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Chapter 3 Darkened Days

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Cloud gets taken by Sephiroth when he looks for him in the mountains. Leads to a relationship, but the past can never truly be forgotten. dark themes sc zc

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Unrequited Desires

Everything was swirling. It felt almost as if he was going through a warp hole, and everything around him was expanding and subtracting all at once. All he could see was a whirlwind of all different colors of the rainbow and Cloud had to actually close his eyes in an attempt to stop the psychedelic haze that seemed to be surrounding him. What was going on? His mind was spinning at a million miles an hour and he just wished it would stop and the world would right itself again.

What had he done to deserve this? Sephiroth had just gotten back from wherever the hell he went during the day, which Cloud was bound and determined to find out one of these days, and he and Cloud had done what they do best. No strike that he and Cloud had done the only thing they ever do. Really he didn't want to sound like a simpering girl but he felt so used. God he was a loser!

Although I mean it's not like he didn't have a reason to be a little overreactive. Sephiroth came home for a few hours a night and that was for a quick fuck, and then he was gone again before Cloud even woke up. What the hell was he saying? Home? Home! Had he really gotten so used to this place that he was actually considering it to be his new home? Damn did he have Stockholm syndrome, and did he have it bad.

It was of course Stockholm syndrome. Despite all the hours he tried to convince himself that Sephiroth was no longer his captor but his lover, the evidence was always against him. The first couple of weeks that Cloud had been there Sephiroth had tied him to the bed when he left, it was only very recently that Cloud had convinced him to cut the ropes. Of course now he just got dead bolted into the room, who knows maybe in a few months he could convince him to let him wander around the rest of the house, and hell in a few years he might even be allowed outside! Damn his life was pathetic.

The most pathetic part of his life had to be the fact that more and more he was beginning not to care. After the first week he stopped asking where Sephiroth went, after the second week he stopped asking about his friends, and after the third week he stopped asking anything at all. By now all he cared about was when the silver haired general was coming home and how long he would stay once he got there. Pathetic isn't it? The more rational part of Cloud's mind knew this, this was the part of his mind that slowly but surely he was doing everything in his power to kill.

He didn't want to care anymore. He didn't want to care about anything anymore, just knowing that Sephiroth would be there, be with him, however short, was enough for him. Cloud had learned to zone out any imperfections that Sephiroth might have, not that he had much, but the ones he did could be carefully ghosted over. Like how sometimes when he was trying to fall asleep in his arms he could hear the man mumbling to himself, well that wasn't quite right he wasn't mumbling to himself he was mumbling to 'mother' yet it didn't change the fact that no one was there.

Cloud ignored the sent of blood that covered Sephiroth when he would come in from wherever he would go during the days, he ignored the way how when Sephiroth first came in he would act almost possessed but then after about ten minutes of hammering Cloud into the bed he would warp and then change back into his normal self, well that is of course if Sephiroth could ever be considered normal.

This all of course was beside the point, the point he was trying to wrap his mind around right now was what was happening with him. The spinning was slowly coming to a halt and the colors were finally beginning to fade into black. Cloud gasped as everything seemed to come to a halt and it felt like somebody had just hit the fast forward button in his brain. Pictures suddenly began swirling through his mind, pictures going too fast for him to be able to differentiate what they were, and then suddenly everything stopped and the world around him turned back to normal.

It took a few seconds to realize what was going on, but after those few moments Cloud raised the sword that somehow happened to be in his hand to block the 16" inch metal blade that was heading directly towards his face. There were a few things that seemed a might bit odd under the circumstances. Okay for one he was going to completely ignore the fact that he seemed to have a sword in his hand when there was no possible way that could happen. No the things he was focusing on were the simple facts staring him down in the face.

For one the sword that happened to be in his hand was a lot lighter and smaller than both his buster sword or the masamune, it actually felt more along the lines of either a katana or a rapier. The second fact he found a bit disturbing was the fact that when he lifted his arm to parry the attack it didn't block the way he thought it would. He blocked like an inexperienced trooper would block the first time he ever held a sword. The most disturbing fact of all would have to be the person whose sword was aiming towards his face has flaming red hair and was wearing the most familiar sunglasses, almost like, almost like...Reno.

