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Is this going to become horribly pearshaped

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Emma tells Ray everything.

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Emma And Toro sat on the bus alone. Emma rung her hands roughly; and Ray saw that this was more then he'd been led to believe.
"I-I," Emma started and then swallowed, "That man, he wasn't Roger, his name is Jordan. I have had feelings for him for as long as I met him which was about eight years ago. The feelings never really died till I met you Ray," Emma paused and reached for Ray's hand, "He called me one night and i said some foolish things; in retrospect i didn't mean anything i said to him. Mikey heard some of what i said; and told me I should tell Jordan i didn't love him anymore He knew my real feeling lay with you Ray. Well anyway Jordan must of found out that i was with the The Black Parade when i sent everyone an e-mail of my new position of work. That's how he got near the bus and me," Emma looked down speaking into her thighs loudly, " He pushed me up against a wall and kissed me, fondled me and i screamed at him, I screamed at him the words he didn't want to hear. Jordan i guess couldn't take it that i loved someone else...I was young when i met him...I-I'm so sorry," Emma whimpered collapsing into her legs crying.
Toro pulled her into his arms and they lay for a while cuddling. He stroked her hair as always, and let Emma know it was okay. Emma looked up at him, staring into his loving eyes; she leaned up and kissed him. Bob entered the bus with Gerard following.
"Oh um sorry dude," Bob Mumbled.
"Yeah sorry Toro, it's just we need to get ready for the show."
Ray nodded and kissed Emma again,
"I still love you, come to the side stage and watch us."
Toro stood up bringing Emma with him; they headed back to the hall . Reaching their dressing room Toro was handed his guitar and had to run on stage where Gerard was warming up the crowd with F* yeahs. Emma found a place on side stage to watch the show.
"Alright Ottawa, okay lets calm down a sec, there is someone here tonight i would like you to meet, would you like to meet her?"
The audience uproad with screams and cheers. Gerard laughed,
"Yeah, Fuck YEAH!"
"FUCK YEAH!" They called back.
"Alright, so this young lady is our savior if she was not driving our bus, we would not be here, so lets bring her out," Gerard smiled and then turned to Emma.
"No," Emma mouthed, but Gerard kept waving her forward.
"I think she's a little scared."
The audience screamed and cheered louder.
"Toro would you go get her," Gerard said.
Toro came onto the side stage and took Emma's hand,
"Don't worry, I arranged this."
Emma let Toro pull her to the stage and the audience still cried with excitement. Gerard put his arm around her and spoke,
"Would everyone say a little hello to Emma."
"Hello Emma," They Screamed.
"Okay so before we start Toro has something to ask Emma."
Emma blushed brightly as Toro came over to her placing his guitar down at his side; he clutched her arms gently. Gerard placed the mic in front of his lips.
"Emma, will you go steady with me?" Ray asked with the utmost admiration.
Emma didn't say anything; she jumped into Rays arms and began to kiss him passionately.
The audience Cheered and Ray held his thumb up.
"Fuck Yeah!" Gerard yelled.
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