stop and Stormy Weather

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Emma and the guys are on their way to Ottawa for an evening performance. Only a freak storm heads in last minute. Emma decides to pull over and wait for condisions to clear. Yet inside the Bus the ...

Category: My Chemical Romance - Rating: R - Genres: Drama, Humor, Romance - Characters: Bob Bryar, Frank Iero, Gerard Way, Mikey Way, Ray Toro - Warnings: [V] [X] - Published: 2007-02-06 - Updated: 2007-02-07 - 743 words

Rain splashed the windshield; it fell away as the wipers pushed back and forth. The driving was murderous, and Emma couldn't see a thing. She looked down at the radio clock, she had a few hours to spare. Slowing the bus Emma pulled off into a lake picnic area. The guys had emerged from there beds, dazed and curious as to why they were stopping. Frank; pulled on a shirt which read "YES!" across the chest and sat down on Mikey's bed. Mikey was sitting up and rubbing his eyes. Bob however was standing now and looking through the tinted windows; he squinted as he tried to make something of the rain dripping window. Emma pulled to a stop and shut off the ignition; grabbing the intercom she spoke,
"Alright, We are stopping briefly, when i can see something I'll start again."
Gerard dragged himself from his bed and began drinking his morning old coffee. Toro cringed his face and then looked at Emma: She was pouring over a map and whispering to herself. Joining her at her side Toro grabbed Emma's hand away from the map.
"Hi Toro," She smiled and then withdrew her hand to put away the map.
A blur of blue and black dashed past Emma and Ray; the two looked down the bus steps to see frank frantically trying to open the front doors. Emma pressed her finger's down on the dash keyboard and the doors slowly slid open. Almost as soon as Frank had dashed outside; Gerard had pushed Toro in Emma by accident chasing after Frank. Ray's face now lay it's nearest to hers, closer than it had ever been. Emma looked into eyes; heart racing, she leaned up but refrained. Bob broke their moment,
"Are you guys coming?"
Toro stood upward and brought Emma with him,
"Yeah," he replied, "We're coming."
Emma clutching her stomach, followed behind Ray. They stepped off the bus and rain blasted them soaking wet. Frank ran up to Emma,
"Give me a hug!" He cried, Emma backed away; Frank reached his mud covered Arms.
Emma shook her head jokingly as he came closer. Mikey tackled to the muddy Frank and soon they were both covered.
"You guys are not getting back on the bus," Emma cried with laughter.
No sooner had she spoken her words then a mucky mud covered Gerard slammed into her. Bob knocked on the window above the bus and waved; Ray raced back on and pulled Bob outside, where Frank and Mikey threw him to the ground. He pulled Frank back and then pointed at Ray. Toro stood arms wrapped around himself; soaking wet, he was going to be clean for a few more seconds, and because of this he took off running.
"Get HIM!" Bob Yelled and soon everyone was chasing Ray.
Emma fell behind the rest of the guys and soon stopped to catch her breath. She felt someone behind her; but was unable to scream. A hand covered her mouth and pulled her off behind a set of trees. The guys ran past the thicket still in search of Ray; he inadvertently dodged behind an oak and then had disappeared. Emma tried to break free but was held tightly. Her captor pulled her to the ground and she turned to see his face.
"W-what are y-you doing?"
"Shh," Ray replied placing a finger to his lips.
Emma nodded now realizing that Toro was laying on her ever so gently. He stroked her hair and smiled. Emma calmed her nerves as she leaned up and met his lips. He met them slowly; opening his slightly and feeling the warmth of her mouth. She reached up under his shirt, her hands shook but took to his warm chest. He removed it and placed it under her head; Emma kissed him harder and grabbed his strong arms; feeling them flex as they opened her own shirt. She pulled her arms out their sleeves and began to unbutton her own pants Ray help her pull her legs free and kissed her again. Toro removed his skinnys; Emma ran her fingers through his wet hair. She smiled as she took the last of her garments off.
"I love you Emma," Ray whispered as he did the same as she.
She paused and stared into his darting eye's,
"I love you too Toro," she replied.
He touched her cooling skin and felt it quiver,
"I won't ever hurt you."
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