"Good one Strife." A pale hand ran through shaggy red hair, so familiar and yet how could this be"I almost thought I had you with that one." Cloud felt rather sick when his body pushed the sword away from him without him actually telling it was one of those dreams again. No wonder nothing seemed familiar.

"You dick weed you could have taken my fucking face off with that last stunt of yours" If Cloud had the ability he would have bit his tongue at that precise moment. He never talked like that, well never usually talked like that, and what was with his voice anyways? It sounded cracky and broken, and much higher than it normally was.

Cloud sprang back and sheathed the sword he was carrying, he noticed that it was indeed a katana and it seemed both him and the person who appeared to be Reno were using them. "Oh calm down Strife I was just having a little fun." He pushed the glasses up from his eyes so that they were now resting in the mess he called hair. "You shouldn't take everything so serious." Reno also sheathed his sword and walked over towards the door. Cloud noticed that they seemed to be in some sort of gym. There were people all around them either working on the various machines or sparring like they seemed to have been doing.

The blond ran to catch up to the the red head, and reached up to smack him on the back of the head. "You dumbass wanna be turk if I didn't block that stupid swing I could forget about SOLDIER. They'd be shipping me back to Nibelheim in a body bag, and then what would my mother say"

Reno raised an eyebrow. "Okay for your information that would be a gonna be turk...that's right gonna be." Cloud felt himself raise an eyebrow in speculation. "Oh don't give me that look Strife. We both saw Tseng at practice yesterday, and we both know since your a perfect match for SOLDIER that he cold only be here for one thing and one thing scout out yours truly." Reno pointed to himself before pushing open the door and walking in what looked and smelled to be a sweaty locker room.

So many questions were running through Cloud's mind, the only part of himself that he seemed to still have at least partial control over. Why was he here? More importantly why was he here with Reno of all people? He didn't meet Reno until just a few months ago so how was this possible? Why did it always seemed that all of the times he had these dreams he always seemed to be reliving something he never remembered doing in the first place?

"You know Reno that confidence is going to get you into trouble someday, like the day you ever come so close to cutting my face off again" Cloud pulled off his sweaty t-shirt and stepped into the shower, he noticed out of the corner of his eye that Reno was doing the same thing. "You know if I wanted to I could report you to our superiors for improper conduct...then let's see how easy you get into the Turks when they kick your ass to the curb."

Even though Cloud was aware that it wasn't really happening, the warm water running down his back felt really good. He heard himself sighing in content and realized that this fictional self of his must be feeling the exact same way. "Oh come on Strife you wouldn't do that would you? You love me man"

Cloud scoffed and continued to lather himself up. "Yes but you know what else I love Reno" Cloud slightly stepped out of the shower and turned his head to glare into the next stall where the red head resided. "My face just how it is" The curtain he had been peering through was effectively pulled shut and Cloud retreated back to his own shower, washing the soap off of him before wrapping a towel around his waist and leaving the shower entirely.

The blond walked over to a locker that he only assumed must be his own and grabbed a clean pair of boxers, black pants, and a red tank top. The water behind him came to a stop too and he saw Reno get out and dress in a pair of black slacks and a button down white shirt. "Fine fine Strife I won't go after your pretty little face again okay" Cloud felt himself whine when his hair was ruffled. "Besides I'm not so much worried about Shinra kicking me to the curb as I am having a homicidal SOLDIER on my heels for ruining your perfect baby soft skin." Reno gave a slight chuckle. "I mean really Strife are you ever going to grow that facial hair that's all the rave around here"

Okay so Cloud was more than a little confused by this time. It seemed to him that he wasn't in SOLDIER yet, so who was Reno referring to? Plus that hair comment was really below the belt, Cloud had always had trouble with facial hair, that trouble would be that he didn't have any. Never had, never will probably. "Shut up" Cloud stuck his tongue out at the red head and blew him a raspberry. "Besides do you really think Zack would be all that upset about it"

Zack. Zack? Who the hell was Zack? Flashes of a previous dream came back to him. Flashes of black spiky hair and glowing amber eyes...SOLDIER eyes... So did that mean that this so called homicidal SOLDIER was named Zack? Cloud mentally shook his head, mentally because it had no affect towards this Cloud whose eyes he was looking through.

