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Finally, they make it to Ottawa Safe and Sound. But for Emma and Mikey's secret it's threating to sound off. Ray doesn't know and it's eating their hearts out. So Does Jordan get the boot?

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The Guys and Emma walked down a long corridor before; joining a large room with costume rack and snack table. Gerard quickly moved to the coffee machine in the corner and frank followed. Ray and Emma walked to the table looking over the snacks, Ray pulled a can off the table and handed it to Emma.
"Rockstar," She whispered with a smile.
Ray moved his hand from Emma's waist to her shoulder line; gently rubbing the back of her neck. He leaned in and kissed her forehead; before leaving, to speak with their manger. Emma clicked open her drink and took a small sip; Bob suprized her from behind.
"So how was Toro?"
"Excuse me?"
Bob raised his eyebrows at a now smirking Emma, "He didn't say anything but you to did come out of the bushes together."
"And that is none of you're business Bob," Mikey interjected.
"Well unless you leave a bunch of twigs in the bus shower drain," Frank replied now joining the group.
Mikey shook his head; Emma lightly smacked Frank. A man clutching a clipboard emerged from a stage door; Emma shooed the guys away for their sound check. Her phoned began to buzz as soon as the guys left. She checked the caller display and slowly anwsered the phone.
"Emma," She mumbled.
"When did you answer with no hello Emma?"
"Are you angry?"
"Is that even a question?"
"I didn't do anything."
"Thats right you didn't."
"Why are you dragging up the past?"
"Maybe cause everyday it feels like the present."
"You know, I had and still have feelings for you, are we really going to fight about this or are you going to come and open the bus so we can have a better chat."
Emma paused with shock scraping her insides, she clutched her stomach,
"How, d-do you know...?"
"Come on Emma, I know you, we've been friends since you were 16, just come outside and we'll talk-"
"I could call security."
"You wouldn't, I know you."
"I-I'll see you in a few minutes."
Emma left the room and quickly moved to the bus; there she saw Jordan, tanned and still tall; hansom as ever. Feelings came rushing back, pouring over her mind. She felt sick this time though; and had to clutch a railing on her way down the steps. Jordan leaned against the bus smirking. Emma Ran towards him pointing at him,
"You could be hauled out here," She was yelling.
Jordan grabbed her ruffly by the arms; he pressed his lips on hers. She squirmed and tried to push him off; his fingers dug deeper into her skin. Emma broke free from his mouth for a second,
"It hurts," she whimpered before He slammed her against the bus.
Pushing himself in between he thighs he worked his hands up her shirt. Emma turned her face to speak again,
"Stop, please, Stop."
Jordan paused and looked at a now shattered woman; he let go of Emma and watched her slowly sink to the ground. He slammed his hand violently into the bus.
"Fuck Emma," He yelled.
Emma sat and slowly let tears fall from her eyes,
"I may have loved you, but i don't anymore."
Jordan roughly pulled her to a stance, he stared into her darting eyes. Emma shook her head at him,
"I HAVE NO FEELINGS FOR YOU, THEY'RE GONE!" She screamed, Emma couldn't stand her weak self anymore.
Jordan closed his fist and punched her.
"Mikey?" Emma whimpered clutching her gut; she recognized Mikey's voice right away.
"What are you doing?" Gerard Yelled following Mikey.
Body guards slammed Jordan into the bus; dragging him away. Emma collapsed into Gerard's arms.
"I can't Breath."
"Just try," Gerard whispered.
"Toro?" Emma coughed.
Toro emerged from a now forming crowd out the back of the concert hall; Emma shakily wandered over to him tripping into his extended arms.
"Was that Roger?" Ray asked stroking her soft hair.
Emma looked up into his eyes petrified, "oh god..." she whispered.

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