Reno looked at him funny before completely breaking down into laughter. The Cloud who seemed to be in control crossed his arms over his chest and glared ahead. "Do I think" More laughter ensued. "Do I think he would be mad..." Reno was practically rolling on the ground by this time, and after a few more seconds seemed to compose himself enough to stand up straight and wrap and arm around the still glaring blond's shoulder. "Well you know Strife that is a tough question, but you know I think I have a solution on how we can figure it out."

Cloud raised an eyebrow at the red head. "Oh yeah loser and what would that be" Blond hair turned away again. "Probably something illegal knowing you." The red head put his unoccupied hand to his chest in mock hurt.

"Oh Strife that hurts...really it does." Reno began walking and pulled the stubborn blond along with him. "But just remember this my friend, if it wasn't for me you would never have any fun." Cloud felt himself bite his bottom lip to hide a smile. "And back to your earlier question about Zack I find that truth can always be found in a tall what say you blondie"

Cloud shook his head. "I was right about the illegal part. So what Reno are we gonna sneak down to the slums to go drinking at one of those shitty dives that are too run down to check id's" Reno smiled.

"Most likely." Cloud felt himself smile again before pushing the door open and making it outside.

"Why not" Cloud rolled his eyes. "I mean it's not like you'll let me get out of it anyways." Reno seemed to ignore the last comment and was all grins.

"Great Strife! So Sector 6 here we come" Sector 6 isn't that where he met Aeris? Cloud didn't get a chance to think anything more over because his vision once more began to swirl before fading all the way back to black.


A pencil sharpener was busily sharpening pencil after pencil, and soon those lucky lucky pencils would join their predecessors in the molding of the ceiling. Reno sighed before taking the newly sharpened pencil and flinging it as hard as he could upwards. Damn he was bored, and not just bored super bored...the worst kind.

The thing was since Cloud reappeared he had been nothing but busy, but now the spiky haired brat had fallen off the radar and he was left with nothing to do. And you know it wouldn't be all that bad but they all had. The ancient girl they were supposed to be following was gone, as was the ex-Turk Valentine who they were supposed to be observing, hell not even Sephiroth could be found anymore! Not that that was one of the Turk's favorite jobs anyways, Sephiroth could probably run circles around any of them, including Tseng.

Of course the protective part of Reno that after joining the Turks he had done his best to kill was worried as hell about Cloud. He had been debriefed before he saw the blond alive again that he would have no memory of him, which of course pissed him off to no end. They had been best friends! He was the only one except Zack that looked out for the mouthy kid. Then they had to go to that damn hick town and never come back.

It was hard to lose your best friend, it was even harder to find out that what had really happened to him was worst than any death could be. If Sephiroth hadn't murdered that slimy bastard scientist than he would have done it with his own hands. Experimented on for 5 years? Reno shook his head to clear the thoughts of his friend, it never did well to dwell on it. All it would do was leave a bitter taste in his mouth that he would be forced to drink away.

There had been so many times during the past couple months where the red head had considered ignoring protical and going to the blond to jog some memory back into him, but then of course he did like his own life and he had no doubt that if he did something like that he would be dead before he had time to blink.

Reno sighed before leaning back in his comfy office chair. "Glad to see you're keeping busy." At the sound of the voice Reno startled and flung forward almost knocking over both him and his chair. A few stray pencils fell from the ceiling hitting him in the head. Trying not to look embarrassed Reno stood slowly and saluted the person who came in.

Blond hair, blue eyes, sharp suit, everything that makes up a good Shinra prince...all except that Rufus' personality was different...being that he actually had one. Reno calmed down a little and relaxed in his stance. "Please please please please paleeeesee... tell me that you have a job for me."

He tried his hardest to keep the desperation out of his voice, but by the smile on the soon to be presidents voice he realized that he probably failed miserably. "I don't have a job for you." Reno's face fell. "But I do know someone who does." The red head couldn't stop his mouth from curling up into a grin, it had been almost two months since he had had any real field time. "You are to report to Reeve's office immediately."

Reno couldn't help it, his face broke out into a huge grin. Reeve had been playing spy puppet to Cloud and his posse, so if Reeve was involved than that meant that the blond would most likely be involved too. Rufus smiled at his enthusiasm. "Yes well tell Cloud if you see him that I said hi."

The red head was so excited that without a good bye he broke past the soon to be president and was halfway down the hall. "Reno." He stopped immediately and turned back around to see that Rufus' face and voice were now completely serious. "Don't do anything stupid." Reno couldn't help the scowl that set on his face. "Remember he's not supposed to remember you...if you introduce this to him it could brake his mind and he's still of use to us."

"He is not" Rufus raised an eyebrow at the Turk's outburst. "He was of use to that mad scientist, but the bastards dead now. Why would you need Cloud any longer"

Rufus sighed before raking a hand through his gelled hair. "My father is very interested in the Jenova project Reno, as I'm told he's already gotten a replacement for Hojo." Reno bit his lip to stop the curses that were forming in his mind. "So I repeat Reno if you know what's good for you don't do anything stupid."

Reno saluted again. "Yes sir." He tried to keep the bitterness out of his voice, but knew he failed miserably. "I'll be a good little lap dog just like I always am." With that he spun on his heel and head towards Reeve's office. Maybe he would be able to tell him some good news.


Cloud's eyes snapped open, and he couldn't help but shoot up in his bed a little. What had that dream meant? He had never met Reno before, not until he saw him in why? They had seemed like such good best friends. Plus there was the other element to the equation...Zack Cloud had no doubt that he had been the one in his dream the other time. His almost intimate dream. He could still feel the dark haired stranger's breath on his face, his lips on his neck.

"Have a bad dream pet" Cloud startled at the sound of the voice, and looked up to see Sephiroth standing in the doorway. When had he gotten there? It was strange because usually when Sephiroth came back in Cloud always heard him enter. Cloud's mouth dropped a little when he saw the silver haired man's appearance.

Sephiroth's clothes were torn and ragged, and one side of his face was smeared with dried blood. He also noticed how he seemed to be gripping his left hand rather tightly. Realization just seemed to dawn upon Cloud and he hopped out of bed without further delay and rushed over to the general's side.

"Fuck Seph what the hell happened to you" Sephiroth didn't say anything, but he also didn't protest when Cloud led him over and pushed him to a sitting position on the bed. Cloud rushed to the bathroom and grabbed antiseptic, gauze, and a wet rag. The blond was startled at how dead his normally brilliant aqua eyes seemed to be.

Pulling up a chair in front of Sephiroth, Cloud did his best to remind himself that he always acted like this when he first came in. Though this was a hind side worst than normal, it was likely that in a while he would go back to normal. Cloud immediately went to Sephiroth's face with the cloth and began cleaning off the blood and looking for an injury. Bile began to rise in his throat when he realized that there was none, this wasn't his blood.

The cloth soon turned red, and the half of his face that had been cleaned was still tinted pink from both the friction and remaining traces of blood. After he had cleaned it as best he could, Cloud went to his next task. Sephiroth for his part hadn't moved or said a word the entire time, though when Cloud reached for his hand he ripped it away.

Cloud mentally winced, Sephiroth had been zoned out before but never this bad. It was almost like he was somewhere else entirely. Cloud tried again for his hand, and was thankful when it wasn't pulled away. The blond gasped when he saw it though. The entire hand was splattered in blood and there was a chunk missing where the tattoo of the number 1 usually was. The most disturbing part about it all though was the faint glow radiating off it as the Jenova cells inside of him tried desperately to close it.

In a slow patient voice Cloud asked his next question. "Sephiroth what happened to your hand" Like he was actually going to get an answer to that. Sephiroth rarely even spoke to him, and especially not when he was like this. That was why he was surprised when blank slanted green eyes looked up at him.

"I killed them Cloud. I killed them all." A sense of dread seemed to fill Cloud and his eyes widened to the size of saucers. In attempt to stop from freaking out and to stop his body from shaking he went back to taking care of Sephiroth's hand. He carefully cleaned and dressed it. He had decided a long time ago that he would never ask Sephiroth about stuff he didn't need to know. He hated what Sephiroth did, but then it was sort of like that old saying love the sinner hate the sin.

Cloud couldn't do it this time though, the curiosity was just too great. Hands still slightly shaking he took the newly bandaged hand and held it, trying his hardest to stop shaking. "Killed who" He tried to keep his eyes downcast, but when he didn't get a response he looked back up again.

The blond recoiled slightly in his chair when he saw how brightly Sephiroth's eyes were glowing and how he had a maniacal smile on his face. "The people threatening us of course you silly boy." Cloud held back a gag, that wasn't Sephiroth's voice. The voice was a few pitches higher and sounded almost...female. He knew he had heard that voice before, like in some bad dream he had never been able to wake up from.

Sephiroth's eyes once again darkened and his face fell when he realized what he had just said. "She can't control me anymore Cloud...I won't let her...her or Hojo." The grip on his own hand tightened as Sephiroth cradled it to his body. "They don't own me anymore."

Realization of the situation seemed to dawn upon Cloud. "Oh my god you did that to yourself didn't you" Cloud felt sick, and that feeling only heightened when Sephiroth looked up at him with what appeared to be scared eyes. "Sephiroth what happened? Who did you kill"

Cloud gasped out of surprise when two arms encircled his waist and pulled him forward and into his lap. The blond faintly noticed how cold Sephiroth's skin was, almost freezing to the touch. "I don't remember Cloud...I don't remember anything since I last left you." Cloud wrapped his arms around Sephiroth and cradled his head in his chest.

It was then that Cloud realized that whatever hell Hojo had put him through in those five years of torture, that Sephiroth had probably gone through so much worse. The hands tightened around his waist and Sephiroth held onto him like if he let go he would never be able to touch him again.

Leaning back as far as he could without breaking the embrace, Cloud stared Sephiroth in the eyes. One hand shot out to stroke the fine silvery hair that was the only thing not marred on his body. The blond leaned in and touched their lips together, and then pulled back. "Sephiroth believe me when I say that if I could I would remove whatever made you hurt, but I am too weak to be your cure."

Cloud felt a lone tear cascade down his cheek, and he slightly gasped when Sephiroth leaned forward to lick it away. The silver haired warrior had finally stopped shaking, and for that Cloud was immensially relieved. He was supposed to be the weak one, not Sephiroth.

Sephiroth slowly stroked Cloud's cheek, never breaking eye contact with the blond. "You're the only one that can bring me back Cloud...the only one that can save me from myself." Cloud was slightly confused by that, but knew better than to talk right now or break eye contact. "I will make things better for the both of us...I don't care who I have to go through to do it either." Sephiroth leaned forward and touched their lips together softly before deepening the kiss.

Cloud was flipped over so that he was laying on top of the bed with Sephiroth looking down on him. It wasn't long before Sephiroth connected their bodies again in another kiss. The blond couldn't help the moan of dissapointment when he pulled away. Mako blue eyes snapped open to see Sephiroth smiling. "I love you Cloud."

Blue eyes rolled in an annoyed matter before Cloud smiled himself. "Always one for dramatics aren't you Seph" A silver eyebrow raised and Cloud felt the opportunity arise to lean up and kiss it. The silliness seemed to fade out of the situation and Cloud stared into impossibly green eyes. "I love you...just you and no one else." Cloud touched their lips together again lightly. "I always have." Green eyes darkened considerably and went far away at those words. And from the position Cloud was in he felt Sephiroth wince.

"Sephiroth what's wrong" Aqua eyes searched his for a moment, as if contemplating what to say. Cloud's arms fell to his side. What was wrong with him?

Sephiroth seemed to realize that he was stalling. "Only me Cloud" His voice was a little shaky. "You've only ever loved me" Cloud was really worried by now, and he reached up to tuck a strand of silver hair that had fallen onto his face back behind Sephiroth's ear.

"Yeah Seph just you..." Sephiroth's eyes rolled to the heavens, and his lips stretched into a straight line. "love what's wrong? Did I do something wrong"

Aqua eyes snapped back to his. "No of course not Cloud." The blond sighed in relief as Sephiroth seemed to be back to normal. "I just missed you is all."

Cloud was most definitely sure that that wasn't all. In fact he was completely sure that wasn't Sephiroth's problem. Alas he sighed. This would just be another thing he locked in the back of his brain to figure out later. There were a hella lot of things in that area of his brain and he would really have to get going on that sooner or later.

The blond put on a fake smile to let Sephiroth know that he had bought his little lie. "Is that all it is love" He pulled Sephiroth down towards him so that they were nose to nose. "You know I think I may know how to fix that." Cloud actually did smile this time.

Sephiroth's eyes raised. "Oh really puppy and what would that be" Cloud stuck his tongue between his teeth and tied not to moan as the hands raked up his shirt and rose it over his head. Really he was just in a t-shirt and boxers but it was kinda pointless getting dressed in the first place.

"Mmmm I'm not telling." Cloud slightly opened his slanted eyes to peer at the general. "I guess you'll just have to torture it outta me huh" The blond could feel the band of his boxers slide down over his waist and past his knees. He could feel himself harden as Sephiroth's touch ghosted over him.

"Is that so pet" The friendly hand now began to slowly stroke him. Cloud for his part arched towards the hand matching each one of the menstruations trying his hardest not to cry out. "Well you know I'm pretty good in that area of expertise." Sephiroth's eyes left his and his hand stopped what it was doing.

Warm lips were on his skin turning all his blood to lava. The lips were sucking on his pulse, and although he was a little distracted he didn't want their little exchange to end. "Oh I know you are, but you'll find that I'm a very stubborn subject." Cloud reached up then and pushed the tattered leather clothing off of Sephiroth's shoulders and reveled in being able to touch his skin. It was no longer freezing and seemed to warm up even more upon contact.

Cloud choked back a groan when a hot tongue protruded out to swirl his belly button. The mouth then traveled down to the sensitive skin on his thighs and layed small kisses on them. Cloud was shuddering already at the little contact and actually did whine when Sephiroth pulled away. "We'll see puppy."

Cloud was on the verge of struggling out some smart ass comment when the mouth that had been praising him with kisses suddenly turned more sinister and covered his groin. The blond's eyes rolled into the back of his head, and the smart ass reply he had been about to say came out as "Oh my God..."

Sephiroth's tongue traveled up and down his length, stopping to swirl the tip. Cloud gasped at the sensation. He had never gotten head before...never. Cloud cried out when the man slightly uncovered his teeth to gently graze them against the sensitive skin. Cloud could feel the warmth begin to travel from his stomach and knew he was getting close. He arched his back forcing himself all the way into Sephiroth's mouth, effectively making him deep throat the blond.

Cloud cried out as his seed spilled into Sephiroth's mouth and down his throat. Feeling completely spent he collapsed back against the bed. He could feel Sephiroth retreat and opened tired eyes to stare up at him. That was in short...amazing. "So my love did you see stars"

The sleepy blond slowly shook his head. He met aqua eyes that seemed a little bit pissed at his revelation. Cloud couldn't help but smile at that. "" He leaned forward and kissed Sephiroth, tasting his essence slightly on his lips. "Paradise Seph...I saw paradise." This seemed to be what Sephiroth wanted to hear for he joined in on the kiss. Yes he had seen paradise, and hopefully soon Sephiroth could see it with him.


"What do you mean you don't know where it he is" Reno couldn't keep the whine out of his voice as he stared down at the Shinra suit who was probably the only decent person there was. The excitement the red head felt when he got here was soon gone when it was explained to him what he was really doing here.

He was supposed to be a bloodhound, so still a dog to the Shinra. Oh Reeve had narrowed it down, narrowed it down to an entire continent! Really what the hell was that all about? That was worse than a needle in a haystack. That was like a needle in a whole fucking field of hay.

"We've been through this Reno I don't know where Sephiroth's keeping him but I do have reason to believe that they're still alive." Even though he had already had this discussion about ten times over he decided to be an annoying ass and have it one more time. He had nothing better to do after all.

"Oh yeah genius and how is that" Really he could get in a hella lot of trouble for talking this way to a Shinra executive, but it was Reeve and that meant he could vent a little. The only other one he could probably do this with was Rufus and that's just cuz they were friends. He shuddered to think what would happen to him if he tried talking to Scarlet or Hedgar in this tone.

"We've been over this Reno." The red head rolled his eyes. Of course they had been over this! They had been over this a million times. Sephiroth had killed one of Cloud's child hood friends and taken the rest of them prisoner. He knew that all of them, including Cloud, were alive because of faint transmissions he has been getting from his stupid suit. That didn't really help him did it? It didn't tell him where they were, and for all he knew they all could be dead by now. Reno forced back the gag in his throat...Cloud could already be dead.

It's not as if he hadn't had five years to already deal with that fact, but seeing him alive again sorta cleared the slate. It didn't matter that he didn't remember. Reno had his best friend back before Nibelheim, and he would be damned if he let him go off somewhere to die again. What was he doing again? Oh yeah Reeve.

"Yeah yeah I gotcha. I'll take Rude and Elena and be a good boy." With a small wave Reno exited the office. That really hadn't gone how he planned it. The red head stormed down the hallway on his way to get his fellow Turks, but a scoff from behind him stopped his storming. He knew that scoff, he heard it enough to be familiar with it. That scoff belonged to...

"Tseng long time no see, so tell me what good news have you come to tell me today." Okay so potentially this was a bad idea but Reno really needed to rant and he knew the Wutanese Turk would listen to him. "Because you know I haven't had enough of that." His voice was laced with sarcasm and he knew he was treading on thin ice but he couldn't stop himself. "Oh no I got it you came to also remind me to stay away from Cloud. Well don't worry cuz if that psycho Sephiroth had any say in it he's probably six feet under by now." He was practically yelling into the face of his superior, who for his part was just standing there and taking the red head's frustration.

Apparently there was only so much he could take of it though, because before Reno could so much as block a fist flew up and connected with his jaw, effectively knocking him back to reality. Reno did his best to glare while nursing his injured jaw. "Are you done whining, because we've got a meeting with the president."

Reno straightened himself and wiped the imaginary dust off his blue suit. "You didn't have to hit me." A roll of eyes and a flip of hair was all he saw before Tseng started walking towards the elevator that would take them to Shinra's office.

"That's where you're wrong Reno." Whatever, Reno didn't care how out of line he was he did NOT need to be hit. Especially by Tseng, the little bastard's fist was like steel. "You're a Turk Reno." He wanted to say that he knew he was a Turk, if he wasn't a Turk he would probably be unconscious from that hit. "And as a Turk Reno you are expected to follow orders." Oh it was one of those lectures. Reno couldn't stop the scowl that covered his features. "Strife belongs to Shinra and he gets to decide what is done with him, and it means you obey what he decides." Tseng stopped at the elevator and inserted a security card. "So that means if he tells you to not jog the punk's memory you say"

Black eyes stared at him, and Reno felt a bit uncomfortable under the gaze. Finally when the doors creaked open he stepped through and said over his shoulder. "Yes sir. Will there be anything else" Tseng soon followed him and hit the button that would take them to the first floor.

"Yes Reno that's exactly right." Reno stared out of the glass and saw a Mako reactor nearby surge with energy. "You'll be the leader of the Turks one day and when I'm gone I expect you to act like one." Oh so not only was it a follow orders lecture, he also got the 'you need to be ready for when I'm gone' one. The elevator stopped, and Reno turned to Tseng who was giving him a calculating stare.

"I understand Tseng, you don't have to worry about me." Tseng nodded his head before stepping out of the doors. Reno took this opportunity of being alone to vent his frustrations one last time by punching the wall. As soon as he was done he immediatly regretted doing it, and stepped from the elevator cradling his right hand.

As soon as he did though he wished he never would have. "Holy hell" There was blood everywhere! It soaked the carpet, it was smeared on the walls. Bodies of regulars were scattered everywhere, and even though he had seen his fare share of carnage this sight made him slightly ill. The fact that the blood smears seemed to lead up to the Presidents office only heightened that fact.

Tseng didn't hesitate. He pulled out his two metal fans and raced up the stairs to the office. It only took Reno a few seconds to compose himself before he did the same. He pulled out his nightstick from it's holster and raced up the blood spattered stairs. The sight that met him at the top of the stairs took his breath away.

President Shinra was sitting at his desk with the masamune sticking out of his chest, well it was sticking out of his chest. Reno gagged at the suctioning noise that happened when the sword was pulled from it's resting place. His eyes traveled from the blood dripping off the end to it's owner.

Sephiroth's eyes were blazing green and he smiled as he pulled masamune from the President's chest. Reno was frozen to the spot. What the hell was he going to do? Well besides die of course, because there was no doubt he was going to die. Reno shook those thoughts from his head. No he wasn't going to die, he had Tseng, and if anyone could stop the silver haired maniac the Turk leader could.

Tseng didn't seem to have any of the fears that Reno possessed for the next moment he was charging Sephiroth at full force. An old Wutanese battle cry escaped his throat as he lunged at him with his two fan blades. Sephiroth was always said to be the fastest soldier in the Shinra army, and he seemed to prove that as he used his sword to block one of the attacks and easily dodged the other.

The Wutanese Turk didn't seem to give up that easy, because he jumped back and this time flung the fans towards his enemy. Reno had never seen anything like it, Sephiroth jumped up to dodge the attack, and then bent his body in mid air to avoid the next one. The red head noticed that Tseng seemd to be just as surpised because his normally slanted eyes were widened ever so slightly.

Those wide eyes seemed to widen impossibly further when Sephiroth landed easily on the floor and in an instant swung the masamune sliding it easily across Tseng's windpipe and drenching half of his own face in the Wutanese Turk's blood. Reno cried out in shock as the Turk leader fell, which seemed to introduce Sephiroth for the first time to his presence.

Reno was to be honest terrified. Sephiroth had just disposed of the greatest Turk since Vincent Valentine like he was garbage. What did that mean for him? How the hell was he supposed to survive this? Reno slid the glasses from his hair onto his eyes, well at least if he was going to die he could die with a fight.

The red head lunged at Sephiroth with his nightstick, and gasped in shock when it was blocked with his sword and then with the dull side of the blade he was hit across the stomach and flung against the nearest wall. Reno saw white when his head hit up against the wall, and he was disappointed to notice that his weapon had abandoned him in the struggle.

Reno made a move to grab the gun in his ankle holster, but a sword at his throat stopped further movement. Hazel eyes flickered upwards to Sephiroth, who if he might add was looking at him rather strangly. Green eyes darkened considerably and he seemed to be evaluating him. "I know you..." Reno was a little surprised by that. How did Sephiroth know him? Well he was around Cloud an awful lot, who in turn was around Zack, who was Sephiroth's best friend. Okay so it kinda made sense in a mest up sort of way.

"The name's'd do well to remember it." Sephiroth rolled his eyes. He actually rolled his eyes! Damn what a fucking arrogent prick asshole.

"You were with Cloud when he used to be at Shinra weren't you" Aqua eyes brightened. "Yes I remember now you were always with him, I would have to listen to hours upon hours of Zack going on and on about how he was jealous." Jealous? Of him? If Reno was really in the position he would have laughed. The fact that Zack ever even thought about being jealous of him or anybody else was enough to make anybody laugh. Cloud didn't even notice anybody was alive except the SOLDIER. Wait why was he asking him about Cloud?

"Yes that's right." Reno straightened his back a little on the wall, trying to think of something. While he was at it he thought it would probably be best if he kept him talking. "So I answered your question now you answer one of mine. Where's Cloud"

Sephiroth smirked at that, and gave a small chuckle. "Oh don't worry about Cloud he's perfectly fine with me." Reno was always a quick study, and he was quick with reading between the lines. It didn't take him long to read between the ones given to him.

"If you touch him again you sick bastard I'll kill you with my own hands, you and your fucking mother" That was definetely not the right thing to say. Sephiroth's eyes begin to give off a slight glow and his mouth curled into a smile.

"You dissapoint me boy." Reno's eyes widened. That wasn't Sephiroth's voice...that voice was different. Hours and hours of scientific lectures came flooding back and Reno suddenly knew whose voice that was. That voice was Jenova's, she still had partial control over him...

The masamune raised from his neck and started to jut downwards. Reno was too frozen in place to do anything but watch what were probably his last moments alive. Then something really strange happened. Sephiroth's lips turned almost white and his head jerked slightly to the side. Then the blade that was heading straight for his chest curved a little and instead pierced his shoulder. Reno cried out as blinding white paint coursed through his body at the stab.

He could feel the blood running down his arm, and really was glad to still be alive. Reno looked up to see that Sephiroth was grasping desperately at his head and seemed to be mumbling to himself. The red head paled considerably when the silver haired warrior rose the blade and cut off a piece of his own flesh from his hand.

Reno grabbed onto his shoulder wound to try to stop the bleeding, and watched as Sephiroth jumped through the open window by the President. The red head sighed in relief and tried to move. Pain lanced through his entire body and fell back against the wall. He was beginning to get very light headed from the blood loss, and he could see spots in his fading vision.

His mouth dropped open when spots weren't the only thing that he saw. Spiky black hair that seemed to stick up at all ends and glowing amber eyes. No that wasn't possible! He was dead! Dead... A tanned strong hand touched his shoulder and familiar images flooded his brain. "Zack" He saw the SOLDIER smile before the blood loss finally caught up with him and his vision turned completely black.


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